There was a slight chill in the early autumn air as evening descended upon Jump city. The sky was just beginning to tinge orange as the sun began to tip down into the horizon, as amber waves crashed lazily against the beach. The city streets were bustling with traffic as men and women slowly made their way home from the daily grind of work. In the distance, on a small island in the bay, stood Titans Tower, a lone towering sentinel, forever watchful for signs of trouble.

Beast Boy watched the city through the ops. center window, half wishing that something interesting would happen. He was extremely bored at the moment but unwilling to actually do anything about it.

He sighed and walked away from the window.

"Im bored", he said to himself, leaving particular emphasis on the "o".

"Maybe you could whine about it to someone who cares." Raven replied dryly, her eyes remaining on the page of her book.

Beast Boy turned and glared at Raven, balling his hands to fists and pacing away from the window.

"I wasn't talking to you!" there was a little more venom in his words than he had anticipated.

"Well I'm the only one here, so I think I have every right to respond. And you don't have to snap at me." The hurt in her voice was concealed by her monotone.

"Ugh, where is everybody?" Beast Boy moaned, ignoring her, hoping she wasn't actually upset.

"How should I know? Unlike you I don't need to torment others for enjoyment" shot Raven as she glared at him over the cover of her book.

Beast Boy was about to respond when the Tower alarm went off and the two Titans were soon joined by their fellow teammates. Robin strode up to the room's consol and read the streaming text on the monitor screen.

"Something is attacking the dockyards." Robin relayed quickly. "Titans go!" he shouted and the team quickly ran out the door and towards the garage.

"Finally! And I thought I was gonna be board all night." Said Beast Boy cheerfully, glad something had interrupted his awkward conversation with Raven.

When the titans arrived, the docks were a mess. Shipping containers and smashed cranes littered the ground in jagged heaps as fires raged uncontrolled. Cyborg was doing his best to weave the T-car in-between the maze of shredded metal and smashed cargo.

"Dang! Look at this mess" Cyborg shouted as he swerved past a pile of smashed LCD TVs.

"What could have done this so quickly? The call was made only ten minutes ago" said Robin into his headset as he weaved between the severed halves of a steel shipping container on the R-cycle.

"I believe that, thing, is responsible" said Starfire as she zoomed over head.

Starfire pointed forward towards a docked cargo vessel that was currently being dismantled by a large heavily armored robot. The metal monstrosity walked on three long multi-segmented legs that connected to a large round body that shimmered in the glow of the raging fires burning across the hull of the ship. It had three very long, flexible arms that ended in three curved, wickedly sharp talons that were making short work of the ships steel hull. Atop the round body was a dome like sensor array that was covered in glowing lenses of various sizes that gave it the appearance of some twisted arachnid.

The attacker's dome head turned to face the incoming Titans and it halted its destruction for a split second as its' artificial intelligence attempted to decide how to address this new threat.

It chose overwhelming force.

The robots hull hissed as armored plates opened to reveal three multi-barreled laser turrets that soon began to spin and discharge salvos of high intensity energy projectiles at the approaching Titans.

Cyborg swore as he quickly attempted to dodge the unexpected barrage of fire coming from the machine. One of the blasts struck the T-car in the front left wheel and the front of the car exploded in a shower of metal and rubber. The T-car careened into a wall of overturned shipping containers and the once bright blue circuits lining the car faded to dull grey.

"Cyborg! Are you all right?" Robin shouted franticly, hoping that Cyborg was uninjured.

"Im fine, but my baby is totaled!" Cyborg lamented.

Robin hopped off his motorcycle and began throwing explosives at the robot, but they did little to damage it's thick metal hide. Cyborg and Starfire quickly added to the barrage using starbolts and the sonic cannon in a futile attempt to hurt it. Raven used her powers to hurl shards of torn metal as Beast Boy tried distracting it by swooping low as a pterodactyl and blocking its gaze. The robot seemed to be little affected by these attacks and continued its relentless fusillade of lasers.

"We aren't even denting the thing!" shouted Beast Boy as he dodged a swing from one of the three sinuous metal arms.

"The armor seems weaker around the guns, target those first!" Robin yelled over the roar of the laser turrets.

The team complied, and directed their attacks on the three guns. The first turret exploded when it took a trio of explosive discs in the barrel as it cooled between bursts. The second was impaled by a black energy enveloped piece of steel piping from one of the wrecked lifter cranes. The third was torn apart by a barrage of starbolts and sonic blasts. The mechanical giant reeled from the sudden damage it had just received and it raised its arms around its body defensively as it decided how to proceed next.

"Is this enough excitement for you Beast Boy?" said Raven with unrestrained sarcasm.

"Ha ha very funny Raven" replied Beast Boy as he flew back to where the rest of the team was standing.

"Enough talk guys, here it comes" shouted Robin as the robot leaped off the docked ship and charged the Titans with its arms outstretched, talons mashing threateningly. The titans scattered, attempting to avoid the oncoming mass of metal. The charge carried the robot past the titans and straight through the wall of a large storage warehouse that fell apart as if it were nothing. The warehouse, unable to take the strain, quickly collapsed in on itself in a billowing cloud of smoke.

"Are we victorious?" asked Starfire

As if in answer, a large junk of concrete was hurled from the smoke, impacting a few yards in front of the titans.

"I'm thinking that's a no" answered Raven dryly.

The robot strode out of the cloud somewhat shakily at first, as masonry and steel support beams slid of its hull. It's once shining exterior was dulled with the dust of the ruin and its hull was scared in a dozen places. Its long strides quickly brought it within striking distance and soon it was jabbing and smashing its limbs at the Titans.

It was becoming apparent rather quickly that the titans were fighting a losing battle, the robot was impossibly quick for something of its size and it was only a matter of time before one of them was hit by an arm with bone crushing force.

Cyborg was the first to fall.

He was a split second too late to dodge and was clipped in the left shoulder sending him sailing through the air and straight into a metal container which dented on impact. He was out cold.

Raven was next. She collapsed in an exhausted heap after holding back several blows with a energy shield and would have been crushed if it weren't for Starfire flying into the arm at full speed knocking it off course.

The dome head turned to regard the tameranean zooming by, and using its advanced targeting systems it wiped its arm down directly in Starfire's path. The closed talon fist smacked her down onto the concrete with a sickening thud.


Robin shouted in horror as he ran to her side, she was unconscious and her breaths were ragged and uneven. If it weren't for her alien physiology, she would have been nothing but a stain on the pavement. She would need immediate medical attention and he reached into his utility belt for first aid supplies.

With the flying target neutralized the robot again turned to the prone form of raven on the ground. Dismissing her as a threat it soon turned to Beast Boy.

"Robin! You take care of Star! I'll handle this thing!" Beast Boy shouted as he turned into a falcon and began to lure it away from his injured friends.

Beast Boy flew as fast as he could towards the wrecked cargo ship, the charging machine hot on his heels. He landed on the hull and turning back into his human form looked back to see if his lure had worked. It did. But the robot was much faster that it looked and it was already arching its arms back to crush Beast Boy. He managed to let out a small eep before the arm came down.

"I believe you have done enough damage for one night!" Yelled a voice from behind him.

A figure rose through the air and smashed the incoming arm out of the way. The robot recoiled cautiously in the face of this new threat. But the figure was already leaping onto the hull. The dome head swiveling franticly as it attempted to locate its attacker. Suddenly one of its eyes shifted into focus at the boy standing in front of it. Before it could react, a fist punched through the armored glass and into the soft circuitry underneath. The machine let of a metallic screech as if it were screaming in pain as its head was torn open and the boy crawled inside.

Beast Boy watched in awe as the robot spasmed and swayed, clawing at its own body in an attempt to tear out the invader pulling apart its insides.

"Whoa" was all he could say as bright flames began to pour out of the opening in its head and after a few moments of frantic movement the robots limbs became rigid and it collapsed in a buring heap.

"Dude! Are you ok in there that was awesome!" Beast Boy shouted as he made his way down off the boats and onto the docks.

Out of the burning corpse of the robot a tall broad-shouldered figure walked out of the flames. His features hidden in shadow from the billowing flames.

"Who are you?" Beast Boy asked.

"My name is Gabriel, and I have been waiting a long time to meet you."