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Bella's POV

Ouch! What was that? I look down to see a paper cut on my right index finger.

I quickly push my index finger to my thumb to stop the bleeding hopping to get rid of the blood.

No such luck because next thing I know is that Edward has his teeth clamped on my wrist and is sucking hungerly.

Wow is it just me or is their no air and the room is spinning?

The last thing I hear is Jasper, my love's scared and discouraged voice say one word. "No!"

If I die young.

A few seconds have passed, my arm aches from lack of circulation. I struggle to open my eyes to see the face of the person who is slowly draining away my life force.

I finaly acomplish my task and stare into the red eyes of Edward Cullen. I try to scream and fight but it's no use, I am growing weak. I look at Jasper, the man who has always loved me, always cherished me, always did everything he could do to protect me. He is still trying to protect me now.

I can here his antagonized cries as he tries to stop his own brother from murdering me. His pleas of "NO! STOP, PLEASE! I LOVE HER! I NEED HER! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HER! NO, NO, PLEASE! PLEASE STOP!"

It kills me, more than anything Edward or anyone could do to me to hear his cries of agony, anguish, hurt, and worst sheer, pure, and undialated torture.

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************ two days later ***************

I can't keep up with time, no the pain won't let me focus on anything but it. Not even for a split second.

Oh it really hurts now! The burn of the venom that has seeped into my now almost nonexistint blood stream hurts so much more than when James bit me. Oh no that was like a walk in the park compared to a tour thru hell.

How did they all go thru this torture?

The sensation of being burned from the inside is almost to much. All I want to do is give up and let death take me, but no I much power thru this inhumane torture so that I can be with my Jasper for all eternity. Yes Bella, keep thinking those happy thoughts!

I multitask my mind while thinking these thoughts and star to notice these little things like the feel of something stoft and plush under me, the floral essence hanging in the air (which is almost nonexistent, not that I need it or anything. I am turning into a vampire after all), or the soft murmering around me.

Bury me in satin, lay me down on a, bed of roses.

I feel myself being lowered into the ground I'm guessing?

That thought/question is answerd by a soft thud and the sound of a soft substince that smelled very earth-y being tossed on the top of my- well whatever I'm in.

Okay the pain is lessening now maybe that means that my change is almost over!

I can hear almost clearly now, I hear birds chirping, people walking, people sobbing, peo- wait a minute, why would I be near people! I thought Jasper said after my change I couldn't be near people, or I would hurt them!

Oh no I can't hurt peo- wait another minute if I was near people, people were sobbing, I'm in a tight space with a soft substince that smells like DIRT being poured on top of me,- OH NO!

I'm at a funeral, and not just any funeral.