Hey guys!

So, I know I haven't updated in FOREVER but I want to start again!

Fisrst though I need to do somethings.

First I need to tell you something, I HAVE CHANGED! I've gone through SO much and almost everything about me is diffrent.

I have become darker, meaner, my writing styles have changed, and I have gotten older.

I want to begin a new story but also change my present stories, how I will do that is I will go and change those little summary things and then I'm going to go to my documents and change the chapters, they will still be the same stories but they will be altered some-what.

Also guys, one of the reasons I'm like never on here is cause I'm on QUIZAZZ! or "Quote-V" cause they changed the name and I would like you guys to go over to my page and read my shit and tell me what you think! And if you don't know what Quote-V is it's kinda like Fanfiction but it has quizzes and stories, also all the stories aren't based on books, though some are but most are original and stuff. I've started two stories and both are original.

Please go over and check out my stories! It would mean alot and I think you guys would like the layout just as much if not more than Fanfiction!

Okl guys thanks for reading, please review and PM me!

here's a link to my Quizazz (oops "Quote-V) page!