"Something old."

"Something new."

"Something borrowed,"

"And something blue!" Luce stated happily with a cheeky smile,

She instantly pulled off her overly expensive sapphire bracelet as I laughed shaking my head looking at the seven year old, "Luce I can't take your bracelet! Your dad gave you that for your birthday! Why don't you keep it on?" I stated smiling as Luce rolled her eyes dramatically flipping her hand at me,

"I have like a million bracelets! You have to wear something blue Miley, it's tradition!"

"She's right Miles, you've got everything but the blue." Brandi noted.

I turned back staring at my soon to be stepdaughter giving me a glare that I knew too well seeing as I received it from her father far too frequently. I held my hands up defensively slipping the blue bracelet onto my wrist as instantly my little flower girl lit up like a Christmas tree smiling.

"Good, you look like a beautiful princess!" Lucy stated her voice betraying her calm exterior as she let out a childish giggle, "And you're marrying my daddy, then we'll be a perfect family!"

"I wouldn't use that word perfect just yet." Brandi warned,

"Yeah don't jinx us Luce."

I tucked a run away chocolate curl behind her ear as she smiled twirling in the designer flower girl dress, which had been made specifically for her. "But you're about to get married Miley! You're about to become my mom and then we'll be a real family," Lucy stated looking up at me.

I couldn't help but feel the same way right now, she had a point, all my dreams of being married to prince charming were about to come true. Here I was standing in my white wedding dress an hour away from saying 'I do'. Sure the killer butterflies were attacking each other in my stomach but the whole planning and getting ready had just fallen into place, no arguments, no problems. Everything was perfect and today was going to be the best day of my entire life.

"I know," I whispered.

"Okay how about a glass of sparkling wine to calm the nerves?"

"That sounds like a fantastic idea, I need one."

"And only one Miley, we don't want you getting too attached to the bottle before-"

"I drink in regulation now," I stated glaring at my sister insulted, "Nick makes sure of that."

"Can I have some?" Luce asked looking at me,

"No you can't,"


"Nup, your mom would kill me Luce."

"I won't tell her." Lucy stated giving a devious smile which had Selena written all over it,

"No missy you aren't kay? Not until your twenty one."

"That's so unfair Miley!"

I shrugged my shoulders looking at her, "I'm sorry, but it's law."

Lucy grumbled and walked over to the mirror stomping slightly as Brandi sighed handing me the glass in her gorgeous blue bridesmaid dress, "One second she's the image of Nick all cute and innocent, a moment later BAM she's that obnoxious bitch like her mother." My sister muttered as I instantly slapped her my mouth open and she shrugged, "Come on, it's the truth."

"She's not a bitch, she's seven Brandi!"

"Wait till she's a teenager! Lucy's going to be just like you…"

"No she-"

"Trust me, I'm seeing the signs already."

I glared at Brandi and she just shrugged smirking, "Stop talking about the future! I need to get past the wedding first! I'm nervous as it is, can we just concentrate on today and nothing else? This is about me!" I announced,

"Spoken like a true bridzilla."

I turned giving Brandi a look and she just smiled contently,

"I should have made Demi my maid of honor." I muttered under my breath,



"No what did you say?" Brandi hissed,

"I didn't say-"

"Miley?" Demi called out from downstairs as I sighed, thank you Demi.


"I think someone just arrived! It can't be the car yet right?"

I looked confused at Brandi who gave me a frown as I put my glass down looking up at the clock; no it was way too early. The door opened and Noah walked in wearing an identical dress to Brandi although a lot shorter after a large disagreement, which of course she won. "It's Denise's car, I thought you were supposed to meet her at the church? You didn't tell us she was coming here…" Noah announced her hands secured on her hips,

"She isn't supposed to be here,"

I quickly moved passed my over dramatic sister a little worried, and carefully drifted out of the bedroom that I shared with Nick. I walked across the hallway into his large study gazing out the four panel window staring down to see Denise,

"Why is she here then?" Brandi asked over my shoulder,

I turned looking at her shrugging, "I have no idea,"

The front door slammed against the wall downstairs echoing through the house, as I froze my attention drawn to listening.

"Denise!" Dani exclaimed downstairs her voice highly panicked,

The previous smile on my lips completely disappeared as I exchanged another worried looking with Brandi. With in seconds we'd both turned and began to move through the maze of rooms, which finally led out to the marble spiral staircase. I stopped dead in my tracks gazing over the balustrade looking down at my almost mother in law looking a complete utter mess, muttering quickly to my two sisters and Nick's two sister in laws.

"What happened?" I snapped panicked,

Their heads all instantly turned looking up at me as I felt Brandi's hand instantly rest on my back, ready for me to feint or do something when they told me what ever had gone wrong, because something had, by the look on their faces this was terrible. I looked at them waiting for an explanation only for deadly silence to ensure. Noah shuffled away uneasily, Demi and Dani looked speechless while Emily's mouth kept opening and closing yet nothing came out,

"Miley sweet heart," Denise whispered trying to remain calm,

"Just tell me!"

Denise sighed uneasily her forehead creasing, "We have a slight issue,"

"What? Look as long as I'm getting married I don't care."

"That's the problem." Denise whispered looking up directly into my eyes, "You're not getting married hun, Nick's been arrested."


A/N: Didn't expect that did you? :D