After the heroic child Danny Phantom, saving the world from the asteroid, things were good. Then, again not so much. Tucker, who now was the world's youngest mayor of Amity Park, had much business that he doesn't see Danny much. People far and wide would come to Amity Park just to see the Phantom himself, but he is now not safe for he revealed the world that he is also Danny Fenton.

Sam walked the streets, with her head down in thought. Her head rose when she happened to walk by Fenton Work's steps. Her mind was on Danny recently, for he seemed really busy about this "hero business" which had a deal of reporters and even crazed up fans who would stalk on him. The door swung opened, after Sam walked up the steps and knocked. It was Jazz who answered.

"Oh, hi Jazz." sighed Sam, trying to look positive by giving a little smile in a quick second. The positive feeling went away when Sam saw Jazz's plain face. "You know why I'm here, don't you." dully, she asked.

"Well, you're in luck." smiled Jazz, opening the door wider for Sam to walk in "He's in his room.". Sam walked in, with a hand on a strap of her purple backpack, not replying afterwards, and continued to Danny's room. At the closed door, Sam bit her lowered lip in nervousness then finally knocked.

No response, but she realized the door was unlocked. She placed her, nervous shaking, hand on the knob and opened it. There he was, standing on the sill of the opened window, looking out.

"Hey, Danny." said Sam in, again, a positive manner. Danny seemed shocked for a minute that he started defending with his arms on himself yelling:

"Ah! Get away!" but he happened to see that it was Sam who said his name. "Oh, sorry Sam," he chuckled "I thought you were a fan girl.". He rubbed he back of his neck embarrassed. Sam sighed as she took off her backpack, dropped it to the carpet, and sank down to the little bag bean seat.

Danny rose his eye brow in a confusing matter. "You alright, Sam?" he started to sound a little worried, seeing Sam act like this.

"I'm fine Danny." she continued with another sigh "It's just that you're really around that much."

"I know, but don't you remember what I told you." he gave a happy yet odd shrug "That I woul-"

"I know," the Goth interrupted "but I guess I'm just lonely since now my parents keep bothering me with 'new appearances' with pink and those other clothes!"

"Sam, maybe jus-" he got interrupted again by a lot of female screams. Danny and Sam ran to the window sill and saw that their were a lot of his "followers" outside his home.

"Oh, look" sarcastically added "fans.". She looked at her left seeing Danny not there in the spot. "Uh, Danny?". The girl got slapped by the arm, she rubbed her hand to relieve the short pain but she practically jumped seeing Danny appear in the air, with his ghost form and with his ghostly tail.

"Sorry," he said shrugging suggestively, smiling "just wanted you to know I was here.". The sound of helicopters then came outside. "Just invisible." Danny finished and used his ghost ability to disappear again. Sam rolled her eyes and closed the window of Danny's room.

At nightfall, Sam was at her house, laying on her bed on her stomach, checking her e-mail on her laptop. Though, a lot of e-mail accounts had sent her asking questions about Danny, Tucker, and/or herself with life. Seeing all of these, Sam deleted many of the fan mail until a voice cried for her.

"Oh Samantha!" yelled her mother's voice. She gave a sigh and closed her laptop as more from her mother came "Sammy-kins, come here please!". Why can't I just be left alone she angrily thought. Her eyes went down on bed, being lost in thought again. The mind of hers went on thinking about Danny again, which led her to look at her finger. Which wore the class ring Danny had gave her, on the day of the ceremony.

She took off the ring of her finger and placed it in her palm. The ring seemed to shine a bit, as Sam examined it. Her mind in thought of that day, and of what Danny had said to her. Then, her mother's yell of a singing chorus came again to brought her back to her senses. "Samantha! Someone is here to see you!". Sam's head wondered Who would want to see me this time of night?