Around that same night, at 11:26pm, Danny was at the front door of his house as Fenton. He gave a sigh, thinking about Sam again, as he started to phase through the locked door. When he entered, he saw that his parents weren't there, but loud snoring coming from upstairs gave Danny a hint that they were asleep. Danny was surprised at first, for his parents will wait for him, for his curfew 10:00pm.

Danny walked up his stairs, hunched back, holding onto the bar. With his head low, the carpet helped him to lead him to his room, when his head raised, he saw his bedroom door. He stood taller and he looked at the side of the door with a surprised look. The door seemed to be opened by a little. Slowly placing his hand on the knob, he slowly swung the door back, leading him into his room.

He jumped back quickly with a surprised expression, seeing a sudden black figure in the room. After seeing what the figure was, Danny placed his hand on his chest, taking a sigh of relief, seeing it was Jazz. Jazz looked wide-eyed at Danny, quickly turning her head back to the clock, seeing the time.

"Danny! It's late!" she cried at him. Though Danny seemed to care less as he crossed his arms.

"Yeah, I know," he sighed "but why did you just leave Sam alone back there?"

A small feeling of guilt came to Jazz, seeing her younger sibling really concerned. Her eyes went in all directions, thinking of a good excuse but when the eyes landed on Danny she sighed, seldom of succeeding. "Look, Danny," she started, giving an open hand gesture "Tucker had to go back to the mayor's house and do some business and well- I was alone with Sam so-"

"So?" Danny said, raising an eye brow, impatiently.

"So- well, it was getting late and I asked the drag- I mean Sam, if she can handle being by herself and well, she nodded yes."

Danny placed his hands on his shoulders and sighed again. He looked up at Jazz "Trust me, when she asks to be alone when she's in a terrible mood, don't leave or you'll deal with a moody person.". Danny paused for a moment "Well, dragon in this case.".

The next day, Danny was force to sit in long minutes of yelling from both of his parents. His head ached more, thinking of Sam in that very moment, but also for his father blabbered idiotic things. His parents finally cooled down after Danny came up with an excuse that he was followed by a late night reporter, for his parents understood the struggles that their son is in, for the world now know of his identity.

Later on in the day, Danny called Tucker at the same scene of the zoo, where the trees-that-hid-a-secret were. Tucker looked at Danny Phantom, who was walking beside him, looking for Sam. Danny seemed a bit ill but not physically but emotionally. "Dude, you look terrible." Tucker blurted out.

"Gee, thanks Tuck" Danny replied in sarcasm. He kept looking forward still looking for the dragon as he continued "I had to make an excuse to my parents why I was late last night."

"So they beat you up because their mad that your dating a girl who is a dragon?" Tucker chuckled which made Danny stop both of their walk. The ghost boy punched Tucker at his arm and ignored the complain "Ow." that Tucker made.

He grunted "No I didn't tell them that, their just mad that my curfew was way past ten.". Before he can continue a sudden noise made them silent. The two walked out of the bushes, seeing that the sound cane from that direction. The noise was sudden strong wing beats that came straight at them.

They looked up, seeing that Sam was the creature of wings. Sam slowed her altitude and slowed the pace of her beats. Some leaves blew out of the way as she flapped a landing. Danny smiled at her, walked up to the beast, and stroked her snout, causing the dragon to give an open mouth smile, showing the carnivorous teeth. He looked at Sam's reptilian eyes, seeing something extraordinary in them, he saw that their was some sort of feeling of love, even though the pupils were sternly slit.

"There's only one place to go for help, Sam." he said. Sam gave a small shrill, deep, cry and bowed down to him. Her head went low to the ground and her wings mimicked the movement. Danny kept on smiling and used his ghost power to float over her back and he had landed gently onto it. Sam rose her head and walked with pride to Tucker, as Danny stroked the mane from the neck region.

"Uh, uh," Tucker shook his head as he backed up "I'm not riding thatagain.". Sam gave a growl, showing her fangs, which made Tucker tremble. Tucker laughed nervously "Or on second thoughts.". Sam stopped growling, but she seemed to be chuckling in a growling way as she saw Tucker clumsily hopping onto her back.

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