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"First, Mercedes will ask Judy to throw a surprise party for Quinn on Saturday. It's the perfect night because I know for a fact that she's going out to help on the preparations for the church's charity dinner the next day. Sam told me."

"Why not me or Britt?"

"Because since Quinn lived in the Jones' household, her mom always threats her like she has a debt with her."

"I bet she already spent more nights under my roof than under hers, no offense."

"San, just let him finish, please."


"But a party, dear?", Judy said, as soon as Mercedes finished her sentence. "Quinn really needs to rest, I don't think party is such a good idea."

"I completely understand, but we've missed her so much while she was…", she didn't want it to sound too bad. Her mother didn't need a reminder of how serious the situation was, she'd probably freak out and the plan would die in its first step. Mercedes looked around her and saw Brittany mouthing something to her. "Asleep. And she must've gotten really tired of all the hospital and all the time she's spending at her own bedroom… She needs something to cheer her up"

"Mercedes, you know how much I like you, but going out to a party during the whole night is still out of her reach", Judy's voice actually sounded a little sorry for her daughter. She wanted her happy, after all.

"But if you let us, we could do it at your house! Avoiding any trouble of locomotion or", Mercedes stopped for one second to make sure that was actually a word. Kurt kept moving his hand so she wouldn't stop so she didn't, "Source of preoccupation for you!"

"I see… But I won't be home, I'll have to go out by night and I'm not certain when I'll come back…"

"No offense, Mrs. Fabray, but the party is for Glee club members only", she smiled, "We'll sing quietly and talk about our favorite musicals. Maybe rent one so we can watch it all together. And maybe me and Sam, half of the Godsquad as you know, could end the party with a prayer."

Brittany was shaking with laughter in a chair, trying to keep quiet. Santana was just smiling, proud of how good of a liar her friend could be. Fierce, Femme, Phenomenal. Kurt just rolled his eyes because what kind of parent believes that a party is about watching movies and praying nowadays? There was a silence while Judy seemed to think about it. Mercedes crossed her fingers.

"Ok, but I will call every once in a while to check on her", Judy said, sounding tired in advance.

"Don't worry, we will keep her safe and warm", Mercedes smiled, giving her friends thumbs up. Brittany started her sexy victory dance on the chair, to which Santana replied with a too seductive smile. Kurt simply whispered a 'get a room'.

"Secondly, we'll ask the boys to take her out so we can get the place ready for when they come back. You two go with them so it doesn't look suspicious, while Rachel stays with us and we start helping her with her feelings."

"And how the hell are you going to do that?"

"We have questions… That she doesn't necessarily needs to vocally answer, but it's Rachel: she'll obsess over it inside that crazy little head of hers."

"Besides, we just want them to do something about it, the spark is already there."


It was a strangely hot day for spring so they decided they would take Quinn to a park. Of course, after going to the Central Park in New York, it was kind of hard to live up to the expectations, but Brittany pointed out there was a nice one just outside the city. And after walking for half an hour under the sun, it was mutual decision that they should sit in one of the large benches under the trees.

"Damn, I wish I could do that", Puck sighed as he looked at the man doing balloon animals with a super fancy machine. A lot of children were around him, shouting random animals they wanted while they parents tried to keep them under control.

"I can make a giraffe, a dog and a rabbit", Brittany smiled cockily at him.

"And a heart", Santana added, trying not to sound too sugary. But it was true, she was given a balloon heart the first time they came here.

"Can you teach me?", Puck had his eyes glowing, which made Sam rolled his eyes. Honestly, his best friend considered himself a sex shark and at the same time had a fascination for balloons. "Hey, it's pretty badass for the ladies."

"Whatever you say, man", Sam laughed.

"You know what would be very badass?", Quinn asked, "If any of you could get up and get me an ice cream"

"Make that two", Santana said, enjoying the fact that she was the last one in the bench to lay on Brittany's lap.

"Well, third's a charm", Brittany smiled innocently at the boys, "It's pretty badass, Puckassaurus."

"But I'm not trying to get it on with any of you", he answered, "No offense, but you two are a glorious lesbian couple and Quinn is more like a new baby sister to me."

"Oh my God, I should record you saying this and send it to my mom", Quinn laughed, not offended at all.

"Dear Trouty, could you teach your friends some manners, please? A gentleman is needed", Santana sighed, trying to cover the sun with her hands.

"It's too hot to be a gentleman", Puck replied, trying to feel the brief breeze through his mohawk.

"Think of the friends we could get introduced to, man", Sam smiled, trying to get his attention. "Besides, I could really use an ice cream myself."

"Fine. But you're buying me one", he rolled his eyes and got up. "And you're teaching me that stuff", he said, pointing to Brittany.

"Not a problem, Puckentleman", she giggled and he had to ask Sam what was the nickname was about as they left.

"So… What are we doing?", Quinn had her eyebrow raised.

"Making them our slaves with our lady ways", Brittany responded as if it was obvious while she stroked Santana's hair, who seemed to enjoy it a lot.

"I meant what are we doing in this park?", she asked again, sounding a little impatient.

"Enjoying the fantastic days of our youth with physical activity and obvious motivation", Santana replied in a sarcastic with her eyes closed.

"I know there's something you both are not telling me and I'm asking as nicely as I can what it is."

"Q, if there was something, what makes you think we would tell you just because you're asking?", Brittany simply stated.

"So there is something", Quinn said, impatient. She looked over at the boys to see they were still waiting in line, so she had time.

"Oh yeah, Quinnie", Santana used the nickname they used when they were younger, smiling, "We're taking you to the park so when you come back to your house there's a surprise party waiting for you with the only purpose of getting you together with Rachel Berry, because we were sure you'd have done something by now."

"Ok fine, don't tell me", Quinn rolled her eyes at the immaturity of her friends. As if. Brittany did her best not to laugh, "And if you wanted to talk about Rachel all you had to do is bring that up, you don't need to use that tone with me."

"Good, so let me drive you through reality road: you've been in love with Rachel Berry since you've first laid your eyes on that horrible sense of fashion of hers but got so scared that you made a pit stop on Narnia for a while. Through the years, lust started looking like love and you had the guts to cross the acceptance bridge after she got engaged with Finnojerk. After that, you had a moment of clarity offered by Dave Karofsky, ironically brought to you before you spent a month asleep. But after another stop in the Hospital gas station, Rachel came aboard the Gay For Fabray express and started singing every day by your side. Now every moment you both share with the rest of us looks like we're watching porn through eye sex and I don't feel safe not using a sight condom, so if I get some sort of disease I'm sending you the bill. Still the two of you somehow look like blind car racers that insist on putting on fuel only to give up on the ride before it even starts. What you need is a fire to blow up the whole sexual tension going on and we're willing to give that to you."

"And you might not agree with the language, but it's true", Brittany giggled a bit. "You're wasting too much fuel."

Quinn kept staring at them, suddenly not sure if Santana was joking about a party or not. And even though her rationality pointed out that she was, specially because of her mom, something told her that maybe she wasn't. And even when the boys arrived and she started to get her brain frozen by the ice cream, the only thing she could think now was what the hell she would do if they were actually playing Cupid with her.

"Thirdly, when the party really starts, we'll make Rachel drink just a little, so she can gather up some courage for the next step."

"What about Q? She isn't allowed to drink yet, I think."

"When I asked when we got to see her high again, she laughed, but confirmed that there's a quite strong pill she still has to take on the weekends."


"Surprise!", Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and the whole Glee club, with the exception of Rory and Finn was there, screaming at Quinn's living room when they arrived.

"You've got to be kidding me!", was all that she managed to say. She blinked a few times and stared at Santana, who simply smiled at her. She then realized that she sounded a little ungrateful, so she corrected herself, "I mean, I can't believe it!"

"This is all hand made decoration, although some people had supported the idea of buying it just because we didn't have enough time", Rachel started rambling, walking towards Quinn as she pointed at the banners and the stripes all over the room, "Well, I always say that if you try hard enough you'll always have enough time, so we did a little work division that would make Ford proud. I took the liberty of adding some fifties elements, like my dad's old jukebox over there, I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all. Thank you", Quinn was a little nervous when she looked at her, "Thanks everyone."

"Well, it was the least that we could do. I like to call it Party Delivery: if you can't go to a party, let the party come to you", Santana made it sound like a very opportunistic propaganda.

"Yeah, you mean you go to the park and you let others dealing with a perfectionist party planer", Mike said.

"Yet I'm the one bringing the booze, so step aside and let Auntie Tana take care of the fun", she walked towards the table, taking out a big bottle of tequila out of her purse.

"Where you carrying that around?", Quinn laughed at the thought of spending the day in a family park with a Jose Cuervo hanging around. Santana just nodded, proudly.

"Not the only one, though", Kurt asked Blaine to pass him the bag in the sofa, from where he took out two bottles of vodka and a martini, "This one is to keep things classy."

"Look at my little Jedi, all grown up", Puck gave him an approving nod, tapping his back.

"I'm just really disappointed you couldn't find any cherries to make a Cosmopolitan", Rachel looked a little betrayed at Kurt, who shook his head and moved on.

"I'm sorry, but I think we might end up in an alcoholic coma if we drink all that", Artie stated as he looked over the four bottles, a little too impressed.

"I can't drink, I'll look after you", Quinn shrugged.

"Don't worry, Quinn, this is your party", Blaine smiled at her, "Mercedes and I won't touch a drink, you just have fun."

"Besides, I heard you won't stay completely sober", Kurt said as he took out the rest of the things inside his bag: a bunch of cds, a book on drinks and a lot of ingredients. He saw Santana mouthing a 'damn'.

"Which is totally fine, Quinn, I Googled some things about getting a little high on medication without the supervision of an adult and I've heard it's completely safe, but just in case we'll keep you away from knives and anything that's slightly psychotic or stress-inducing", Rachel explained to her like she was talking about the weather, "But I've talked to my dads and they helped me calculate the probability of side effects on you and it's approximately 3%, so really, don't worry."

"What?", she tried to ignore the complete adorableness of Rachel's ramble to concentrate on she actually just said. She was confused, until she remembered that she had a special pill to take that night. She realized that whatever deal they had made with her mom, she didn't take that one in account. It wasn't as strong as the one she had to take in the hospital, but the nurse said it would give her funny feelings and a light head. Realization sunk in when she remembered she had only mentioned that to Santana. "This one is a well planned party, huh?"

"Of course it is, Q, Party Delivery is a special deal", Brittany said, getting Kurt's ingredients and spreading it across the table, "You even get top bartenders."

An hour later, a pill and a few drinks after that and it was just like Junior year again. Mercedes and Tina seemed to have engaged in a very interesting conversation about hair styles, a topic surprisingly amusing; Kurt had finally gotten drunk instead of Blaine and kept singing original songs into his ear, although they didn't seem to make much sense; Sam was trying to show Brittany some sweet stripper moves, but Santana kept getting in the way trying to cover her; Artie was trying to prove Sugar that he didn't poison Rory, he was simply sick; Puck was talking about the meaning of life with Rachel, in a light of drunken philosophy.

"No way! You are high if you think Squirtle was better than Charmander! That dude could turn into Charizard!", Mike sounded personally offended as he discussed Pokemon near the sofa.

"Oh, whoa, Charizard, I wonder what would happen if Blastoise came in and gave him a bath", Quinn replied sarcastically.

"If I may intervene, I would just like to add that it's not fair to judge one's capacity of fire or water, but how they use them is what really important", Rachel said in a serious tone, sitting in the sofa in front of Quinn.

"No offense, Rachel, but your favorite Pokemon is probably Jigglypuff", Mike raised an eyebrow at her, "And she's a round, pink version of yourself. She sings and if people don't like it, she storms out."

"Hey, don't say that", Quinn smiled at her, "I like it when you sing."

"Thank you", Rachel could feel her cheeks becoming a little redder. The comment also reminded her that she should stop drinking so she was in control enough to talk to Quinn in private. Kurt had some kind of crazy talk about time, chances and romance that had her thinking. It had been so easy to say 'I love you' when she first woke up, why couldn't it be easier now?

"But dude, Fire can defeat Earth, Earth can defeat Water and Water can defeat Fire", Puck joined them too, making big hand gestures with too much tequila in his blood, "It's like, the circle of life. Everyone is important. You're important too. And I'm Puckfasa."

"Thank God I didn't get to that stage", Quinn laughed, trying to shake the feeling of fluctuation she sometimes felt after taking that pill. Everything was a little brighter and nothing seemed like it could hurt very much. It felt a lot like being drunk, but instead of being excessively sloppy, she felt like she was very much aware of everything surrounding her. She looked at Rachel and felt her eyes burning her soul. Were they always so pretty? She must have stared for a few seconds, because the next thing Rachel is looking down and taking another Cosmopolitan, trying to hide a smile.

"I would have loved to see that", she said in a low tone, "Last time I got a very nice interview to show to your future fans."

"Maybe you can get another one"

"And last but not least we'll get them to one of the rooms, lock it and cut the power of the said room. Blaine's abilities with electricity will finally be of some use."

"But what if they take too long to start talking about it and her mother comes back?"

"Don't worry, Brittany, Carole has already promised me she'll keep her there as long as possible and will warn me when she's leaving."

"I can't say I'm not impressed, you're a lot more devilish than I thought."

"Oh, Satan, I'll take that as a compliment."


"Did we ever stop to think of how we were going to lock them in a room?", Mercedes whispered to Kurt, who was still humming to something he had just created.

"No, I don't think we have", he replied, still kind of singing. "Oops."

"It's simple: I'll go to the kitchen with Quinn, saying that I have to talk to her and then San can bring Rachel. When we are in, one of you two can lock the door while we distract them and we'll go out through the backdoor afterwards", Brittany explained, doing little movements to indicate each part of the plan.

"It doesn't sound too subtle", Mercedes said, looking at her.

"We don't have to be subtle, we have to be effective", Santana replied, "I don't even understand how we're making any sense right now because I have blood in my alcohol, but I'm down with Britt's plan."

"Fine. I don't want to use my little neurons to think of anything else, so let's do it", Kurt nodded, "And then maybe we can write a song about it."

"I'll teach you how to write songs, my handsome unicorn", Brittany was all smiles, "But first we need to get those keys."

"What is he doing here?", Rachel interrupted them, not bothering to ask what they were talking about as she pointed at Karofsky.

"Rachel, he's a part of the Glee club now, remember?", Mercedes replied, looking a little scared at her tone. "You were happy about it…?"

"Yeah, yeah, I was, but this is Quinn's party!"

"What about it?", Kurt asked, looking at her with wide eyes.

"So if he wants to flirt with her then try another date. I like him, I do, but all this is not happening tonight", she said, not really paying attention to what she was actually saying. It sounded a lot like jealousy and when she realized that she simply stormed out.

"We need to be fast", Santana rolled her eyes.

"Britt, seriously, just say what you have to say because you're scaring me", Quinn said while she was being taken to the kitchen, "Who knows, maybe I'm within the 3% Rachel talked about, but I'm having a bad feeling about this. Are you cheating on Santana?"

"What? No!", Brittany practically shouted at her. She wasn't having a very good notion of how loud her voice was, but she was outraged. "I would never do that!"

"Fine, don't yell at me. All I know everyone is being too secretive about everything today and I don't like it. We're friends", she kept pouting like a little girl who is being forced to eat too much salad.

"Q, you'll have to suck it up a little bit, okay?", Brittany said as she closed the door, placing Quinn in her wheelchair close to the table.

"So there's nothing you want to tell me?", Quinn sounded disappointed and curious at the same time.

"I think you should talk to Rachel", Brittany simply said.

"I plan to, I just need to find the right moment so we can talk priv-", Quinn was going to ramble for at least half an hour about her excuses with avoiding this particular talk, but Santana and Rachel came in.

"Seriously Santana, you don't need to hold my arm that tightly, it will be hard to explain to my dads wha-", Rachel stopped talking the moment she realized Quinn and Brittany were seemingly waiting for them.

"Oh look, the room is already taken. Too bad, I was looking forward to hear your Wicked theory, Rachel, really", Santana smiled, "Please enlighten my best friend and girlfriend with the basics you were just telling me."

"Uh… okay", Rachel blinked a few times before she started saying something about how Elphaba really reminded her of someone she knew. Santana walked backwards to the door, locking it with some difficulty before giving Brittany a small nod.

"Yeah, totally", Brittany agreed to something she wasn't really listening to. "We have to go now."

"There's no time like sweet lady kisses time and it can't wait", Santana said, not really sure of what she was saying. She hurriedly took Brittany's hand and led them outside, before Quinn and Rachel could even realize what was going on.

"I would say use protection but I don't think it's really necessary", Rachel giggled the moment they went out the room.

"No, I don't think it is", Quinn laughed. She didn't know exactly what to say, but she was building up courage to bring up her feelings. The feeling in her head insisted that everything would be alright and she was starting to believe it.

Rachel then started playing with her hands, not sure how to start the conversation she wanted to have. It seemed like a too good of a chance to waste it.

"Do you mind if I sit here?", she asked, trying to find coherent words in her brain while she motioned to the chair right next to Quinn.

"Not at all"

"Uh… So how have you been?", Rachel said, looking at her hands. "I mean, I've heard you're having a lot of physiotherapy."

"Yes, I am! It's not as fun as gym or cheering, but it's a way to keep me active", she said, trying not to sound boring.

"Any positive results?"

"I can move my feet. I can almost stand if someone helps me", she smiled sadly, even though everyone kept saying that she was doing great.

"It must be really hard", was all that Rachel managed to say.

"At least I know it's temporary. I can't imagine how it feels like for Artie…", she said, trying to keep some kind of track of what she was saying.

"Yeah, but I'm glad it's not you", Rachel immediately regretted it the moment it came out her mouth. That sounded awful. "I mean, not that I like the fact that this has happened to him, absolutely not. I like Artie. He's a great singer. I mean, not that I like him because he's a great singer, but still, he is. He's a great person an-"

"Relax, Rach, I know what you mean", Quinn smiled sympathetically at her, not trying to hide her adoration for her rambles anymore. "And thanks… I guess."

Rachel just shook her head and buried her face between her hands. She was having a bad time trying to explain this.

Suddenly, the light was out. Rachel let out a low scream and ran for the door. She didn't realize that maybe she didn't know the kitchen so well, so she hit several chairs and the fridge before getting there.

"It's locked", she said, surprised.

"No way", Quinn stared at were she thought her voice was coming in pure disbelief. They had been locked in here on purpose, she just knew it. Santana wasn't joking at the park.

"Hey, anyone! Can you help us? We're locked!", Rachel shouted at the door, but nobody answered it.

"Uh, Rach…", Quinn didn't know how to put this, "I don't think they're gonna help us."

"What do you mean, of cour-", it took Rachel just a few seconds to understand what was going on. She didn't know how Quinn knew it, but it was safe to say she wasn't going to say that their friends were setting them up out loud. If anything, it would make everything harder.

So after trying a few more times and getting nothing back, Rachel gave up. She just hoped she would at least get some profit out of the situation. Quinn then gave her instructions to where she could find a candle and how to lighten it. After she could finally do it, she put it over the table, making the fire enough for them to see each other. Neither could help but notice how romantic the scene looked like, the light hitting both in all the right ways.

"Thanks for coming every day to see me", Quinn finally said it. She was going to get on the tracks that would lead her to either the 'At Least You Tried' or the 'I've got a Pocketful of Sunshine' destination.

"The doctors said it could help you", Rachel replied, looking at her. "It was just so sad, Quinn, I thought about the worst case scenarios and it was horrible."

"I can't say it was really horrible for me, it was just like taking the longest nap ever", she said, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Well.. Don't ever take this kind of nap again"

"I won't…", Quinn paused for a few seconds, not sure how to say this. "They told me you sang for me."

"I, uh…", she had to find a way to make her heart stop beating so fast so she could make sense. "Yes, I did. I sang to you every day. I thought there was no better way than to express myself through music. It's my heart and soul."

"What did you sing to me? Some kind of Snow White lullaby to wake me?", she giggled, not wanting to sound cocky but simply amazed by the fact that she was serenated by the girl she was in love with and didn't even remembered it.

"Something of the sort", Rachel was back to looking at her hands, "Or I might have sung every song I remembered you talking about. Or artists. I never had really taken my time to listen to Mumford & Sons but they're actually pretty good if you're into indie rock or whatever they call it."

"That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me", Quinn's eyes were glowing at her. If she was going to say something, it was now. "And I wouldn't have picked anyone else to do it if I could."

"I… I really like you, Quinn", she had her voice trembling a bit before letting her eyes meet the most beautiful shade of hazel again. She remembered when she first saw them again after she woke up and the promise that she had made to try this. "The thought of losing you was one of the scariest things to cross my mind. And it made me realize that life is so fragile. We're not as brave as we think we are, or maybe not as strong as we think we are, but specially not as eternal we would like to be… So I can't give myself the luxury of spending much time with you without saying how I feel…"

Quinn's breath was becoming uneven, she was afraid she would come to a point where she couldn't breath at all and it would ruin the moment. She was trying not to build up hopes of hearing what she wanted to hear, but it was becoming harder and harder. So she felt it was time to say something as well.

"I, uh… the first thing I remember after waking up is feeling my hand on yours", she said, taking Rachel's hand into hers. She smiled at the feeling, a small voice in her head telling her to go ahead. "And you saying that you loved me. And I said the same. Was it a memory or a dream?"

"I… yes", Rachel couldn't help but smile at the gesture, yet she couldn't find words to say quickly enough what was happening. "It's a memory."

"Do you take that back?", Quinn asked in the sweetest tone she could manage. The thought of Rachel loving her was drowning her senses into a pool of bliss, but she had to be sure.

"No. Not at all", Rachel shook her head.

"Good. Because I don't take that back either", Quinn smiled even broader, using her hand to bring Rachel closer, letting their faces get so close she could almost see her reflection in Rachel's eyes. They stared at each other in the most delicious silence they have ever shared. Their noses started bumping against each other as their hands were caressing one another softly. There was no pressure, there was no hurry. They were locked in a dark room, just enjoying the fact of knowing they loved each other.

"Quinn", Rachel whispered after a minute or so.

"Yes, Rach", she said, feeling free to call her that again.

"I mean it in a romantic way", she said, with the need of being very specific because reality wasn't really sinking in yet.

"Me too", Quinn almost giggled.

"So…Can we save a first kiss for a first date?"

"I swear to God, that's like asking for a coin to stay away from a magnet", she smiled, letting her eyes wander Rachel's lips, "But yeah, we can."

"So… Quinn, would you like to go on a date with me?"

"Yes, I would lo-"

"But what about Finn?"

"He's kind of depressed lately, I doubt he's planning to go to a party any time soon. I should feel bad for him, but I never thought Finchel would work. Specially after the wedding fiasco."

"If the Giant Baby thinks about going to this party, I'll slip some Lima Heights food hospitality into his lunch."

"It'll be a Saturday, San."

"Then he's step brother will play Sophie's Choice and act on it."

"It's not so much like a choice, I rather believe we're just helping life finally find its course."

"If that's what makes you sleep at night then fine, but he's your responsibility."

Finn had finally decided to go to the party. He had said that he wouldn't, he said he wasn't feeling so well and that he would stay home resting, but truth is, he just didn't want to see Rachel having fun. He felt kind of bad for feeling this way, but she didn't seem to take his break up the same way he did. But he decided the best thing was to give her some time. In the meanwhile, he could really use a help from his friends.

It was around 9 pm and there was probably still time to catch up on the parties and the drinks – he would need some of those. He had some of the drinks Burt kept at home, but he was well enough to drive. As the drinks started to sink in, he realized maybe he shouldn't be driving. Luckily he got there quickly enough, safely.

The second he got out the car, he realized there was something going on through in the kitchen's window. He had promised he would text or call Kurt if he changed his mind, but he had completely forgotten about it. That being so, no one knew he would be here and he thought it was a good idea to scare them.

But what he wasn't expecting what he saw. What he saw was Quinn Fabray holding his ex-fiancee's hand, their lips almost touching as they whispered something to each other. He felt like he was slapped in the face multiple times.

Someone had forgotten to lock the door because he got in the house with ease. He must have been looking pretty angry too, because the second they saw him, everyone ran to his direction, trying to stop him from getting to the kitchen. There was no time to even ask him how he knew what was going on or why he was there.

"Finn, please, don't go in there", Kurt begged over and over as Puck and Sam tried to push him away without making any noise.

"Why not? Anything I shouldn't see?", he asked, furiously, pushing the boys away. Considering how much they had been drinking, it wasn't particularly hard.

"It's has nothing to do with you, Finn, please get the fuck out", Santana was the last one standing in his way.

"Sorry, request denied", Finn simply walked through everyone and stood in front of the door. He tried opening it, only to realize it was locked.

"Dude, let them be, seriously", Puck said, trying to change his mind. Everyone else was already panicking about what he would do. He wasn't really good with containing emotion. He ignored his advice entirely, took some distance and pushed the door with his body. It must've been a pretty old lock, because it gave away instantly.

"…would lo-", Quinn instantly backed away when she realized Finn just broke her kitchen door, staring at her with nostrils trembling. "What are you doing?"

"No, what are you doing?", he came closer, standing just in front of her, looking down, "Because it seems like you were about to kiss Rachel."

"What if she did?", Rachel stood up, immediately defending Quinn. "We broke up, remember?"

"We broke up because you said you didn't know what you wanted", he shouted at her, "Clearly, you do know what you want, don't you?"

"Hey, don't speak to her like that!", Quinn said firmly.

"This is none of your business, Quinn", he said, not bothering to look at her.

"No, this is none of your business, Finn", Rachel replied, pointing at him. "You have no right."

"You were going to marry me and suddenly you're none of my business?", he sounded genuinely incredulous. "You were cheating on me the whole time?"

"No, she wasn't", Quinn said immediately.

"I'm asking her", Finn was still looking fixatedly at Rachel. "Were you in love with her?"

"I wasn't cheating on you", Rachel said, deflecting the last question.

"Oh wow. You were, weren't you?", he almost laughed in her face, "I can't fucking believe it."

"Would you please just leave?", Quinn intervened again, a little scared at Finn's voice tone. The guys were already in the kitchen, aware of how tense the situation was getting.

"Yeah, sure. What a bitch", he said, slowly and right into Rachel's face. He regretted it instantly. He wasn't thinking straight, but even in his head this sounded wrong. "I'm so-"


Quinn got up from her wheelchair, not even realizing what she was actually doing and gave Finn Hudson an open hand slap. The sound of her hand hitting him was so loud that the whole room went silent instantly. His face moved to the right and he made no motion to change its positing. His skin was beginning to get redder and redder after a few seconds. Rachel was the first one to speak, still managing to show her a genuine smile.

"Quinn… You're standing."