"He told you?" Tony shook his head and leaned so close to Ziva their noses could touch. Tony gazed into Ziva's eyes. He saw she was hurt. She leaned in closer so one swift movement and their lips would touch. Ziva sighed and Tony pressed himself against her, his lips against hers. –

"Ziva? You okay?" Tony asked as he stared at her with enlarged eyes. Ziva stayed silent and nodded. She was most certainly not okay at the moment. She wanted him to take her into his arms and just promise her that everything would be okay right then and there. Ziva sighed quietly. She blinked a couple of times to try and bring herself back to reality and then she answered him. They were invading each other's space right now and neither of them seemed to care. It was driving Ziva crazy.

"No. I don't think I am okay, Tony." Ziva said quietly trying to prevent her voice from breaking. Ziva wanted Tony now more than ever and she did not think that this was fair. Ziva stepped back and she looked into his emerald eyes trying to examine whatever emotions and thoughts were running through his mind.

Tony was not sure how to react to what Ziva had told him. He knew that she was upset because of what McGee told her that he and Wendy did. Who wouldn't be upset? He was just oblivious to the fact that she cared maybe a little too much for him. Ziva continued to ramble on about how she felt about Wendy, but Tony could not take his eyes off of her expression. She looked hurt, he was not used to seeing her like that, and when she was he did not know how to handle her.

"Oh, Ziva." Tony stopped her from rambling. He grabbed her shoulders and made sure that she looked at him. She was trembling inside and her heart was racing.

"I want to tell you something but now is not the right time. I wish you would believe me when I say that I no longer have feelings for Wendy like I used to. Whatever she and I had, it's gone now, it really is." Tony released the tight grip on Ziva's shoulders.

"I believe you." Ziva said half-heartedly. " I believe you." Ziva tried not to roll her eyes as the dry words came from her mouth. She really was not sure whether to believe him or not. She bit her lip, unlocked the bathroom door and left him there. Tony was in the woman's restroom, at work, alone.

Tony swore under his breath for being so stupid. He hurt Ziva. Tony splashed water on his face and stared at himself in the mirror.

"Tell her." The two words rang in his ears. "Tell her." Tony shot up and dried his face and hands. He opened the door and walked out with a plan in mind.

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