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Legolas watched intently as Haldir slept innocently curled up beside him. Smiling, he turned over and closed his eyes, drifting into a peaceful sleep

The next morning, Legolas was awoken by a soft, gently kiss on his cheek. Turning, he stared up at Haldir sitting up, smiling at him.

'You look so content when you are sleeping, Legolas. I felt it was a shame to wake you, but we are to leave 'Lorien soon'

Legolas smiled and sat up, yawning as he stretched his arms above his head, and Haldir took this opportunity to tickle Legolas underneath his arms. Shrieking, Legolas leapt out of the bed and hastily pulled on his pants, which were strewn across the floor. He turned to Haldir, placing his hands on his hips and glared at him.

'Come on, Lazy…I'm hungry, and I don't know my way very well around 'Lorien…'

Haldir jumped out and pulled on his pants, and walked slowly over to Legolas, wrapping his arms around his stomach and placing a kiss on Legolas's mouth, which sent tingles down his spine. Haldir let go and took Legolas's hand, before the two of them cheerily walked out of the talon.


The two ate and left with a quick goodbye to Lady Galadriel. After travelling for many hours, they stopped to rest in a small area encircled with trees. The two made a campfire, and Haldir had left Legolas to cook while he gathered more firewood, for they planned to stay for the night, when an arrow narrowly missed Legolas's head and flew into a tree. Yelling, Legolas jumped up and grabbed his own bow and arrow, aiming at the spot where the arrow had come from.

'Step forth, and show you're face, or are you a coward?'

A hooded figure came foreword and stepped into the circle, his hood covered his face, yet Legolas could tell immediately it was a man, and watched in silence as the man dropped his bow.

'I am sorry, but you were in our camp and I thought you were an intruder…Forgive me'

The man's husky voice sent a strange feeling through Legolas, which made him lower his bow.

'This camp is empty. There was no one here to tell me that I am not welcome. I have as much right to stay here as you'

'I don't think you understand. This is my men's place to stay, we merely went hunting for some food, and didn't think anyone knew about this place so we didn't leave anyone to guard it.'

'Well, I am sorry, but I am staying here tonight and you shall have to go somewhere else'

'You dare to challenge twenty-five warriors trained in the city Gondor? You may be elfish, but even I doubt one elf could stand up to that many'

Legolas turned to see the warriors slowly walking into the circle, enclosing him. He took a step back and raised his bow again.

'Correction, First of all, I have killed twice that many with my bare hands. And another thing…' Legolas let out two sharp whistles followed by one low one.

'I'm not alone'

Haldir stepped into the circle, clutching two elvish daggers he always kept by his side and rushed up to Legolas.

'I hear you're call for help…who are they?'

Legolas glared at the hooded figure and watched him slowly draw out a long, gleaming sword from his side.