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'I'm disgusted and disappointed Aragorn, Legolas'

They both bowed their heads, turning red. Elrond turned to Haldir, who was standing behind him with his arms crossed.

'I'm sorry Haldir, but I'm not going to be sending you on this mission, I apologise for making you travel all the way out here'

Haldir opened his mouth in protest, but Elrond held up his hand.

'These two MUST learn to get along…for their people. You won't be able to change my mind Haldir, I suggest you go pack'

Haldir flew out of the room, shaking his head. Elrond walked behind his desk, and banged his fists on the table so hard that several small portraits rattled and Legolas and Aragorn jumped.


Legolas and Aragorn nodded numbly.


Legolas and Aragorn jumped from their chairs as if they were on fire and tore out of the room, absolutely terrified. Elrond sat down and sighed, pressing his fingers to his throbbing temples.

'I hope I'm right'

*************Later, in Haldir and Legolas's room*******************

'I can't believe he did that'

Haldir stopped packing and watched Legolas pacing the room in amusement.

'He'll try to provoke me…I know…'

'Don't let him, Legolas'

Legolas stopped at looked over at Haldir; he walked over slowly and wrapped his arms around him.

'What will I do without you there?' He whispered softly into Haldir's ear.

'What am I going to do, sitting in my talon in 'Lorien, praying you two won't be at each other's throats' he said jokingly.

A knock on the door interrupted them and they turned, telling whomever it was to enter. A servant stepped in and informed Haldir a carriage was waiting.

'I shall go on my horses back, I don't like carriages.'

'Very well, I shall go get your horse saddled up…'

'No need. I prefer to ride bareback. I shall be down in a minute'

The servant scurried out, and Haldir turned back to Legolas, pressing his lips down gently on his.

'Goodbye, my love. Please don't get wound up by him.'

'Of course not'

Haldir hesitantly let go of Legolas, threw the remainder of his clothes into his bag and left.

***************************The next morning, in Elrond's courtyard****************************

'Ah, I see you two are ready then'

Legolas and Aragorn both walked out, holding their packs.

'Yes' they answered in unison.

'Good. The village is quite small, and the people are usually friendly, but are of course, quite hostile since the murders began. Be careful and wary on your way, and during you stay in the village. Here are two maps, and I wish you two to send a messenger from Trugath, a small town in the vicinity. Are we clear?'


'Good, now I would provide horses, but I feel they wouldn't be able to cross the misty mountains, for tis rumoured the goblins have been on the increase. Now, please get this sorted, and DON'T let your personal feelings get in the way of this mission.'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

They nodded, and walked quietly out of the courtyard.

For two days, they travelled in silence, stopping only to rest briefly and to eat. On the third day Aragorn decided to break the silence.

'You're afraid to talk'

'Nay, I just have naught to say to you'

No, you're afraid to talk in case I contradict you'

Legolas was silent, and stared straight ahead. They were travelling through a forest, thick and green with tress gnarled and bent around and over them.

'I would have been better off travelling alone, I would have gotten more words out of the birds that fly above me' Aragorn murmured to himself, but of course Legolas's elvish hearing caught him out.

'This mission isn't about whether you have a companion or not'

'True, but I prefer to travel whilst jesting and talking rather than a stern silence, as if I was a child being scolded for doing something troublesome'

'You said it, Not I'

'What is that supposed to mean?'

Legolas stopped and looked at Aragorn.

'You think I'm going to let slip the remarks you made at the festivities? Queer elf, I believe, and also I believe you remarked on my gracefulness… or lack of, as you put it'

Aragorn peered into Legolas's eyes, making him uncomfortable.

'I got to you didn't I?'

Legolas shook his head vehemently.

'Legolas, you annoy me, first you and your…partner kill twenty five of my men, who were not only the best warriors Gondor had to offer, but many were my close friends, all over a petty squabble about camping ground. Then you shove into Lady Arwen and me whilst we were dancing and enjoying ourselves…'

Legolas cut him off. 'Twas an accident, Elohir and me were having fun. Believe me, the last thing I wanted was to start YOU off'

Aragorn narrowed his eyes, before walking over to a boulder and leaning against it casually.

'So you're scared of me?'

'NO!! Why do you assume that, just because I avoid you means I am afraid of you?'

'Because it usually does… you seem afraid to show yourself to other people. I watched you that night at the ball, you were so happy and upbeat, but around those you don't know you are hostile.'

'So you welcome every stranger you come across with open arms? Quite a stupid thing to do, that makes it twice as easy to be caught off guard'

'No, but I don't think there would be a reason for me to be wary of the prince of Mirkwood…or is there?

Legolas sat down on a small boulder across the path from Aragorn and played with a strand of his hair that was constantly swinging in front of his eyes.

'I remember going with my father to visit Gondor, when I was a child… you and I got into trouble, for you were so excited…'

'… To have an elvish friend' Aragorn finished smiling. 'I wanted to show you my hiding places, but we were late…'

'…. They sent guards out to find us; they finally did in the caves…'

'… Playing trolls'

Both were silent for a while, before Aragorn leapt off the boulder. 'We must go, come on'

Aragorn began to run lightly and as Legolas hopped off the boulder, a terrible feeling washed over him.


Legolas sprinted over to Aragorn and grabbed him. Aragorn spun around, just as the ground below the two crumbled, throwing them down into darkness.

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