"I know how men in exile feed on dreams of hope."

Aeschylus, 525-456 BC. From Agamemnon

Titans Phantom


Fire; he was on fire. That was his only thought as Danny Fenton was dragged down to the quaking earth as the building exploded all around him, blasting him back, slamming him onto the blackening concrete, tearing at his flesh, black dust burning hot in his lungs. But he didn't feel any of this; all he was aware of was the fire spreading out from the restaurant that once used to be the Nasty Burger. But even as the fire lapped at his form it could not touch him—or if it did, it could never compare to the ice in his heart. A chill so great it burned hotter than the explosion…the fire that had shattered Danny's heart.

For trapped in the now burning hell were his family, or who used to be his family. Now they were nothing more than ashes darkening the sky. Danny's whole world just died in that place: his caring mom, his eccentric dad, his way to smart sister Jazz, his best friend Tucker, and his Sam, all now gone. Sam was gone, and he'd watched her burn along with his family. Danny had not been able to save them. And as he lay on the too hot pavement, ash slowly covering his body, flames licking at his feet, Danny knew that they had forgiven him. They had seen him running, trying to get there and free them from the boiler that was about to explode with them on it… his family had watched him fall and when he met their eyes he knew, they had forgiven him. Forgiven him for not making it.

His family had left him and yet, Danny knew he would survive. The fire would not claim him. Tears fell down his face as blackness set into his heart and eyes, and Danny knew that in this one moment of blissful unconsciousness that began creeping in, he would be permitted to rest with his family one final time. For when Danny awoke again on the white bed in room 419, he would be forced into battle once more. If only to keep the promise to the ones he loved. And with this, Danny Fenton fell into their arms, surrounded by rocks and the swirling fire that could not seem touch him, for a small green shield flickered in and out of existence, preventing the flaming burns to touch his skin. And in this one peaceful moment Danny forgot the reason why everyone was dead.

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