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Thundering rain clouds hovered over a bamboo forest. The forest was devoid of sound except for the splashes of rain falling on the marshy ground. The clouds threatened of a storm to come and paced back and forth in the sky. While most of the forest creatures were safe and in shelter, a mother panda and cub ambled out of their den. The cub was only 3 months old, living off of the milk of its mother.

"Mama? Where does rain come from?" the meek and frail cub asked. It was the cub's first outing of the den since birth and she was very curious about the world.

"Come here, Asuki!" the mother bear ordered from a few paw steps ahead. The curious cub, Asuki, bounded forward with great excitement. "See that gray piece of sky? Rain is carried in the belly of that creature." Asuki whimpered at the sight of that gray monster. 'What if it comes down and eats me?' The young cub thought. "Don't be afraid, little one. Those creatures can't hurt us. They are far, far above us." The panda cub realized how different it was in the forest than in the den. Inside the den were two soft moss nests filled with feathers and other things her mother had found for her. It was usually dark except for the slight glint of sun trying to make it's way through. It was quieter in the den, with just the two of them. After walking until Asuki couldn't see the den anymore, she opened her jaws and yawned. Her paws ached, her eyes were drooping.

"I'm tired, mama," the timid cub squeaked about to collapse on the muddy floor.

"Let's head back to our den, little one," the mother murmured. She lowered her body to the ground so the young cub could climb up. On the way home to the den, Asuki snoozed on her mothers' large and soft back. Maybe someday I'll have the strength to explore the whole world…, Asuki thought as she closed her eyes and rested.

Back at the den, the tired mother laid the exhausted cub in the moss nest. Within moments, both bears were sound asleep.

Asuki woke up in a cold, damp stone cave. The cave seemed to be endless, with no entrance or walls. 'Where am I?' she thought, confused. The cub looked around for her mother but there was no sign of life. Dead plants were shriveled up on the side caves. There was no scent of other animals, predator or prey.

"Hello?" Asuki yelled out. Her voice echoed throughout the cave. "Hello, hello, hello, hello…" 'What a strange place' she thought. Painted on the walls of the cave, were pictures of five bears; each a different color. White, brown, black, and black-and-white. 'Hey! That black-and-white bear looks like me' Asuki thought happily. She repeated the colors over and over in her mind. Black, Brown, White; Black, Brown, White. She had never heard of any black, brown, or white bears before. Suddenly, a shiver was sent down Asuki's spine. She could feel someone, a presence, somewhere near her.

"A quest…" a raspy voice whispered to her. Asuki flinched backing up to see who or what was talking to her. 'Who's there?' Asuki thought, finding she was frozen to the spot, unable to move her mouth. "One hope…" the voice repeated. 'What's going on?' Asuki yelled inside her head. "Save the world…" Asuki was freezing since she didn't have her mother's warm coat to press against. "Find the others…" the voice said, and disappeared.

Asuki woke up in a panic, panting and covered in sweat. She let out a sigh realizing it was just a dream. The cub got up and shook the loose moss out of her fur. The same cold shiver, from the dream, ran down Asuki's spine as she saw her mother's nest empty. Muddy pawprints led out of the cave and then some patches of fur. There were another pair of prints, flat-face prints, or at least that's what Asuki thought her mother had called them. She sniffed the nest. Her mother had been gone for several hours. 'Maybe she's just getting some food' Asuki thought, trying to reassure herself.

Asuki waited at the entrance of the den all day for her mother. At the end of the day when the moon was rising, the shock that her mother might be… dead, dawned on her. 'No, this has to be a dream' she thought. She frantically blinked as she tried to wake up from the horrible nightmare which had become her life.

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