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9 Lives.


Kyoko looked out the window in her room. 'I hope Tsuruga-san is alright, he didn't seem himself today.' Kyoko looked up at the night sky, suddenly a light shot across the sky making Kyoko let out a small squeal of delight.

"A shooting star!" Kyoko nearly shouted. She thought for a second before making her wish, then she thought of it.

"I wish I could cheer up Tsuruga-san, just like he always does for me!"

At the same time a few miles away Ren, was sitting on his couch in his apartment.

He let out a sigh; he seemed to be doing that a lot lately. Tomorrow for some reason he had the whole day off; thanks to the President that is. Ren didn't know what to really do with a whole day off. He did have half days off before, but he couldn't remember the last time he had a whole day off. What would he do with all that free time? And he couldn't spend it with Kyoko either; since she had work that day.

"I wish I could spend just one day alone with Kyoko, just the two of us," Ren said absentmindedly. What Ren didn't know was right when he said that a shooting star shot across the night sky.

Chapter 1

Kyoko had arrived at LME and was locking up her bike, when she heard someone walk up behind her, glancing over her shoulder she saw three girls standing there.

"Um yes may I help you?" Kyoko asked standing up. The three girls looked at each other silently. The youngest of the three girls glanced at Kyoko; she looked to be nine had piercing blue eyes and shoulder length blond curly hair. Kyoko thought she looked a little like Maria. Kyoko waved and the girl abruptly turned away.

Kyoko's hand froze in the air. Okay what was up with that?

"Excuse me," Kyoko said, "did you need something from me?" The oldest of the three girls looked at her; she looked like she was 25, she had grayish blue eyes and long blond hair in high pony. She walked up to Kyoko.

"Sorry," She said with an apologetic smile, "but would you happen to be Mogami Kyoko?" she asked. Kyoko nodded.

"Yes, is there something you need?"

The girls looked at each other; this time the third one who seemed to be between the ages of the first two stepped forward; she looked to be about fifteen, green eyes, and with messy just under the chin auburn hair.

"Yes there is," she said cheerily, "But first why don't we introduce ourselves? Hi I'm Present, as in the time period it is right now." Present gave Kyoko mischievous smile.

"Hello I'm Future, as in the time to come," said the girl who looked to be about twenty-five. She then elbowed Present and gave her a glare.

"Hi," said a quiet voice from behind Future; the girl with the curly blond hair shyly came out from standing behind Future.

"I'm Past, as in the time spent," she said with a small smile. Kyoko gave a small wave to the shy girl. Then Kyoko remembered she was being rude.

"Oh I'm sorry I am Mogami Kyoko," Kyoko said bowing. A snort came from Present.

"Yeah we know that, that's why we're here." Future shot Present a glare.

"What?" Present asked defensive. "Stop being rude," she said.

"What is it you need?" Kyoko asked. Although she didn't want to be rude, she did have to get to work. Present gave Kyoko a big smile.

"Glad you asked," she said walking up to Kyoko and putting her arm around her shoulder.

"The thing is, well sorry but you're going to miss work today. But don't worry the President knows."

Kyoko jumped back and away from Present 'what is this, are they going to mug me, and in broad daylight?' Kyoko glanced at LME; the entrance was about thirty feet or so way. If Kyoko made a bolt for it she could most likely make it. But what if they have weapons? Kyoko looked back at the three girls; they didn't seem to have any weapons on them at all.

"Oh Present, you scared her," Past said, "Please don't run Kyoko-chan, we're not going to hurt you," Past pleaded. Kyoko looked wearily at the little girl, could she really be a mugger?

"Yeah we don't mean you any harm," Future said, "Present just like to mess with people." Future shot another glare towards Present, who just crossed her arms and sulked.

Kyoko smiled nervously at Future. "So what did you need?"

Past all of the sudden didn't seem shy and started jumping up and down. "Spent a day with Tsuruga Ren!" she said happily. Kyoko nearly toppled over.


Present rolled her eyes. "She's not just going to do it Past, you need to set up a scenario." Present clapped her hands together and there was suddenly orange gray smoke everywhere.

"PRESENT! What are you doing!" Future demanded. Kyoko started coughing. 'They really are muggers!'

"I'm so sorry about this Kyoko-chan," came Past's voice.

"Yeah it wasn't supposed to happen this way," Future said.

Suddenly the smoke was gone and so were the three girls. Kyoko shook her head.

'Well I don't think they took anything.'

Kyoko felt funny though; everything sounded so loud!

"Well what do we have here?" said a voice Kyoko knew all too well.

"Tsuruga-san?" Kyoko said turning around; Kyoko was then caught off by two things: 1: Tsuruga-san seem to tower over her…way more than usual.

And 2: her voice sounded weird. In fact it didn't sound like a voice at all, more like a cat's-

"Hey kitty," Ren said reaching down to pet the small fluffy white and black calico.

Kyoko stood frozen as Ren's big hand descended upon her. "TSURUGA-SAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Kyoko demanded. But instead of her voice coming out, it was a long cat's meow.

Kyoko froze as Ren brought his hand down gently on her head.

In this world, there are several types of people. Some love dogs, and some love cats. In Ren's case he liked both; just because he didn't own one didn't mean he didn't like animals, he just didn't have the time to take care of one.

And now one might wonder; why is Ren outside of LME if he has the day off. If anyone asked him he would say that he was just going for a walk and ended up there. But his real reason was since he had the day off he was hoping to run into Kyoko and try to subtlety ask her to lunch.

Kyoko was on the verge of a heart-attack; Ren was a giant and he was petting her head. Kyoko put a hand to her chest in an attempt to slow her heart rate, and that's when she noticed it; she had fur on her chest. Kyoko looked down and felt her blood run cold, not only was she not wearing clothes, she was covered in fur. And the hand on her chest wasn't a hand at all; it was a white and black paw. Kyoko suddenly felt very light headed. She didn't know how and it seemed impossible but there was no doubt about it Kyoko had turned into a cat, and Japanese sexiest and most wanted bachelor was picking her up.

"I bet Kyoko would love to see you," Ren said looking the kitty in its big auburn colored eyes. The cat mewed. Ren chuckled, "I guess you want to see her too."

Kyoko was freaking out. "Tsuruga-san! Please don't you understand me! I am Kyoko! HELP ME!"

The cat started mewing franticly.

"Are you hungry?" Ren asked. The kitten looked at Ren with pitiful eyes. "I guess I could take you home and feed you some milk Kyoko brought over before I show you to her," Ren said holding the kitty against him… [Insert fan-girls' scream at Ren holding a kitty: here]

a/n: okay the reason why Ren is taking the cat home is in the back of his mind he was thinking "A perfect reason to invite Kyoko over [this is for laughs people]

Lory was sitting in his office when three girls just seemed to appear out of nowhere and walked up to his desk. Lory looked up at them.

"I'm assuming it went well," Lory said. Present nodded.

"Yeah, I say it went great!" She said with a smirk, Future let out a sigh.

"By going well, you mean they'll spent the day together, then yes it went well," Future said with an annoyed look towards Present. Present caught the look Future was giving her and got defensive.

"What?" She asked, throwing her arms up. Future glared at her.

"You know very well what," She said in an irritated tone. "Out of everyway this could have gone you decide to turn her into a CAT!" Future said. Present crossed her arms and pouted.

"Well at least they'll spend the day together," She muttered. Future started giving Present a mother speech about how she should do things.

Lory looked down at the nine year old girl; Past.

"Are they always like that?" He asked. Past gave an enthusiastic nod making her blond curls bounce.

"Yeah," she said with a sigh, "but on the bright-side Ren-san and Kyoko-chan, will spend the day together," Past said giving Lory a big smile.

"Yeah and I'll finally be able to use this baby on that Mogami girl."

Lory and Past turned to see who was talking. A boy of about sixteen was sitting on the windowsill holding an arrow with a heart-shaped head. He was dressed in jeans with holes in the knees and a gray tank with a leather vest over it and swung over his shoulder was a quiver (container of arrows, worn on back) and crossbow, he jump off the windowsill and walked up to them.

"Hello prez, Cupid of the twenty-first century at your serves," The boy said taking a bow, Past looked at Cupid.

"I've been meaning to ask, but do those things hurt?" Past asked pointing at the arrow in Cupid's hand. Cupid looked down at the arrow,

"What these things?" he said tossing the arrow so it flipped in the air then caught it, "Nah, watch." Cupid took the arrow and walked behind Present. Present spun around.

"You touch me with that thing, and I'll kill you," She said pointing a finger at him, Cupid put his hands in the air.

"Okay," He said backing up defensively. Past chuckled.

"Cupid has a crush on Present," Past said to Lory. Cupid's face got red.

"I-I do not!" He said indignantly. Future let a small chuckle.

"Don't worry Cupid, she likes you too," Future said patting him on the back. Now it was Present turn to get all flustered.

"W-what, don't go around spreading gobbledygook!" Present said blush beet red. Lory laughed; at least with these two, the only reason they weren't together was do to their pride.

"You sure that things gonna work on her now?" Lory asked pointing to the arrow Cupid had.

"Totally," Cupid said twirling the arrow in his fingers, "by this time tomorrow Kyoko will finally realize her feeling for Ren," Cupid said putting the arrow back in the quiver. Past tilted her head.

"But isn't using those things like forcing her to love him?" Past asked concernedly.

Lory nodded. "Even though I want the two of them together, I don't want anyone being forced to love somebody, that isn't love then at all," Lory said.

"Ah, don't worry about it; these arrows don't force anyone to love anybody, their more of a... um how should I put this: A giant neon-sign in the heart saying: 'HEY see this PERSON? Yeah that feeling you got, that's called LOVE!' or something like that." Cupid said with a shrug.

"Splendid then," Lory said happily, then something occurred to him, he looked over at Cupid. "Why haven't you used an arrow on Mogami-san, before?" He asked.

"Ah that," Cupid said with a small frown, "my arrows don't force people to love others, their just little helpers so people realize their feelings, but if someone is determined not to love, or they refuse to even see it, it's like their holding up a shield or in Kyoko's case these little things we like to call 'grudges', that the arrows can't penetrate, thus making the arrows no help. But right now Kyoko's defenses are down and she doesn't know it, so I just need to hit her with this baby," Cupid said taking an arrow out of the quiver and holding it up, "and she'll finally realize that what she thinks is respect is really love," Cupid said with a smile.

"So right now Mogami-san is in love with Ren?" Lory asked, hoping to confirm his theory.

"Duh!" All four spirits say at once.

"It's so obvious," Present says.

"That's what I thought," Lory said. "But I wish we could see how this story will unfold," Lory said thoughtfully.

"Oh you can," Past said.

"PAST!" Future scolded.

"What?" Past asked.

"Wait you mean, we can see how Ren and Kyoko's day together goes?" Lory asked.

Past, Cupid and Present all nodded enthusiastically.

"Well then why don't we?" Lory asked.

"We're not really supposed to," Future said, "it's against the rules."

"Oh come on, don't you wanna see how it all pans out?" Cupid asked.

"Yeah come on, please?" Past begged. Future fidgeted at all the puppy dog eyes she was getting.

"Oh fine, lets see how it goes," Future said.

"YEAH!" the other four said at once.

"We are so gonna get in trouble for this later," Future said with a wave of her hand. Suddenly a big TV appeared in the room, Lory, Cupid, Present, Past and Future all sat down on a big couch; Cupid had popcorn in hand and offered some to the others, who happily took the snack.

The TV turned on and Ren appeared on the screen. He was walking down the street holding a small black and white kitty in his hands.

Kyoko was mortified as Ren held her in one arm against his chest and used his other hand to open the door to his apartment; Ren pushed the door open and walked in, he kicked off his shoes and flipped on the lights.

"Here we are," Ren said closing the door; he walked over to the couch and flopped down still holding the little kitty.

Kyoko sat froze on Ren's lap, 'what do I do?' Kyoko was so edgy she didn't notice her hair was all standing on ends and her claws were coming out.

"Ow!" Ren said with a wince as the kitty's small claws extended and stabbed through his pants pricking his thigh, Ren carefully picked up the kitty.

"Hey, you don't need to be scared, you're safe here," Ren said holding the kitty in one hand at eye level and petting her with the other; Kyoko couldn't help but purr it just felt sooo niiiiiice. Ren chuckled as the kitty moved its head so he could pet under her chin.

"We need to think of a name for you," Ren said laying the kitty on his stomach; he looked at the pink ribbon around the kitty's neck, the words 'Love Me' was written in shiny gold thread. Ren chuckled; the cat suddenly reminded him of Kyoko. Ren was half tempted to name the kitty Kyoko, but dismissed the idea finding it embarrassing.

"What would Kyoko think of me if I named you after her? Not to mention what Yashiro would do to me; endless teasing and shrewd comments," Ren said rubbing the kitty's ear.

"But if I did," Ren said thoughtfully, although he wouldn't name the kitty after Kyoko, it was a little fun just to think about it, "I wonder if she would know what that meant?" Ren looked mischievous at the kitty.

Kyoko was puzzled and embarrassed. 1: Why would Tsuruga-san want to name a kitten after her, and 2: What the heck did it mean if you name an animal after someone you knew!

'That's it I can't take it anymore!' Kyoko thought 'not only am I a cat Tsuruga-san is acting weird!' Kyoko started backing away from Ren.

"Hey where are you going?" Ren asked picking up the kitty before she could walk right off his lap. The kitty let out a long -and rather loud for such a small animal- meow.

Ren was taken aback, "Did I hurt you?" The kitten started squirming in his hands.

"Oh right you're probably hungry, sorry." Ren stood up and walked to the kitchen. He set the kitten down on the counter and opened the refrigerator.

Kyoko was stunned; how could Tsuruga-san just set an animal on the counter top? 'I should really get off.' Kyoko took one step forward and started to slide…'AHH I forgot the counter was steel!" Kyoko stopped just at the edge of the counter. 'Phew that was clos-' Kyoko had started to sit down which caused her to slid forward and off the counter.

Ren and just grabbed the milk and turned back towards the counter when he saw the kitty slid right off the edge.

"Whoa!" Ren nimbly reached out and caught her. "Careful…well I guess I shouldn't have set you there."

Ren placed her on the ground and went to a cabinet for a saucer. Kyoko collapsed on the floor. 'I thought I was going to DIE!' Kyoko glanced around; Tsuruga-san's kitchen looked quite different from this angle. Something suddenly caught Kyoko's nose. She sniffed the air and she smelled it again. She started following the smell; it was odd, not exactly a good smell. And when she found the cause her stomach turned it was coming from the trashcan, and Kyoko could tell what it was.

Ren looked under the kitchen table, nope no kitten. 'I really shouldn't have set down such a small kitty in my kitchen,' Ren criticized himself. He stood up.

"Here kitty, kitty, I got you a nice saucer of milk." Ren then heard a faint sound coming from the other side of the counter; he walked around it and saw the little kitty backed up against the cabinets hissing at the trashcan.

Ren raised an eyebrow at the kitty. "What's wrong? It's just a trashcan." He bent down to pick up the kitty when she turned her head and-glared at him?

Ren stopped his hand a few inches away from the kitty; he glanced back at the trashcan. "Maybe it's the instant ramen I had last night and didn't finish, but it couldn't smell that bad."

Kyoko looked at Tsuruga-san dumbfounded. "Instant ramen? You had INSTANT RAMEN?"…and he didn't even finish it :p

Ren had opened the lid to the trashcan when he heard a low growl coming from behind him he turned and saw the kitty looking at him angrily with a dark aura emanating off her.

"I guess it does smell bad," Ren said.

Ren took out the trash with the instant ramen container and when he came back in the kitten was sitting at the entry of the kitchen glaring at him and meowing loudly.

"Tsuruga-san, how could you eat instant ramen, it's bad for YOU! And on top of that you didn't even finish it!" Kyoko yelled.

"I know you're hungry," Ren said walking into the kitchen again. He took the saucer of milk off the counter and placed it on the floor in front of the kitty.

Kyoko looked down at the saucer of milk in front of her then up at Ren; he was sitting at the kitchen table going through some scripts. He seemed to be concentrating hard. Kyoko looked back at the milk, she had eaten breakfast and wasn't really hungry. Kyoko let out a sigh how was she going to get back to being a human. She laid down placing her head in her hands [paws] and let out a long sigh.

Ren read over the script for what felt like the millionth time, he now knew all his lines and his co-star's. He had always been good with remembering his lines, but he had never had this much time on his hands, he didn't know what to do with it. He glanced down at the kitten, she was just laying in front of her milk looking like all hope was lost.

"Hey girl what's wrong?" Ren asked while getting up and walking over to her. The kitty looked up at him and let out a pitiful meow. Ren crouched down and petted her gently on the head. The kitten seemed to sigh.

"I've never really owned a pet before." -Ren then thought about the chicken, did that count?- Then he also realized he was talking to the cat, like some crazy animal lover, he let out a defeated sigh, well at least Yashiro wasn't here.

Kyoko couldn't take it anymore; the string hang in front of her was just too much. She didn't even know why, it was just driving her crazy. She jumped at it.

"Yow!" Ren felt a small pain in his hand; he glanced down and saw the kitten doing everything she could to get the loose hem on his sleeve.

"Oh well I guess animals liked to be played with." Ren raised his hand slightly. The kitten jumped at the string hanging from his sleeve, missing it. Ren lowered his arm. The kitten jumped again staging its claws on Ren's sleeve.

Kyoko was hanging upside down on Ren's arm; the string lying teasingly on her face. She tried to hit it with her paw, but her claws were stuck in the fabric of the shirt and she couldn't get them out. "Tsuruga-saaaaaaaaannnn! HEEEEEEEEEELLLPPP!"

Ren and to stifle a laugh as the kitten let out a long meow.

"Okay hold still." Ren reached out and gently removed one of the kitten's paws from his sleeve, at the same time the kitten had managed to get its other paw free, making it fall to the ground.

Kyoko landed on her feet, her heart pounding.

"Maybe we should find you something else to play with," Ren said looking at his sleeve; what once had been an unnoticeable loose thread, had turned into an unraveling hem.

"I don't think I have any thread," He looked at the kitty, "but maybe Kyoko-chan left some here." He stood up and walked towards the guestroom Kyoko always used when she stayed over. When he got to the entry of the kitchen, he realized he shouldn't leave the kitty alone, he turned around and to his surprise the kitten was standing next to him looking up at him. He took a step forward, and the kitten took a step forward. He walked over to the couch, the kitten followed right behind him. He stopped and sat on the back of the couch; the kitten walked in front of him and sat down as well.

Kyoko looked up at Tsuruga-san; he was sitting -more leaning- on the back of his couch looking at her curiously. She tilted her head.

"Tsuruga-san, are you alright?" she asked.

Ren raised an eyebrow. To him it seemed like the kitty was asking what he was doing, but that wasn't possible, animals weren't that smart, their owners just liked saying they were. Didn't they? Ren shook his head 'having a day off is making me go crazy,' he thought. He started walking towards the guestroom.


Ren walked out of the guestroom.

"Well no luck in there, maybe there could be some in the kitchen."

Kyoko followed Tsuruga-san, but she had just about had it, that noise, that annoying noise his slippers kept making as he walked, it was just driver her crazy, it had to be stopped, she had to stop it.

Ren headed towards the kitchen, as he was walking down the hall he suddenly felt something brush his foot, he looked down, nothing. He started walking again, and then felt the same brush, this time though when he looked down in was just in time to see the kitten jump at his heel.

The kitten's claws went right through Ren's socks and stabbed his ankle. He winced at the pain. The kitten let go and then charged again grabbing on to his ankle, sending the same light pain into his foot.

"Hey stop that," he said shaking the kitten off. The kitten landed about a foot away, she looked up at Ren, then back at his foot. She crouched down and got ready to pounce. Ren didn't wait, he did a 180 and marched down the hall swiftly (didn't exactly want to run. Running away from a kitty, that would kill Ren's manliness, even if he was the only one home)

Lory nearly fell of the couch laughing; Ren was practically running away from the kitten. Ren opened a cabinet door, and through the tv they could hear him say.

"Nope, no laundry basket," he said.

Turns out Ren didn't do his own laundry; he didn't really have time, so Yashiro would usually do it, so now Ren hadn't a clue where the baskets were so he could place it over the hyper cat after his feet. He closed the cabinet and went over to another, suddenly Kyoko the kitten jumped for his heel again.

"Hey would you stop," Ren said as he lifted his foot. He left (retreated) from the kitchen, Kyoko the kitten followed after. Ren hanged a left as he left the kitchen; Kyoko the kitten went to follow but slipped on the kitchen floor. Lory was about to die, this was just too funny.

Ren closed the door to a closed that had a vacuum; still no laundry basket. He walked back into the living room. Then he noticed something, where was the kitten?

"Kitty," Ren called. He walked in front of the couch, he was about to crouch down and see if she was under it when he caught a glimmer out of the corner of his eye. He turned and saw the kitten crouched down under a chair hidden its shadow.

The kitty suddenly pounced forward. Not wanting to get his feet attacked anymore, Ren jumped out of the way and onto the couch. The kitten was now pouncing wildly in front of him trying to get his slippers. Ren had it. He leaned over and pulled his slippers off.

"Here, have'em,' He said tossing them on the floor. The kitty started jumping around them wildly, and then she jumped on one of them and started hitting it.

Kyoko attacked the evil slippers. Then she stopped, they were dead she knew it; for they had stopped making noise and anything that made noise was alive, right? Wait! Tsuruga-san's slippers were dead? 'What have I done?' Kyoko thought horrified, 'or better yet what was I doing?' Kyoko thought back on the last 10 minutes, it was kind of fuzzy, but what was clear was she had been chasing Tsuruga-san around his apartment trying to attack his slippers. Kyoko looked at Tsuruga-san, he surely must hate her!

Ren had been watching the kitty, after she had hit his slipper around a bit she sat on it proudly like she had killed a beast, then she looked down at it and seemed to be thinking. Suddenly she looked at Ren; with what he guess would be a face of horror. Suddenly the kitten threw itself on the floor in front of Ren as if it was apologizing, it started meowing loudly.

"What the?" Ren involuntarily jumped. The kitten's face was buried in the carpet, but its meows were still loud.

Kyoko chastised herself how could she do something like that? "TSUUUUGUUURAAA-SAAANN! FOOOORGIVEEEE MEEEEEE!" She pleaded.

Unfortunately for her all Ren heard was a very long and quite loud meow. The kitten looked up at him with a forlorn face; she then stood up and walked over to his slippers with her head hung low. She stood behind it and looked up at Ren, then let out another long near earsplitting meow.

"Yes I see you've killed it, uh good job I guess" Ren said only muttering the last bit.

'I'm horrible,' Kyoko thought as she looked down at the slippers, 'I have killed Tsuruga-san's slippers.' She looked back up at Ren only to her horror to find him with his face in his hands shaking his head. 'HE HATES ME!'

Ren sat on the couch feeling completely stupid; he was talking to the kitten telling it good job for killing his slipper, I mean talking to it fine, Ren could live with that, but telling it good job for killing his slippers, Ren needed some fresh air. Suddenly he felt something tug on his pants leg, he looked down to see that the kitten had dragged one of his slippers over and was now clawing at his pants leg to get his attention.

"Yes you have my slipper," Ren said with a raised eyebrow.

Kyoko bowed her head low over the slipper. "I'm sorry for killing it Tsuruga-san," she said.

Ren felt like he was officially losing it, it looked like the kitten was sorry it had attacked his slipper and was trying to apologize for it. Feeling slightly sorry for the creature Ren picked up his slippers and put them back on.

"See good as new," he said. The kitten's face seemed to light up. "I've completely lost my mind," he muttered to himself. He reached down at picked up the kitty and started petting her.

Lory wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes, he was enjoying this very much. He then looked over and saw Cupid sitting next to Present.

"Cupid, why are you still here?" he asked. Cupid had just shoved a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

"Wha?..Iw whhacheeng. Wha'sit wook weik?" [translate: Wha?.. I'm watching, what's it look like?"]

Lory raised an eyebrow, having not understood him. Cupid swallowed the food in his mouth, then pointed to the tv.

"I'm watching."

"Aren't you supposed to go and zing!" Lory said while making the motion of shooting an arrow and letting go when he said 'zing'.

"But I just made the popcorn," Cupid said holding up the freshly popped bowl. Present elbowed him causing some of the popcorn to spill out of the bowl.

"Ouch, what was that for?"

"Go do your job," Present said not taking her eyes from the tv. Cupid made a pouty face and stood up.

"No fair, I want to watch too," he pouted.

"Oh come on you guys let him stay," Past pleaded.

"But will it be alright to delay it?" Lory asked glancing at the screen. Cupid looked at the screen as well; Ren was holding Kyoko and petting her.

"I'd say so," he said with a big grin. Lory looked at Future.

"Is it alright if he delays it?" he asked again. Future chewed her bottom lip.

"Well I don't know, I mean we're not really supposed to be watching as it is, I mean it should be fine but-" Future stopped talking as she looked and saw Past and Cupid giving her puppy dog faces, "Oh alright he can stay, it shouldn't cause too much trouble if we delay it a little longer, I mean what else could go wrong? We've already turned her into a cat," she said muttering the last part.

As if it had been staged Ren's voice came through the tv.

"I guess I could call Kyoko, and invite her over to see you now," He said.

All five of them looked at the screen, mouths gaping.

Chapter 1-End

a/n: [nervous laugh] yes well this originally was a one-shot...hmm wondered when it stopped...but anyways I guess this will go on a little longer. So review, tell me things your cat/kitty does that you think is funny, Kyoko might just do it :p

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