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Chapter 6: Kitty-Cat, Kyoko-Cat!


Kyoko awoke the next morning and sat up straight in her bed.

"Breakfast!" she announced while jumped out of bed. Unfortunately her foot got caught up in her blanket and she fell to the floor.


Kyoko sat up on the floor rubbing her head, "Ow," she mumbled. The fall and bonk on the head seemed to put her in a normal state of mind. She looked at the clock.

"AH! Forget breakfast, I need to get to work!" Scrambling to her feet, Kyoko got ready for work.

"Oh the President is going to be so mad; he said I had to be at work early. Oh I hope those three girls don't show up-" Kyoko stopped in the middle of putting on her shoe.

"Wait, the President said I had to be at work early on the same day as I met those three sisters. So if instead of getting to work early I ran in to them... what did I do yesterday?"

Kyoko tried to remember but it was all somewhat fuzzy, or totally unbelievable. "I mean really," she thought grabbing her cell, "Me, a cat, and spending all of yesterday with Re-Tsuruga-san!? Yeah right!"

Kyoko walked out of her room and headed down stairs. Taisho-san was in the kitchen chopping vegetables.

"Oh Kyoko-chan, when did you get home?" Okami-san asked walking up to her. "Yeah that's something I'd like to know," Kyoko thought.

"Oh um," Kyoko tried to think up a good excuse. Okami-san looked at her with a worried gaze; then placed a hand on Kyoko's forehead.

"Hmm, you feel I bit warm dear, are you feeling alright?" Okami-san asked slightly worried.

"Oh I feel fine Okami-san, I just need to get to work; I'm running late." Kyoko made her way around Okami-san and towards the door but Taisho-san stepped out in front of her.

"If your employer doesn't allow you to eat a proper breakfast, then we should contact the police for abuse on employees," he said. Kyoko gulped.

"B-bu-but I'm running late," she stammered. Last thing she wanted was Taisho-san mad a LME, "They don't have anything against a healthy breakfast -it's in forced believe me-. It's just I really am running late. I can pick something up on the way," Kyoko said trying to slowly walk around Taisho-san. Taisho-san made a grunting sound then walked back into the kitchen. Kyoko was about to bolt for the door, when she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. She turned at saw Okami-san staring at her.

"Kyoko-chan, are you sure you're feeling alright?" she asked with worry creases on her forehead. Kyoko smiled at her.

"Yeah," she said, "but thanks for worrying." She leaned over and gave Okami-san a quick hug, then headed for the door.

"Wait," Taisho-san called and stepped out of the kitchen. He handed Kyoko a paper-bag. "That's better than anything you'll get at a fast-food place," he said. Kyoko looked at the bag then at Taisho-san.

"Thank you," she said with a bow, then gave him a quick hug, and ran out the door; she was now really running late.

Okami-san looked at Taisho-san; who seemed a little stiff. "Dear," she said, "isn't that the first time Kyoko-chan, has ever hug us?" she asked. Taisho-san didn't answer, but a small smile came to his face.


Kyoko peddled like a madwoman, she was running late, and the fact that the day before was hazy wasn't helping at all.

"Okay," she thought, "Yesterday I either had a killer fever or-AH NO it's impossible, there is NO way I was a cat and spent the day with Ren- Tsuruga-san!" Kyoko stopped at a crosswalk, "But it did seem so real. Well it was a dream, yeah just a vivid dream." Kyoko sat waiting for the light to change so she could cross the street, "It wouldn't- shouldn't be possible! But it felt, -still feels- so real." The light finally changed and she peddled across.

"But it's just too absurd to have been real. But then again, Fairies are real, is it so farfetched that they could have turned me into a cat for a day?" She paused, "But what would they have to gain, by turning me into a cat?" Kyoko tried to remember what exactly happened the day before, but it was still a bit hazy, except for a few things.

1: Being while she was a cat -if she even was- she spent the day with Tsuruga Ren.

Kyoko could feel her face go red at the thought.

2: She remember -quiet vividly- the faces of all four fairies, elves, whatever magical being they were who turned her into a cat, and then took her away from her Re- From Tsuruga-san!

And 3-and probably most important-: If she had spent the day with Tsuruga-san as a cat, and it wasn't a dream-

Kyoko could feel her blush cover her face and go down her neck.

"Then that means, if yesterday really happened. When I was still a cat I realized that I like-" Kyoko screeched her bike to a halt, "What the HECK am I thinking!" Kyoko rubbed her face with her hands.

"Snap OUT of it girl!" She said slapping her face, some people walking by gave her weird looks. Kyoko let out a sigh, and was about to start riding again when she caught her reflection in a shop window. Her cheeks were bright red, sticking out obnoxiously against her forest-green blouse. She grimmest; this was going to be a long day.


About 10 minutes later Kyoko stood outside LME staring at the building. The day before was still a bit of a blur; well sure she remembered bits and pieces, but it was still a little too farfetched –even with the excitants of fairies-

Letting out a sigh she walked into the acting agency. She was walking towards the elevator when she spotted Tsuruga-san walking with his manager to her right. Her heart did a little flip.

"REN!" Kyoko called running up to him. Ren looked over.

"Well good mor-" he was cut short as Kyoko threw her arms around him in an affectionate hug.

"Good-morning Ren!" Kyoko giggled burying her face in his neck.

Kyoko stopped short, halfway to the elevator with her hand raised in the air. She had just had the most disturbing vision. She had run up to Ren –like a crazed fan-, called him by his first name, and buried her face in his neck! And did she purr?! Suddenly Ren turned and looked at her.

"Good-morning Mogami-chan," he said with a smile. The next thing Ren and his manager heard was Kyoko's earsplitting scream right before she turned sharply around and ran off. Yashiro rubbed his ringing ears.

"My, well Ren, what did you do this time?" he asked looking pointedly at his charge. Ren was staring slightly dumbfounded where Kyoko had just been.

"I have no idea." He started walking in the direction Kyoko had just took off down.

"Ren, where are you going?" Yashiro called after him.

"To find out what's wrong," Ren answered not even turning around.


Kyoko ran as fast as she could down LME's hall, when she reached the LoveMe room she slammed the door shut behind her, scaring Kanae who was already there.

"AH! MO! What is your problem?!" she demanded. Kyoko started at her friend, it was a little hard to say what was wrong. She couldn't very well tell Kanae she had, had a vision, daydream, whatever it was called –delusions of grandeur- about running up to Ren –her sempai- and rubbing her face against his. It was just so shameless and not to mention shocking.

That's when Kyoko realized it; while she was having her shameless daydream, Ren had said good morning to her. Meaning then through Ren's point of view, he had said good morning to her, and she just screamed and ran off.

"SHOOT!" she thought "last time I did that, it was because I had-"Kyoko's blood ran cold, "I had told Ren a lie about Sho! Oh nooooooooo! He could misunderstand! I have to go and explain myself!"

When Kyoko had first burst into the LoveMe room, she had looked at Kanae as if she were a deer in headlights, now Kyoko's eyes had clouded over and she was staring off into space with a horrified expression on her face. Kanae was getting a little impatient now with what was wrong with her over-bubble-overexcited about everything-over reacts about everything-friend.

Kyoko had to go and explain herself -best she could- to Ren, what she would tell him, she hadn't quite thought out yet, but she had to at least try. She was about to turn to leave when she suddenly heard tapping and notice a irritated looking Kanae standing in front of her; tapping her foot.

"AH! Moko-chan, where did you come from?" Kyoko asked with a start.

"Where did I come from? I've been here -on time I might add- when you just suddenly run in here and slammed the door as if you have death himself chasing you!" Kanae stated throwing up her arms. Kyoko did a 90 degree bow almost hitting Kanae.

"Hey! Watch i-"

"I'm soooooooo sooooorrrrrryyyy Moooko-chaaaan!" Kyoko said.

"Gees you don't need to bow," Kanae said semi-annoyed. Kyoko peeked up at her.

"You forgive me then?" she questioned nervously. Kanae let out a sigh.

"Yeah, sure, I forgive you."

"OH! Moookoooo-chaaaaan!" Kyoko was about to hug her, and Kanae was going to try and stop her, when Kyoko suddenly stopped.

"Re-Tsuruga-san!" she declared and turned around, "I still need to explain myself!"

"WHAT? Explain what to him?!" Kanae demanded, "what does Kyoko need to explain to that guy, WHAT did HE DO?". Kyoko didn't answer nor give Kanae anymore time to demand an explanation; she just opened the door to leave. But she didn't get a chance, because on the other side of the door about to knock was none other then Tsuruga Ren. Kyoko froze.


Ren took long -yet graceful- steps down the hallway Kyoko and fled down. He didn't know why she had run off, or why she had greeted him with that bloodcurdling scream. Come to think of it hadn't she done that once to him before? But then she had come back and apologized, he had a feeling that this time he'd be lucky to find her.

He continued to make his way down the hall. When he came up to the LoveMe room he could hear muffled voices, one of them belonging to Kyoko. He went to knock when suddenly someone threw the door open. And there standing in front of him with a deer in headlights look was Kyoko.

Sometimes as humans we say things we don't mean to. Sometimes the things we say -though unintentional- are hurtful, and cause pain to others. Other times we say the simplest things, like a name. Whatever it is once spoken, no matter how much we wish to take it back, what's said is said, and there is nothing you can do.

Kyoko stood frozen with her hand on the doorknob. The words tumbling out before she had a chance to stop them.


Ren's eyes grew wide as Kyoko referred to him by his first name. Kanae's mouth dropped open.

"Mogami- Kyoko-chan?" Ren was a little lost on what to call her. On the one hand this was progress and he wanted to be accepting and open, but on the other, he didn't want to frighten her, especially if this was slip of the tongue. Kyoko's eyes were unfocused suddenly she snapped out of her little world and looked at Ren. Next thing he knew Kyoko was on the floor in a dogeza.

"I'mmm sooooo sooooooooorrrrrryyyyy!" she cried with her forehead pressed to the ground. Ren involuntarily jumped back. To say he wasn't hurt by this, well he'd be lying. The young man, though seen as a mature adult who women -of many age ranges- swooned over, was barely over 21, and to see the girl -young lady really- whom he liked on the ground apologizing so profusely for calling him by his first name, well it hurt… a lot. Kyoko was still yammering on her apology, and didn't notice Ren or Kanae call her.

"Mogami-chan, please you don't need to apologize," Ren said on death ears. Though he tried to keep his voice even, his "please" came out just a bit shaky.

"Moko-chan, it's not that big a deal," Kanae said, a little befuddled by her friend and her overreaction. Seeing that Kyoko hadn't heard either of them Ren knelt down and placed a hand lightly on her shoulder.

Kyoko was mortified, she had done it again! Once she saw Ren standing outside the door her mind just took over, and she was lost in la-la-LaRen-land! Now she had to apologize for screaming in terror of him, and for her shameless daydreams –though he won't know about the latter-. Suddenly she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder.

Kyoko looked up at Ren with a scared rabbit look on her face. He smiled sadly, was it really so bad that she had called him by his name?

"OH NO!" Kyoko thought "Does he hate me?! Look at the face he's making! Well who wouldn't? For him perspective I just screamed blood-murder when I saw him! FOR NO REASON! "At that thought Kyoko went to bow again, but Ren caught her by the shoulders.

"Will have no more of that," he said. Kyoko notice a twinge of hurt in his voice. "What have I done?!"

Ren helped Kyoko to her feet. Kyoko looked at him

"I'm so sorry for how I acted," she said. Ren smiled at her but she still saw a hit of sadness in his eyes.

"It's all right Mogami-san," he reassured her.

"No it's not!" she protested, "How could I have acted so-so SO shameless?!"

"It's okay. Actually I would prefer if you would continue to greet me that way," Ren said. Kyoko stared dumbfounded at him.

"What?!" she stated. Ren winced at that shock and horror in that single word.

"I-I couldn't do THAT!" she protested. All though her words did hurt, it was also slightly annoying.

"And why not?" he demanded. Kyoko gaped at him.

"I can't greet you that way! Sempai or not, it's just not right!" she exclaimed.


"Sempai or not…" those words echoed in his ears. "So, I really mean nothing to her."

Now no one could blame Ren for getting slightly mad at this.

"And what may I ask is so wrong with it?" he bit out. Kyoko was astounded, he was mad. He was flippen mad!

"R-Ren," she stuttered, "Wha-who- It's shameless!" she declared. "And who in their right mind wants to be greeted by a bloodcurdling, earsplitting scream?!" she stated throwing up her arms.

Ren's mind stopped. "Wait-what?!" he asked.

"I can't greet you that way," she went on, "it's not right! I shouldn't have this morning, it just that…I…-Well it wasn't right!" Kyoko said quickly before her words betrayed her. "Yeah, I daydreamed about you, so I freaked. Oh he'd never speak to me again!"

Ren was staring at her with a taken aback look on his face. Oh how Kyoko wanted to hide.

"K-Mogami-chan," Ren had to bite his tongue so he wouldn't say her first name, "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"This morning (!), when I screamed at you…why what are you talking about?" she asked.

"This morning..? This morning!" Ren mentally kicked himself. The reason he had chased her down to begin with. He slumped against the doorframe and started massaging his temples.

Kanae was still standing behind Kyoko, now completely confused. First Kyoko ran through the door as if she had death after her, then Tsuruga Ren showed up "So not death, but that guy, so one mystery solved." But then Kyoko started acting weird(er, than normal), apologizing, and using his first name. Now Kyoko was going on about screaming in terror about him!

"Okay, that's it, what the heck is going on?!" Kanae demanded with her hands on her hips. Kyoko jumped, she had forgotten that her friend was even there.

"Oh-well…um," Kyoko stammered, "You see-"

"Kotonami-san?" someone interrupted.

"What?!" she yelled to the person standing behind Tsuruga Ren who had interrupted Kyoko.

Ren turned around, he hadn't notice anyone walk up behind him. But there he was a young man in a green janitor uniform; he had a green cap to match on his head, which made his bleach blond hair stick out in a messy fashion. The visor of the cap shaded the top half of his face.

"Your service is required," the custodian said with a slight bow.

"I'm a little bus-" Kanae started.

"The President requested you," the custodian stated. Kanae let out a sound somewhere between a sigh and a growl.

"Fine," she muttered. She started to walk out of the room when she pasted Kyoko she paused, "I want a full explanation," she said then followed the custodian down the hall. As they walked off the custodian pulled out a cigarette, and started to light it, Kanae snatched it away from him.

"Nonsmoking building!" she said, her irritation at him clear in her tone.

When the custodian and Kanae were no longer insight, Ren looked back at Kyoko.

"Okay I believe we are talking about two different things," he said standing up straight.

Kyoko nodded, not trusting her voice.

"What are you apologizing for?" He asked, though he knew the answer. Kyoko swallowed.

"Uh, well," she let out a nervous laugh "this isn't good for my heart," she muttered.

"What?" Ren questioned having not quite heard what she said.

"About this morning!" she said loud and clear, "Darn slip of the tongue!" she thought.

"Ah, yes the bloodcurdling scream. What was that about?" he asked stepping into the LoveMe room.

Kyoko's face went red.

"Well the thing is, I'm not quite sure myself," she said, "I mean today's been a little bit weird. Well not compared to yesterday that is," she said with a slight laugh.

"What about yesterday?" he asked.

"Well that's the thing," she said, and started pacing the room, "I don't really remember it! I mean what I do remember is this: I was turned into a cat by three magical beings, spent the day with you, then I woke up this morning –human- but not quite myself! And then when I got to work today and saw you, I just got so happy, I had a vision of running up to you and burying my face in your neck and purring like a cat!" Kyoko finished with a huff. She turned and looked at Ren, who was sitting on the couch.

Ren was staring at Kyoko with a horrified expression on his face. He stood up.

"You expect me to believe that?" he scoffed, "You know Kyoko I thought you were different. I thought we were friends. But no you're just like everyone else: a crazy fan. Good-bye!" and with that Ren left the room, never to step foot into Kyoko's life again.

"I can't tell him THAT!" Kyoko thought miserably.

Ren had walked over to the one and only chair in the whole room that wasn't pink; a bright red fold up chair. "Still better than pink," He thought sitting down. He looked at Kyoko whose back was towards him. She was just staring out into the hall. He waited about a minute. Suddenly she stiffened, but said nothing.

"Mogami-chan," he called; nothing. He tried again; still nothing. "Mogami Ky-o-ko," he said, Kyoko still just stared off into the hall. Ren sighed and stood up; he walked behind her and leaned down by her ear.

"Kyoko-san, what are you thinking?" he asked. Kyoko suddenly jumped and turned around.

"AH! Ren! You startled me," she said placing a hand on her chest. Ren just nodded. Suddenly she looked at him.

"Wait what did you just call me?" she asked. Ren half smiled.

"Kyoko-san," he said coolly, then got a surprising reaction. He had thought she would yell at him for calling her by her fist name, but instead of yelling at him, her face went beet red.

"O-o-oh," she said quietly looking down. "Wait! WHAT?!" she demanded her head snapping up.

"Ah a normal reaction," he thought. "I called you Kyoko-san, but I only did so because you weren't listening when I called you before three times," he said.

Kyoko seemed to lose her voice at that. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

Ren stood there hands in his pocket waiting for an answer. Finally Kyoko spoke, well more squeaked.

"I'm sorry." her face had the resemblances of a ripe tomato.

"Do I get the privilege of an explanation?" he asked. Kyoko suddenly seem to find the floor a very interesting thing, but even with her face down, Ren could still see her ears go bright red. He was puzzled at this; it's wasn't like the other time. The first time she had screamed like that, she had apologized and felt shameful, this time she seemed, no she was, embarrassed!

"I can't teeell hiiiiiim!" Kyoko thought dismally, "He'll never speak to me agaiiiin!" There was only one thing to do, and although she didn't like it, she would have to do it. She would lie!

"I was practicing for an audition," she muttered sheepishly, still staring at the ground.

"'practicing'?" Ren echoed, Kyoko nodded; glancing at him for a second before looking back at the ground. "'for an audition'?" he said. Again she just nodded. Ren was no dummy that was a lie if he ever heard one.

"Liar." The word sat on his tongue, but he didn't say it. He hated being lied to, but something about her behavior was different from the last time she had lied, so he didn't call her out on her lie, yet. Last time she hadn't wanted him to know she had done the video with Sho at first for revenge. Not this time, this time she was just embarrassed and couldn't bring herself to tell him -whatever it was-, not shameful. But even if she was just too embarrassed to tell him, the thought about Sho bugged him. "This better not have anything to do with him!" The tension in the room built as the temperature dropped as Ren asked.

"Does this 'audition' have anything to do with something of Fuwa's?" Kyoko's head snapped up and she looked him right in the eyes.

"NO! It has nothing to do with that man!" she said, the word "man" dropping from her mouth like it was vinegar. Ren let out a small sigh. "Good, it has nothing to do with him." Then he'd let it go, although he didn't like being lied to -who does- he'd drop it this once.

"Oh and Kyoko-san," he said.

"Don't-" Kyoko started to say, Ren held up a hand.

"Let me finish," he said. Kyoko closed her mouth but didn't looking happy.

"There is one I've been starting to wonder."

"Yes?" she asked her voice having just a bit of edge to it.

"Why is it you get so upset when I call you 'Kyoko-san', but you have been calling me 'Ren' for quite sometime now?" He asked crossing his arms.

"Oh darn," Kyoko thought. Ren stared at her waiting patiently for an answer.

"Oh um, I'm sorry!" She said with a 90 degree bow, "Oh how could I have been so shameless, and not even NOTICE?! And then get mad at him for calling me 'Kyoko-san'! He at least used suffix!" she chastised herself.


Kyoko looked up at him puzzled. "'Why', why what?" she asked.

"Why are you apologizing? You really didn't do anything wrong," he said. Kyoko stared at him.

"B-b-but I-I-"she faltered.

"Truth is Mogami-chan," he went back to using her last name, not wanting to upset her anymore, "I would really prefer if you would call me 'Ren'," he said. Kyoko almost doubled over.

"I-I can't do that!" she protested.

"And I ask, why?" he questioned. "What is he a child?"

"I just can't Re-Tsuruga-san! You're my sempai, it would be very improper if I were to use your first name," Kyoko said, she could feel her cheeks heat up, "Oh no, please God, don't let me blush!"

"Why does that matter?" he question, "A sempai is simply an older classman. Even in schools, a kohai," he gestured to Kyoko, "can be on first name bases with their -her- sempai," he said gesturing to himself.

"Bu-but R-Re-Tsuruga-san, I couldn't, I mean I- it just wouldn't be…"Kyoko trailed off. Ren was giving her that look. That please-don't-you-love-me-puppy-dog-LOOK!

"Is it really that hard for you Mogami-chan?" he asked.

"No! No, no, no, no, that is not fair!" Kyoko said pointing at his face, "Tsur-Ren-..Tsuruga-SAN! I Respect you, I couldn't go calling you be your fist name, that's like, de-respect," she fumbled over her words. "'de-respect'? That's not even a WORD!"

Even though Ren was upset that she didn't seem to like the idea of calling him by his first name, he couldn't help but feel a little happy that she was now having trouble trying to go back to calling him Tsuruga-san.

He had pulled out his ace when he gave her the look. It had worked on Setsu when he was Cain, maybe -just maybe- it would work on Kyoko too. But he still needed to get past her reasoning.

"It's not really de-respect, Mogami-chan, not if I call you Kyoko that is." If this didn't work, he'd give up. Kyoko glared at him.

"De-respect, isn't a word, you're mocking me," she muttered. Ren couldn't help but smile. She was sulking.

"Please Mogami-chan," he asking trying to do the look, but Kyoko sulking made keeping a straight pity face hard; even for a top actor, but then again he was completely in love with this girl. Kyoko just scolded at him. Ren let out a sigh.

"Alright Mogami-chan, if you really don't want to, its fine," he said backing off.

"...chan," she muttered.

"What?" he looked at her puzzled

"You have to say chan, not just Kyoko; you HAVE to say Kyoko-chan! And by golly Ren-san, if you drop it I swear, I'll- I'll...Just don't you dare drop chan!" she said pointing a finger at him.

Kyoko was annoyed. Not at Ren, more at herself "what am I doooing?! You know what will happen if you call him by his first name!" Kyoko looked at Ren waiting for his answer. He just stared at her.

"Well?" she demanded.

"I can call you Kyoko-chan, and you'll call me Ren?" he asked.

"Ren-san," she corrected.

"Why '-san' all of the sudden?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. Kyoko puffed out her cheeks.

"Because," she stated matter-of-factly as if that all there was to it. Ren couldn't help but smile.

"Very well, Kyoko-chan," he emphasized the 'chan' part which got him a glare for Kyoko.

"Don't you have work to do?" she muttered.

Childish as it was Ren didn't want to go to work, much as acting was his life, Kyoko was his world.

"Yes I do believe you are right," he said.

"Yes I am right. You have work and I have work," she said walking behind him, "now go." she gave him a light shove out the door. She would have closed the door but Ren grabbed it before she could.

"I have an hour lunch break today, would you join me?" Ren couldn't help but ask, he felt like luck was with him today, and if he didn't ask now, she might say no later.

Kyoko stared at him a bit startled "that came out of nowhere."


Ren chuckled lightly, "Yes, I said today. You do eat lunch everyday, don't you Kyoko-chan, or do you just get on my case about eating?" he teased. Kyoko's face went red.

"W-what, of course I eat lunch everyday, and you should too mister!"

"Okay, then can I pick you up at 11:45?" he asked.

Kyoko stared at him, how did this happen? How did it go from apologizing for screaming at him, to him asking her to lunch?

"Wait-" she started.

"Having someone to eat lunch with makes it easier to remember to eat myself," he said, "If you don't want to, that's fine. But I might forget to eat the meal altogether then."

"What are you 9?!" Kyoko thought, "Fine," she caved, "You can pick me up at 11:45, but I'll be paying for my own lunch!" she insisted. "Now go, last thing I need is for you to be late for work because you were talking to me," she said.

"See you later then, Kyoko-chan," he said. Then he turned and walked down the hall.

Kyoko closed the door and rested her back against it. "Don't," she warned herself.

"Don't do it girl." she slid down the door and sat on the floor. She sat quietly for a minute with her face buried in her knees. Finally she stood up and heaved a sigh.

"Okay," she told herself sternly, "the fastest way to get over something is to just admit it. And girl, you need to get over it fast you're having lunch with him in a few hours; you have to be over it by then." Kyoko took a deep breath, she opened her mouth.

"I- Oh who am I kidding?!" she yelled and collapsed on the couch, "It doesn't matter if you admit it or not, you're not going to get over it girl." she buried her face in a pillow and muttered to herself.

"I like him, I like him a lot!"


Once the President of LME was in sight, the custodian slowed his pace, Kanae continued on not slowing down; when she was almost to Lory the custodian stopped and moved a safe distance away from the easily angered actress.

"And she will be mad," he mused. Reaching up he removed his cap, his hair went from bleach blonde to fire red. And his clothes changed from a janitor's uniform to a businessman's. "Especially when she finds out Lory hasn't called her." With a smile he turned and made it look like he was going to walk away, but really just moved in the general direction of away, remaining within earshot.

Kanae stared at the President of LME.

"What do you mean?" she demanded.

"Just that Kotonami-san, I didn't send anyone to fetch you," Lory said, "But now that you're-" Kanae cut him off.

"What, then who's that guy?" she asked pointing behind her with her thumb.

"Who, the man with the fiery-red hair?" The President questioned.

"What? No, I'm talking about the janitor," Kanae said turning around.

"What janitor?" Lory asked. Kanae was puzzled.

"But he was right behind me," She said looking around. But the custodian was no where, the only person she saw was a businessman with red hair and he was walking off.

"Kotonami-san when you came to me, you were by yourself," The President said, "Actually –though I didn't call you- your timing is perfect," he placed his arm around her shoulder, "I need help with something, and you're the perfect girl for the job," he said tapping her LoveMe logo on the front of her uniform.

Kanea grimaced, "What is it?" she asked cautiously. Her boss released her and started walking down the hall.

"Caretaker," Was all he said.

The man with the red hair covered his mouth to smother the laugh. He glanced at the fourth-wall he had destroyed earlier.

"Well, ulquihime7980 ,Beautifulyaoilover93, Sam2413, Angeline G. McFellou, and all you reviewers, this story isn't over yet. Oh, and just a warning for what's gonna happen later, just remember," a big smile came to his face, "you asked for it!"

Chapter 6: Kitty-Cat, Kyoko-Cat!- end! To be continued till chapter 7!

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And there are four people I would like to thank:

First: God, I was sitting in morning mass when the "major misunderstanding" idea came to me, I feel like it was God sent.

Second: My mom who gave me the idea that Kyoko could say she was "practicing" when she screamed at Ren.

Third: My NEE~CHAN! She helps me from ideas, to just sitting back and letting me read away!

Fourth: YOU GUYS!


And if it pleases you, hope to see you in chapter 7!