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They are treading on dangerous, foreign grounds. They are both new to this sensation-this tug, this pull that towards each other. It is explored with halting caution, neither willing to push too hard, lest whatever delicate feeling that was growing broke.

Jedi Padawan Ashoka Tano and Captian Rex's unnamed fraternization was forbidden, and therefore kept as the darkest of secrets.

Therefore, the entirety of Torrent Company knew about it.

Echo had noticed similarities between Ashoka and Rex's behavior and what the HoloNet as described as 'flirting'. Echo had mentioned this to Fives, who could only laugh as he began to see what his brother had caught onto. Fives mirthfully told Kix, Corric, Hevy, Chopper and several other brothers over dinner, and by the end of two days, everyone in Torrent Company knew.

Ashoka had given a small scream of frustration and desperation when she had found out, but several of her men resolutely told her that the rumor of her and Rex would never spread beyond them. She had never intended on them finding out in the first place, and she was slightly resentful of Rex, whom had shrugged helplessly, although he looked just as surprised and frustrated as she did.

Brothers inevitably knew everything about each other, Fives had told her cheerfully

Brothers are the best keepers of secrets, Echo had seriously informed her.

Brothers will defend you unconditionally, Chopper had told Ashoka, his eyes blazing with the fierce truth of his words-and it was then that Ashoka shakily realized that she had been accepted by her troopers as more than just their Commander.

Ashoka had faith in her men, but not enough to be convinced that that many men could keep her and Rex's…whatever it was, a secret from Master Skywalker for very long.

There were rarely spare moments for her and Rex to meet-just moments in between missions and duties where they could share a short conversation, express their affection unguarded from unwanted eyes-because they had more than enough eyes looking out for them.

That thought, as touching as it was, made Ashoka embarrassed as she knew that there were several of her men scrutinizing her and Rex's every conversation as they talked quietly in the mess. Though her men watching out for her was sometimes helpful-she was able to escape to talk, or hesitantly exchanged touches with him without worrying of rousing suspicion, there were several times she caught Master Skywalker fixing her with an unreadable stare, and she resigned herself to being confronted.

So she took what time was given to her to be with Rex, and gave up fretting about being discovered, and the embarrassment of having Torrent Company watching the two of them like a flock of hawks.

Six months later, the Padawan and Capitan's fragile feelings were anything but-and had escalated into a full fledged romance.

They were Torrent Company's best kept secret.



General Skywalker, much to Ashoka's amazement, still didn't know.

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