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Maddy was just sitting down when Josh came home from another night out with Skye. He bid her a brief hello and then vanished into his room. Ordinarily, she would have been annoyed with him, but Mark was there and she had a story to read so she shrugged it off and resolved to get even with her brother later. With the remnants of dinner put away and Mark hemming and hawing his way through a bedtime story for Zoe, Maddy finally found the opportunity to finish where she had left off, easily opening up the reading application and picking up the story.

"Get off my boat, Medusa," Captain Ty growled. The dark-skinned woman smiled without humor, her expression icy and feral.

"Get off the water, old man," she replied evenly.

Marshal's gaze darted from captain to captain, Magdalena's hands gripping his arm tightly. Suddenly, he picked up motion in his peripheral and noticed one of Medusa's crew inching toward Captain Ty, a pistol drawn and ready. Without a moment's hesitation, he raised the rifle.

"Captain Ty!" he cried, causing the man to look to him and spot the would-be assassin. He ducked as the pirate fired once, a second gunshot ringing out as Marshal felled the man. With the sudden outburst, the tense standoff had been dispersed, replaced instead by fighting breaking loose on the decks of the Burning Lucas.

Marshal whirled around, watching as Sandy sent a powerful kick with the heel of her boot into the stomach of an adversary, toppling the man over the side of the boat. He felt Magdalena leave his side and rushed to assist her, quickly finding that she had not been lying to him about her skill with knives. She had tucked the gun into her belt, instead swiping two daggers off of dead pirates and rushing opponents, nimbly cutting them down and darting away from any return attacks. He suddenly felt very useless, unable to fully process the speed and agility with which the pirates moved. His training had prepared him more for gentlemanly conflict, meeting on an open field to engage the enemy. These tactics were almost barbaric and if he wanted to stand a chance, he realized that he would have to adjust.

It was cowardly to shoot a man in the back—his training had taught him that. But these pirates didn't seem to care. Van Doorn fell three men using the technique and Marshal picked it up quickly, using his trained targeting skill to gun down first one, then two, then three of Medusa's men without them being aware of their coming doom. The adrenaline rush was unlike anything he had ever felt before. No amount of training and studying and talking could ever have prepared him for the rush of an all-out war, the smell of gunpowder, the shouts and screams making his heart pump faster, blood coursing through his veins. If the seemingly-chaste kiss Magdalena had planted on his cheek hadn't been convincing enough, the pure thrill he received was certainly tempting.

As he gunned down his fourth target, a combination of guilt and sheer thrill racing through him, he took a moment to glance up, watching as Medusa jabbed at Captain Ty, striking the old man in the side. The fearsome pirate captain crumpled over, clutching the bleeding wound. Marshal turned back, seeing that Sandy, Van Doorn, Magdalena, and the other crewmen were all occupied with opponents of their own. If anyone was going to save Captain Ty's life, it would have to be him.

The hasty rush up the steps to the upper deck seemed much longer to Marshal than it was. When he finally reached the top, he found Medusa crouched over the captain, a cold and calculating gleam in her eye as she picked up the young navy man's movements in her peripheral.

"What's this?" she asked, a rhetorical question. "The navy dog comes to aid his quarry?"

Marshal drew the rifle, trying to still his trembling hands. "Stand down, Medusa," he ordered, surprised with how rough his own voice sounded.

She fixed him with a surly scowl. "I don't accept orders from navy swine, least of all navy swine assisting this old man."

Both looked down at the injured captain, a murderous look in his eye though his face was contorted in pain.

"You've got me wrong, Medusa," Marshal shook his head, jaw setting. This was it! "I'm no navy man." Medusa raised an eyebrow. "I'm a pirate," Marshal finished, leveling his gun at the woman's temple.

She seemed impressed, a look of mild admiration and surprise crossing her features. "A pirate," she began, voice challenging, "would have killed me where I stood. You're no pirate."

"A gentleman pirate, then," he rectified, gun never leaving its aimed point right above her eye. "So I offer you one final opportunity: abandon ship."

The dark-skinned woman looked at him disdainfully but, perhaps glad with the reprieve, dropped her combative posture and with great flourish threw her line back across the boat, shouting at her crew to abandon ship. As quickly as they had come, the fearsome crew—or at least what remained of it—disappeared from the decks of the Burning Lucas.

"Magdalena!" Marshal cried

The battle was not without loss on Captain Ty's crew as well. Nearly twenty of their fifty-strong crew had been killed in the fighting—he could see their bodies littering the deck. He was desperately praying she wasn't among them, hidden from sight. And then, like a radiant sun, Magdalena was running toward him, hair swaying wildly. Her blouse was drenched in blood but he could tell that none of it was her own. Without second thought, he swept her into his arms like he had been longing to do since the first night when she had provided him with hardtack to sustain himself. Boldly, he pressed a kiss to her temple, unaware and uncaring about the group of pirates now cat-calling and guffawing at the sight.

"Are you hurt?" he breathed.

"No, are you?"


Magdalena leaned back in his arms like a bride on her wedding day, only now noticing Sandy trying to hide a mischievous smirk. Van Doorn was far less discreet in his amusement, snickering until Sandy sent a stinging smack to the back of his head to shut him up, her smirk only broadening.

"Well," a voice rang out, causing both Marshal and Magdalena to look in its direction. Captain Ty was strolling toward them, an enigmatic smirk splitting his face. "Well, well, well. It looks like we've got a bit of a renegade here," his hands fell to his hips as he looked Marshal squarely in the eye. "What you did took guts, son. You just defended a hoard of pirates."

Marshal shifted uneasily from one foot to another, setting Magdalena down gently and clasping his hands behind his back.

Magdalena suddenly burst out, sounding angry. "Captain Ty, Marshal just saved your life!"

"Marshal?" The Captain appeared surprised by her use of his first name. "I've been wondering what you two were doing in that brig…" he winked. "Guess we know now. But I need to ask you, navy man, what possessed you to save a worthless old sea dog like me?"

Marshal hesitated, glancing uneasily to Magdalena who seemed just as uncertain. Then, with a deep breath to steel his nerves, he brought himself to meet Captain Ty's hard blue eyes. "Captain, I feel in love."

The gasp that escaped Magdalena's lips was audible. Van Doorn lost his composure and this time Sandy had to kick him in the shin so that his laughter was replaced with howls of pain. "Next time," she growled to him lowly, "I'll just knock you out. I'm trying to watch this."

"In love?" The Captain appeared more amused than ever. "With whom?"

Marshal cleared his throat. "With Magdalena." He was surprised by how confident his voice sounded.

Van Doorn let out an 'aw' before he could stop himself, forcing Sandy to chase him off the upper decks.

The Captain's expression remained in the surprised, sideways grin. "You fell in love with this rough, knife-wielding runaway?"

Marshal glanced at the disheveled girl, then answered resolutely. "There's much more to Magdalena than just that."

Magdalena smiled, then looked to her captain, standing closer to whisper something to him. "His skills would be indispensible to our crew."

"Would they now? Or are you just making excuses?" Captain Ty asked out loud.

"Aye sir, perhaps a bit of both."

"Well he did save my life. And with Sandy's husband ill at port, we'll be needing some excellent marksmanship on our crew. If the navy man wants to be a part of our ragtag group, he's welcome."

Marshal was shocked. Up until then, he'd been anticipating the captain to run him through with a sword. Now he was offering him the chance to be with Magdalena. "Aye, Captain!" he grinned.

"You'll need to take the sleeves off that dusty jacket of yours," Captain Ty noted. "The navy decorations have no place aboard this boat."

Marshal looked at the decorations momentarily, then with a swift movement on both sides, he tore the fabric, leaving the tattered remnants of his coat as a vest. The Captain nodded, satisfied.

"Magdalena: since the boy seems quite taken with you, I'm putting you two in the same cabin…"

Marshal's eyes lit up. Van Doorn let out another cat-call and Sandy hurled an empty rum bottle at him, narrowly missing his head.

"Welcome aboard," Sandy called, sending a sideways glance to Magdalena, who blushed a bit. "Why not show your man home?" she suggested, even louder. Smirking, Magdalena grabbed Marshal's hand and led him away.

Alone in the cabin, she sat down on the single cot and urged him to sit beside her. "So what made you decide to forsake your naval duties?" she asked.

Marshal smirked. "I didn't forsake them. I swore to protect those I love and I've decided there are none I love more than you. So in a way, I'm still living them out."

Magdalena smiled. "Are you sure I had nothing to do with it?"

"Maybe a little," he grinned back. "You seem to be a bad influence on me…"

Magdalena may have been a bad influence on me, but I regret nothing. In my time as her prisoner I learned more about her than I suspect any man ever has and I feel privileged by this simple fact. Captain Ty seems to enjoy having me aboard. He commends my marksman skills often. Sandy is also quite accepting, which is a good thing since she is first mate. Van Doorn and I have become friends, though his favorite pastime appears to be having fun at my expense. I mind quite little…Medusa seems to have vanished. Rumor has it that she is pillaging in Singapore, or that her ship is now sunk. Either way, she'll likely trouble us no further. Things have been quite uneventful so far, but I have information that suggests East India will be launching a caravan through this area quite soon. I am running out of space in this slim volume, but I'll continue to write in others. This ends my first sailor's logbook…

Maddy closed out of the reader app and set the Plex down just as Mark exited the bedroom.

"She's sound asleep," he announced proudly.

"Thanks for helping out. I've been so stressed out lately and the break really helped."

"It was no problem, really."

"So…" Maddy drew out the syllable. "What should we do now?"

"I don't know," Mark shrugged. "Whatever you'd like, I guess."

"Well," she inched closer. "I was thinking we could spend some time…sneaking out…climbing trees?"

Mark laughed. "How about something a bit more law-abiding?"

"Oh Mark, what's the fun in that?"

He rolled his eyes good-naturedly. "You're such a bad influence on me…" He was holding the door open for her now, secure in the knowledge that Josh was home to take care of Zoe if need be.

"Admit it," Maddy stepped out and he followed right behind her. "You kind of like it."

"You're definitely a pirate's descendant."


Marshal and Magdalena's story didn't end there. According to summaries of Marshal's other logs, the two were wed at sea, quickly gaining notoriety as the 'Pirate Lovers.' Captain Ty eventually 'acquired' a second ship for his growing crew, putting the two in charge of it. Sandy's husband eventually returned to join the crew and the Captain located a third ship to add to the fleet. Despite the group's continuous attacks upon East India Trading Company's ships, the navy was never able to actually capture them. Marshal and Magdalena had four children, two of whom were born at sea. Only three survived until adulthood and, ironically, none of them continued 'the family business.' Nonetheless, stories of the 'Navy Man Pirate' and the 'Pirate Lovers' would swirl around the high seas for centuries to come.

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Maddy Shannon as Madhuri Sharma

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