Ch.1 Always 1967


A young blonde nurse in hot pink scrubs saunters over to where I sit hooked to a dialysis machine by a slightly open window. I am looking out over New York City, lit up like the fourth of July with bright lights shining from millions of windows and buildings.

The people down below are walking it's a Friday evening and most of them are on their way to ritzy nightclubs and small dive bars to get their fill of hedonistic pleasure, drinking, food, and music. I sigh softly as the nurse sits down in the chair next to the soft one I'm reclining in.

I'm turning the pages of a vintage Vogue magazine from my personal collection, each of the pages looking exactly as they did back when I had first read it. She smiles at me, the name tag pinned to her shirt reading "Cindy".

"How are we feeling Mr. Diamond?" she asks as I close the Vogue on my lap. " I'm as okay as someone who's dying can be" I run my fingers over the date on the magazine's cover 'May 1967'.

I slip it back into the plastic cover I keep it in. Cindy looks from the Vogue to me moving only her green eyes. "You never know, in three months time we might have a donor for you," she said checking the clipboard in her left hand as I looked out the window again, staring down at the line of limousines and taxi cabs pulling up to a club near the corner of the street.

"They can keep their kidney, I don't want it" I reply my eyes returning to focus in on the glossy 1967 . "Is that a vintage Vogue magazine?" she asks moving a hand to touch it slowly as if she was asking permission.

I nod and hand it to her. She giggles in fascination as she takes it out of the plastic. "1967" she whispers.

"I was 17 when I bought it, and that summer was the summer that changed my life forever," I say a lone tear rolling down my cheek to end its life on my lips. She nods and places the magazine back in its cover.

I look at the cars that are still pulling up outside the club near the corner, giving birth to young men and women dressed in the best of Gucci and clutching bags by Vuitton and Coach. I close my eyes and I'm instantly transported back to 1967.

The ballroom of the Palmwoods Springs Country Club glitters in the early evening, soft electric lights shining brightly from the crystal fixtures in the ceiling upon swirling dresses in silk, satin, and chiffon, attached almost seamlessly to sleek tuxedos with Beatles haircuts, they swirl across the dance floor as on the sidelines parents and high society adults sip champagne and gossip. The room buzzes with chatter and soft music as another beautiful beam of light glints off diamonds and soft pearls around the necks and wrists of young debutantes.

My mother and father nudge me gently towards the crowd of younger people, closer to my age across the room, and I leave them to talk with the other adults as I nervously make my way across the room to an impeccably dressed group of three boys. The blonde of the group moves gracefully while joking with the shorter brunette and a slightly gloomy looking tan skinned companion. They're escorting a small knot of three very beautiful girls in long pale coloured evening dresses about my age out of the hall . I straighten my tuxedo, a Yves Saint Laurent, as I approach them.

"Hey there," the taller boy says to me as I reach the group exiting the ballroom and moving to go up the marble staircase in the corridor. "Hi, I'm James Diamond, my family's new in town" I say cheerfully as the blonde extends his hand.

" Kendall Knight," he says, million dollar smile glinting in the light. As I shake it, I stare into his beautiful green eyes for a moment. It's hard not to, and with eyes the color of Caribbean water, a few butterflies begin flitting around my stomach.

After joining them we travel up the stairs to one of the small sitting rooms and the shorter brown haired boy nods at me as I'm about to take a sip from the cup of punch I'd been carrying from the ballroom. "Ditch that we've got something better," he says I dump the glass out into a nearby flower vase and place it on a small side table.

"Logan Mitchell" he adds as I'm about to ask who he is. The boys open a bottle of champagne and fill up seven glasses. Then, Logan takes a flask from inside his tuxedo jacket and pours a small amount of a crystal clear liquor into each of the glasses.

We drink together and talk. As we wait for the big presentation ceremony to begin, Kendall looks at me "The war makes us short a few gentlemen this year. James, is it? We need another escort." I look over at him quizzically. "What do you mean? There are three girls and three of you" I say sipping my champagne and vodka. "No, you see Carlos isn't allowed to escort girls at this kind of ball," he says gesturing to the tan almost hispanic looking guy who's almost as tall as Logan dressed in a navy tuxedo sitting near the window looking out at the highway on the horizon.

I nod sitting down gracefully on one of the leather couches facing each other on a lush, printed Persian carpet in deep burgundies and Kendall looks at me again. "You know this is like the most important event of the season right?" Logan adds I finish the last drop of my sparkling cocktail and I nod.

"I know what a debutante ball is Kendall," I say, and then just like that Kendall laughs and punches me playfully in the arm "Of course you do you're one of us, James Diamond"

Cindy removes the needles from my arms. "Who's Kendall?" she asks. I look up at her as I snap out of my reverie. "An old friend" I respond.

She nods. "From 1967?" she asks.

I nod. "It's always 1967."

Author's Note: Well there it is, the first chapter of What Ever Happened? I hope you all enjoyed it the second one will follow soon. I'd like to shout out to my Amazing! beta reader GleeShadow she helped make this possible for me by cleaning up my errors and spacing issues and providing me encouragement. Positive and Negative feedback is welcome, Thanks for Reading.