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Night had fallen onto the forest at the edge of the suburbs. Flower petals were falling around a feline figure making its way to the fence nearest to the forest. The petals fell softly onto the tabby cat's pelt like moss, causing her to stop and shake them off.

Around her, the suburbs were very disturbing. Strange lights dazzled her gaze and Twolegs were all over the place, eating stuff or talking with other Twolegs. But the tabby cat wasn't used to all this like she had been; she had moved into the forest to get away from all the noise. But the loud noises had sometime driven the prey away, as did the bright lights.

The tabby cat was just sniffing around the bushes when she heard a voice call to her. Prowling towards her was another tabby cat. This was a tomcat with a darker tabby pelt, grayish-blue eyes, and scarred ears. He had a look of confusion on his face.

"Is that you, Donna?" the tomcat asked her.

"No," she growled at him. "I have a different name now."

"Really?" the tom asked her. "Well, what's your name now?"

"Noe of your business, Tony," the she-cat snapped.

Tony's blue eyes narrowed. "So...'None of your business'...that's your name, huh? I might not be one of the brightest cats in the world, but I understand the wild cats well. And I know how they use that naming system. So what really IS your name?"

The she-cat sighed, unable to bear this. "Look, I'm not here to tell you my new name. I'm here to tell you that...you have three new children now."

"Really?" Tony mewed, sounding happy. "After our first daughter is born? What are these new kits named?"

"I haven't chosen names for them yet," the queen replied, her voice low. "You have two sons and a daughter. The daughter is white, the second is ginger, and the last is dark brown...just like you."

Tony murmured, "Just like me, huh?"

"Yes. But...there's something wrong with him."


The young queen braced herself, preparing to tell him what was next. "Yes. You know how almost all kits would play with each other? Well, our son won't play with the others that much. What's even weirder is that he hasn't even opened his eyes yet and he would make up some strange games."

Tony asked, "Like what?"

"He would often try to play flying games even though cats don't fly. But another weird thing is that whenever he gets scolded, he'll cry."

"Cry?" Tony asked, sounding sympathetic.

The queen nodded.

Tony sat down beside her as he watched something called a "parade float" pass by down the Thunderpath. Finally, after a bit of thinking, he declared, "I guess I can swing by and see how they're all doing. You know, see how they grow and stuff."

"But you can't!" the she-cat howled quickly.

"And why can't I? Afraid to admit that we broke up?" her former mate growled.

The visitor shook her head. "No. You know that they'll challenge anyone who crosses over their borders! I'm sorry, Tony, but I have to go. Besides, this place is getting too loud."

At this, she turned around on the spot and hurried down the Thunderpath, weaving around the forest of Twoleg legs. One Twoleg yowled at the touch of the she-cat's tabby fur against their leg, but they turned back around towards the parade. When a Twoleg and their dog passed by that Twoleg, she was gone.

Tony looked after her, sighed, and turned away from the parade. He looked over to the alley where he made his home and strolled over away from the floats. When he got there, he found his box next to the dumpster and slipped inside, curling up into the corner. He was usually in the mood for parties, but he decided to stay away from his friends to think.

How did he have a son with this syndrome? Twolegs were supposed to have this, not cats! But there was nothing else to do except to wait and support him. He didn't care if his friends would scold him for not being there at the party, but he would make sure his kits get the help they deserved.

To be continued...


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