Adas swung his weapon repeatedly at the door but each blow bounced away like it was nothing. He cursed repeatedly at how Darth Maul outsmarted him and swore he would not be so gullible next time they meet.

Out of the corner of his mind he felt another presence in the same hall he was in. He spun around and at the end of the hall was a massive looking figure with the same horns and tattoos as Maul.

"You won't escape!" Adas deactivated his lightsaber and ran after the man. The figure took off with loud footsteps that echoed throughout the halls as he led the young Sith on a wild and maddening chase that led him deeper and deeper into the maze that was the Sith Lord's sanctuary. Adas can already tell he was lost but his target mattered more than getting lost forever.

The tall figure grew closer and closer as Adas charged forward with leaps and bounds that were made possible by the Force. He felt his anger tingle in the back of his mind, the glowing red anger that made him want to stop any who dared called themselves Sith from controlling the galaxy. He will not let the misdeeds of his people be repeated!

The man he chased turned a corner and then activated a control pad that sealed the route he took shut with a thick durasteel door. Adas growled and slammed his lightsaber blade into the door at full speed. To his surprise the door wasn't ray shielded and his lightsaber penetrated all the way to the other side with ease. He began cutting a circle big enough for him to squeeze through. The process was slow going and he can feel his target just on the other side.

The circle complete, Adas charged up a Force blast and set in right through the door, popping the plug out of the door. He leapt into the next room to find not Maul but someone very similar to him.

Cloaked in the blue light of a dozen flickering computer monitors a towering Zabrak stood before Adas in what appeared to be the control room of the whole base. He wore a set of black armor and wielded a double bladed lightsaber. The man turned around and glared at Adas with eyes as yellow as his.

"You," He pointed. "I will crush you."

Adas' brought his weapon to life. "You're not Maul," He wasn't, he couldn't be, and yet his dark presence in the Force was similar to Maul's even though it was weaker.

"No, I am Savage Oppress and my brother has deemed you an unworthy opponent. As his apprentice I am to deal with you to pass my trial of blood." His lightsaber roared to life. "You will be but a stepping stone in his plan to reshape the galaxy."

The glowing red anger blistered into something dangerous. "Unworthy am I?"

Sending a burst of strength to his feet, the younger charged with fury burning in his eyes. Both twin blades met and pattered, only to meet again and again as the two fell into a repetitive motion where one would strike, the other defend and then reverse.

Savage's bulky physique wasn't just cosmetic as his swings had the potential to cleave his opponent in half. Adas compensated for his disadvantage in strength by utilizing his superior agility to put himself in the best positions to either deflect of dodge incoming attacks.

Savage swung too wide and created an opening. Adas ducked under the swing and speared his lightsaber upwards into the man's center. The blade met the armor and then slid to the side, creating a light tear in the resilient metal.

Before Adas could recover from the failure of the attack, Savage seized him by the throat and tossed him into the row of computer screens behind him. Two screens broke on impact and a third cracked with sparks leaking from the side.

That atkozott armor. Adas thought and got up. If his armor was resistant to lightsaber attacks then he'll need to adjust his lightsaber's intensity to a higher setting.

With a twist of the ring around the bottom of the hilt, Adas' lightsaber hummed and changed from a bright blue to a shining white. Adas knew the lightsaber would overheat in a matter of minutes, so he'll have to make this quick.

He charged Savage again and their blades met. They engaged in their deadly dance, encircling themselves in the protective zones of their swings and striking when the opportunity presented itself.

Savages weapon caught Adas' as it arced down from an overhead strike. They held that position for several long seconds as they engaged in a tug-of-war to see who can push the hardest. Adas counted on Savage's strength to prevail against his so he let his saber be pushed back for several moments until he deactivated it.

The bulky Zabrak suddenly stumbled forward with surprise as Adas summersaulted past his legs and reactivated his lightsaber. Savage tried to swing behind at Adas as he stumbled forward but his attack was too high and gave Adas all the room he needed to stab his lightsaber into the man's thigh.

Adas meant to hit him in the heart but his haste caused his aim to suffer terribly. But still the white blade penetrated the armor and badly burned his leg. With a howl of pain Savage hit the ground with a loud thud.

The young Sith stood over him and quickly put his blade to the others throat. "Move and you die," He growled.

Savage didn't move but he kept his deactivated lightsaber in hand. His eyes screamed anger and it was clear he wouldn't surrender willingly. Adas swore to himself that he'd stop the spread of Sith teachings and that meant killing anyone who dared called themselves Sith. Nothing good can come from the dark side, he knows this and he hates it.

He was about to run his blade through Savages throat when all feeling left him except for an overwhelming pressure around his neck. Adas choked for air as he found his feet leaving the floor. A cold feeling took over him and made his body grow limp. He was being Force Chocked but not by Savage, he was too weak to have this much control over him. No, it couldn't be him, it had to be…

"Surprised?" The voice crackled from behind. Adas was sent flying through the air and crashed right into a metal wall, leaving a dent. He collapsed onto the floor with his black colored blood spilling from a cut on above his left eye. The pain from his ribs suggested he had at least two cracked ribs, made a third.

He struggled to look up. "You…" He hissed weakly.

The second opponent's metal feet came clapping forward out of the darkness. It was the real Darth Maul this time. Not a hologram, not his brother but the real thing. Adas was in peril now. "Master Yoda, Anakin… did you?" Adas shot to his feet with the grim thought of his two comrades being dead. His chest blistered with pain, which was good because he'll need that pain to turn into anger. Anger fueled his power and it was his best chance for survival at the moment. The Jedi and Ahsoka wouldn't like it but he has no choice, just like the time when Maul invaded his mind just a few minutes before.

Maul grinned wickedly. "No, I played with them for a while but that got boring. You however might be more interesting. I thought Savage had the power to subdue you but," He sparred a glance over his shoulder to his apprentice as he tended to his wound. "I guess you were more than a match for him."

"I don't know what you want here but that doesn't matter." He ignited his lightsaber, the blade was still white and Adas hoped to catch Maul off guard with the intense power setting. "I'll end you and the nightmare of the Sith once and for all!"

Before Maul could so much as move his lips for a retort, Adas was within a foot of him. His white blades sliced horizontally and Maul dodged it by moving backwards with surprising agility. Again and again he struck, each time Maul sidestepped around the blade with ease. He was faster than him.

Adas growled and shifted to powerful strikes. Maul countered and brought out his worn lightsaber and used it to fend off Adas' overhead assault. The half man half machine used only one arm while Adas was forced to use two to match his strength. He was stronger than him.

"Enough." Maul caught the white blade and thrust a metal knee forward into Adas' already damaged torso. A mixture of saliva and blood leaked from his mouth as he hunched over from the devastating blow. With the Force Maul seized Adas by the throat again and pressed him up against the wall. Adas dropped his weapon and tried to call upon the Force to protect his neck and keep it in one piece.

"You are holding back. I sense great power within you and yet you don't use it." Maul scrutinized his captive closer. "Yes, you're hiding something from me. Power? A secret? It doesn't matter, I'll find out soon enough."

Taking a long slender knife from his belt, Maul held it close to Adas' forehead. "Your species is an incredible one. Every single member of it was born with natural Force-sensitivity that is greater than most others. The red skinned Sith built a dark empire that nearly toppled the Republic and its Jedi defenders thousands of years ago. Such power… it's a shame you all died out." Black blood from Adas' head wound fell onto the knife. "But somehow you managed to survive for all these years. How did you do it? Was it through sith alchemy? Are you immortal? What is your secret!" Maul screamed and placed a physical hand over Adas' throat while returning the knife to a sheath.

"Savage," Maul hissed. The other stood up, favoring his uninjured leg over the other.

"Yes my master?"

"Clear a path to the ship, kill the clones on the surface and prepare for takeoff."

Savage acknowledged and walked past his master to the nearest exit, the one Maul had used to sneak up on Adas.

The young Sith struggled against Maul's iron like grip and tried to free himself, but Maul's Force presence was overwhelming. "Now then little Sith, let's try to see what's in your mind again. And this time, I won't be holding back."

Savage sparred one last glance at Adas and wished he could've defeated him. He really was a worthy adversary. The hulking Zabrak opened the door and was immediately greeted by someone half his size. Savage almost didn't notice her which left him wide open to the young woman telekinetic wave. He hurtled across the room and smashed into the computer station.

Maul jerked his attention away from Adas' mind to discover a Jedi Padawan entering the room. "Who is this?"

"My friend," Adas took advantage of Maul's distractedness and shoved him hard with everything he had. The Sith master stumbled backwards, his feet tearing up the floor as he tried to resist the Force wave being poured against him.

Free of his grasp, Adas fell back to the floor on all fours and panted with his lungs happily accepting fresh air.

"Adas," Ahsoka gasped at the damaged state he was in. She kneeled next to him. "Are you alright,"

Adas did his best to hide the pain. "I'm fine. But why did you come here? You were supposed to stay on the surface."

With smirk she raised her right hand. "It's hard to ignore this, and it's impossible for me not to sense what you are going through. Let me share your pain, let me give you my power. Together we can stop these guys once and for all."

"Ahsoka, you shouldn't be–"

She sighed and slapped him on the back of the head. "Stop being so stubborn and take my hand already."

Adas looked up at her. Even when facing possible death she was as cool as the ice over Saleucami. On top of destroying the Sith teachings, he also swore to himself he'd protect Ahsoka from anything. It wasn't because if she died the bond between them would also kill him but because she rescued him from an eternity of imprisonment. If she was commanding him to stop being so stubborn then he is honor bound to obey.

"Just like we practiced then," Adas said with a weak grin.

Ahsoka smiled and their hands met. In an instant she took on half his pain and also passed over half her strength. The seal on her hand gave them a connection like no other. They could give and take parts of anything from each other. Pain, strength, power, knowledge, anything. Together they were stronger than they were apart.

Adas rose to his feet and regained his lightsaber. Ready? He asked telepathically.

Ready! Ahsoka replied. They let go of each other and ignited their lightsabers. Two green blades and two blue appeared before Maul and his recovering apprentice.

"Intriguing," Maul's blood red blade hissed to life as he approached with a sinister smile. "Most intriguing,"

Adas was the first to jump forward. He caught Maul blade and held it in place as tightly as he could. Ahsoka leaped forward and jumped off Adas' shoulders to flip over and land behind the Sith Lord.

Instead of attacking the occupied master, Ahsoka went for the charging apprentice who was far from defeat despite a crippled leg. What Savage realized too late was that his slowness and bulky stature were getting in the way when dealing with the impossibly fast padawan. Her Ataru lightsaber form kept her constantly moving, performing acrobatic feats that Savage couldn't possibly match. Her lightsabers made contact with his armor on several occasions, leaving mark after mark on them. The armor saved him from the burns but the kinetic energy behind each hit was still leaving damage.

Ahsoka counted herself lucky. Hadn't Savage been injured in the first place she would've had a much harder time dealing with him. On top of that she was sharing Force energy from Adas which empowered her already lightning fast agility. Adas' shared pain held her back some but that didn't affect her too much. She had the upper hand and she had to make sure she kept it that way.

Adas and Maul were locked in a storm of blade movements that would make anyone who looked at it dizzy. Blue and red spun together with constant contact. Maul was furious not only by the sudden appearance of the padawan but also at the sudden change in his opponent. Adas was no longer delving into his anger for strength but rather relying on the bond between him and Ahsoka. Instead of fighting like a Sith, he was fighting like a Jedi. And it was working.

Maul employed every move he had but Adas countered and retaliated with even greater strength than before. They clashed again and again with Maul losing ground faster than he could gain it. It was impossible, it was unthinkable, it was infuriating. He cannot lose! Not with his goal close in hand.

"This ends now!" Maul roared like a rampaging rancor and used every ounce of dark side energy he could call upon. Forks of blue lightning ripped from his fingers and caught Adas in the left arm and side. The electricity rippled throughout his body and forced it to convulse and collapse. Maul then turned to Ahsoka and shot her in the back with the Sith lightning. She screamed and shrank down to the ground, her lightsabers rolling away from her hands.

Maul panted hard as his last attack left him drained and weakened. "Savage, hold him down."

The apprentice did as he was told. He took away Adas' lightsaber and placed a knee on his back, forcing him face first into the ground. Adas' has experienced Sith lightning before but nothing like this, Maul infused all his anger and hate into it. He was barely able to stay conscious while Ahsoka was out and showed no signs of movement. She wasn't dead, otherwise he would be too, but their bond is shrieking and growing weaker.

Ahsoka… He called out. Get up… You have to get up and run! Ahsoka! No reply came.

"You…" Maul pointed at Adas, his fingers still smocking. "You and her… a bond I can sense between the two of you. It makes you strong, stronger than anyone I've faced. Apart you are weak but together… you are a threat." He ignited his lightsaber and began a slow walk towards Ahsoka, each step smashing into the ground with intense anger. "I must eliminate all threats."

"No!" Adas pushed up but Savage shoved down, he was pinned good. "Take my life instead, she's nothing without me." That was a lie, Ahsoka was more than nothing. She was everything.

Maul ignored her and kept walking till he was stand over her. Adas could see half of Ahsoka's face with the other half buried in the ground. It was the first face he saw in thousands of years and the first smile he saw in even longer. He couldn't let Maul harm her again.

"If I tell you the secrets of immortality, will you let her go?" It was a desperate ploy as Adas knew nothing about the sealing ritual that has kept him alive in his tomb on Korriban for thousands of years. But he had to try something.

Maul looked at him and grinned. "An interesting proposition, one that most other Sith Lords would accept. But I on the other hand would rather see you suffer than live forever. Your thoughts betray you little Sith, I can sense you care about this pathetic little Jedi. Once I am done with her, you will be tortured until you tell me everything I want to know."

"Don't touch her!" Adas screamed, giving Savage a hard time at keeping him down.

With a wicked laugh Maul raised his head and proclaimed. "I am Darth Maul, the true master of the dark side! All who stand against me shall die!" He took his blade in both hands and brought it down.

Time nearly stopped for Adas. His heart pounded with intensity unlike anything he has ever felt before. It was like everything he had once cared for was being ripped away from him again, just like in the war millennia before. He will not let that happen again, he will not give up, he will not let her die!

Just as Maul was about to steal Ahsoka's life, Adas surrendered himself to the darkness locked away within him.

An explosion of dark side energy roared out of Adas' body in waves of blackness. Savage was instantly projected directly up into the ceiling and then across the room. Maul was thrown away as well, his blade narrowly missing Ahsoka's neck by just inches. Maul was carried away in the waves of blackness that shoved him into a wall and leaving a body shaped dent in it. He bit back the pain as he struggled to see what had happened, what had stopped him. What he saw made him shiver in fear.

The boy he had defeated was now something else entirely. Adas no longer stood before him, instead a beast enshrouded in a dark aura stood up. It was all black, it's mane of hair was the color of red blood and dropped down the length of its back, the eyes were a dim orange, like a pair of dying stars, and it's claws looked sharper than a vibro blade. The beast stood as a terrifying eight feet tall with a snout and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. It looked more like an Akk hound that stood upright instead of a young man. The black aura that made up its body gave off dark side energy unlike anything Maul has ever felt before. Past all of that darkness Maul could barely feel the presence of Adas who was within the beast but not in control. And if Adas' wasn't in control of this thing then who was?

"Who are you demon?" Maul hissed after he pried himself free of the wall.

The beast snarled. "Zhol kash dinorab…" The beast spoke in a tongue unknown to Maul. It sounded as if a hundred people spoke at once. The beast then raised its head and roared, shaking the entire base with its power. "Ja Sith'ari Adas!"…