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Chapter 1 Second Chances and their Prices

The cage was eternal torture. Sam knew that was why it was created, but that didn't make it any easier to bear. Dear sweet Lord, Michel was coming now, and he had a whip…..

And then he was awake. Sam blinked and looked around. He was fairly sure he hadn't gone to sleep in the giant king sized bed he was currently sitting on, so he was instantly alert. He jumped off the bed only to come face to face with….

"Chuck?" Sam asked in surprise.

"No, he is only the form I chose to take. I find it amusing to impersonate my own prophets," the man responded.

"So….you're God?" Sam asked incredulously.

"Come now Sam, surely you of all people would recognize me for what I am. I did visit my sons during their grounding to the cage. They still have a couple hundred billion years in there and I'm watching them to make sure they don't break their groundings this time." God frowned. "I was most displeased with Lucifer over that. And the way Michel help him was most unacceptable. Not to mention the fights they got into. Honestly, they're brothers!"

"Um…." Sam said, feeling very awkward. What he supposed to say to that? God was talking about Michel and Lucifer trying to end the world like it was nothing more then the antics of unruly teenagers.

"More like naughty children," God corrected absently, obviously knowing what Sam was thinking. "They are my children. They seem to have forgotten that though. Even Castiel has forgotten who the daddy is, and he's my baby. My children have gotten extremely out of hand, and I want you to help me fix that, Sam Winchester."

"How-how do you want me to do that?" Sam asked incredulously. "They aren't going to listen to me."

"Not in this time, no, but I don't want you to just fix what they've already done. I want you to go back and stop them from doing it in the first place," God informed him.

"What?" Sam asked.

"If you agree to do what I want, I will send you back into your twelve year old body. You will have all the intelligence you have now, but you will be twelve. I don't mean just deaged to twelve either. No; you will actually be in 1995 again. Your daddy and brother will be alive and happy. Well, as happy as your daddy and brother ever get," he added the last bit as an after thought.

"But I don't understand; how will that help you reign in your children?" Sam asked.

"Well, I plan on sending Castiel, Balthazar, and Gabriel as they were before they died back with you. They will have renewed faith in their daddy. The three of you will then take a year of rest, because I know all of you need it badly. After that I will raise all the highest level demons."

Sam sucked in a breath. That sounded like the beginning of the apocalypse all over again.

"You, Castiel, Balthazar, and Gabriel will travel around killing these demons. That way Michel will never get the stupid idea that he can even possibly free his brother from his grounding. He never could stand to see Lucifer get punished. Didn't like it that his baby brother sometimes deserved a good spanking," God sounded thoughtful.

"I haven't the slightest idea where he got the notion that I would want him to fight his brother. He knows the Bible was written by a bunch of blasphemous fools."

Sam remembered Castiel saying something to that effect once.

"What's the price?" Sam asked.

"Excuse me?" God questioned.

"What's the price?" Sam repeated. "This type of thing never happens without a price.

"Ah, well, I suppose there are a couple things," God shifted uncomfortably.

Sam sighed. "Of course. So what are they?" he inquired resignedly.

"Well, for one thing I would have to cleanse your body (your twelve year old one) of the demon blood Azazel gave you."

"I fail to see why that would be a bad thing," Sam said blankly.

"Normally it would mean that you would have to give up your physic powers," God answered.

"Not a bad thing either. Though I do admit having those powers would be useful in killing Lilith and all the others all over again….."he added the last part after a seconds pause.

"Yes, and that brings me to the second thing that you would have to do. You are aware that humans are all my children too, are you not?"

Sam had a sudden flash back of Dean in a priests outfit saying "we're all God's children."

"Yes, I've heard that," he confirmed for God.

"That wasn't just a saying. You are all literally my children. You all have angel DNA in you, and that's how natural physics get their power."

"Your angel DNA lays dormant in your body unless I chose to activate it, or one of my little angels possess you. Even then not all your angel DNA is activated. You would be the first human I had ever given full accesses to their all their DNA," God explained.

"This would mean, in effect, that you wouldn't be human anymore. You would be more half human half angel. And you would be powerful beyond any comparison. You think cambians are powerful, just wait until you see what you're going to become."

"But I don't know if I want that!" Sam cried. "I think I've already proven several times over that power is my weakness."

"Oh come now; are you talking about Ruby and your addiction to demon blood? You know that wasn't your fault, Sam. I still don't understand why you insist on taking the blame for Ruby drugging you and then getting you addicted through a needle," God dismissed.

"I was the one that let her into my house. I could've and should've killed her the moment I saw her, but nooooooo I had to trust her just because she'd saved my life before. You know I didn't even notice that she was sedating me ever night before I went to sleep? I didn't even notice that I was having a hard time disobeying her!" Sam ranted. He had needed to get this off his chest for a long time.

He had never told Dean about it because he was pretty sure Dean would've forgiven him, and he didn't deserve that. If he had just fought a little bit harder then who knows what could've happened?

"You didn't know," God scolded. "She entered your house as a friend, slipped sleeping pills in your food, injected you with demon blood, and continued the next day as though she had done nothing wrong. She knew once you were addicted to her blood you would be addicted to her. You couldn't disobey her because you were addicted to her."

"It was you who fought off all the urges once you were in your right mind. It was you who held Ruby captive while your brother stabbed her. You are more than qualified to hold this power," he finally wound down from his very Dean like lecture.

Sam wasn't sure, but thought it best not to argue with God.

"That's where your year of rest comes in too. I want you to take this year for Castiel, Balthazar, and Gabriel to train you in the usage of angel powers. You know how to use demon powers, but not angel ones," God ordered

"You will have to find a way to hide all this from your father and brother too, of course. I don't want them knowing you've come back in time until you've already killed all the demons. Heaven knows they won't take their eyes off of you if they think you might try to pull something," he finished fondly.

Oh Sam knew all about how overprotective his father and brother had been when he was younger. By the time he was eighteen and had left for collage it had worn off completely for his father, and most of the way for his brother. When he was twelve, however, he was lucky to get a full hour alone ever. It would be extremely hard to hide it from his dad, let alone Dean.

But wait; wasn't Dean going with him?

"What do you mean I have to hide it from Dean? Isn't Dean coming with me?" he voiced his thoughts.

God winced. "No, I'm afraid I have to leave Dean behind. He has never had any powers to speak of, so he will never be able to control angel powers. Your angel powers are what's going to keep you alive through the time travel and merging with your younger body," God answered softly. "You would have the younger version of your brother, of course, but that's the third and last price you would have to pay."

Sam was stunned into silence. He had never done well without Dean. Sure, there was the one time he tried to take a break from hunting and had managed to fight of the hunters trying to feed him demon blood, but other then that he sucked without Dean. That was what had gotten them into this mess in the first place. He was lost without his big brother to watch over him.

"No it isn't,' God said sharply. "I have already informed you that it wasn't your fault that Ruby injected you, and you certainly fought hard enough against it. Besides, Castiel, Balthazar, and Gabriel will be watching over you this time; they won't let you get off track."

"No offence," Sam tried, "but I don't exactly trust any of them very much at the moment. Castiel opened purgatory and let out the leviathans, Gabriel had made me watch Dean die hundreds of times, and I've been on Balthazar's people to kill list before. That was before Castiel killed him of course."

"That was before you were their newest baby brother," God told him flippantly as though this didn't matter. "I have found my sons to be amazingly protective of their youngest brother. Why do you think Balthazar agreed to help Castiel with whatever he needed?"

"Hold it, back it up a few steps; baby brother?" Sam asked.

"Yes. I'm turning on your angel DNA, meaning you're going to be an angel. The most powerful angel of all actually. More powerful even then Michel. This will make you an angel as much as the cambian's powers made him a demon. You will enjoy the benefits of being both human and angel. You will have emotions like a human, but powers like an angel," God clarified.

"So I'm Heaven's newest baby angel?" Sam queried, somewhat dazed.

"If you say yes, then you will be," God assured him. "Take some time to think now. Chose carefully because there is no turning back once you have chosen."

So Sam thought. He thought about his father's death. He thought about Dean's many deaths. He thought about Pamela, Caleb, Joshua, Pastor Jim, Jo, Ellen, and countless others who were killed during or before the apocalypse. He thought about the many innocents brutally slaughtered while breaking the seals, even more killed after that. He thought about all the people who were going to be killed by the latest threat of the leviathans. He knew what his choice had to be.

"I'll do it," he resolved, looking up at God. "I'll go back and change everything. I won't let all those people die. I won't let Lucifer out of his cage, and I won't let Michel try and help him out of it. The stupid dicks can just deal with things the way they are."

There was a fiercely determined look on his face.

"Now now," God chided teasingly with a big grin on his face, "it isn't nice to call your older brothers names. Oh, and by the way, I'm leaving you a surprise, but it won't get there until May of 1996. You might try visiting Baby Brother on the first of May. Just a thought."

And then he was gone. In his place were Castiel, Balthazar, and Gabriel. Great; this was exactly what Sam needed.

So….thoughts? This fic has been bothering me for awhile, so I decided it was time to write it out.