It was a normal day for Sheldon Cooper, he had white boards up all around his living room, even a few were set up in the kitchen, all of them were filled with words and numbers nobody but Sheldon would understand. People would just think that he has brought work home again, or is trying out some new theory to see if he can live long enough to become part of a robot, but as likely as those ideas may seem, this was not the case at all. For on these boards was a theory of how and why he had acquired feelings for a female, again most people would assume that it is Amy Farrah Fowler, and they would be wrong. Sheldon, to his dismay and disbelieve, has grown feelings for Penny. He had lived next to the blond Nebraskan for some time now, he is only now realizing that the feelings he thought were motherly towards Penny, were not motherly at all. But of course Sheldon can not just admit that he likes Penny, so he is taking everything in a scientific way, as to see how he got to feel this way, and in hopes reverse it, so he doesn't like Penny the way he does. Right when Sheldon thinks he had figured out the why to his problem, Leonard arrives home, and to his displeasure his apartment crowded due to his roommate. "What are you doing this time?" Leonard asks has he goes to get a better look at one of the white boards, staring at it for sometime to try and understand it, but gives up.

"Working on a new theory." Sheldon says and he writes more down on one bored that is on the coffee table.
"And what theory would this be?" Leonard questioned with his eyebrows raised, Sheldon turned around and was about to tell Leonard everything, but he then remembered that Leonard also has strong feelings for Penny, to tell him would send Leonard in a tizzy, and also would cause a lot of questioning that Sheldon still doesn't have the answers to. "Oh, just nothing really, little project of mine." Sheldon wasn't comfortable with lying, if he even tries, his face breaks out in a twitch and Leonard would be able to see right through Sheldon, so he tried to stick to the truth the best he could, even if he left out most of the important facts.

"You see, Leonard, something has been on my mind for these past few weeks, and I've tried so desperately to work it out in my head, but that proven to be fruitless, so to help me out I've decide to write it out and solve it this way, however I do seem to be stuck at this moment. Would you be a lamb, Leonard, and scurry away and leave me in peace to finish this absurd problem of mine?" Sheldon gave Leonard one of his many most charming smiles.

"Yeah, sure, whatever." With that Leonard left for his room very much baffled by what his roommate was up to now. Pleased with himself Sheldon went back to his boards, filling in and erasing vigorously, his mind working at it's very best, to the point where he has almost cracked the code, when there was an array of knocking on his door. Sheldon, without looking up form one of his boards bellowed for whoever it may be to come right in, that was when Penny poked her head into the room with a smiled on her lips.

"Hey sweetie!" She said lovingly, startling Sheldon at first, then he became quite uncomfortable, for all of his feelings were out in the open for her, even if she didn't understand any of it. "Well, Hello Penny, good to see you." Sheldon held his hands behind his back and he studied her while she looked around the room, he was hoping to maybe gain some more information if he was just able to watch her and see if he reacts to any of her movements, patterns, or speech.
"What is all this?" Penny asked, turning to him with that smile still plastered to her face, where he felt it was just for him, and his heart skipped a beat causing him to have a surprised reaction, he held one finger up to her, "Hold that thought," he spun around and wrote something on the board behind him, then faced her once again, he tried to remain calm when he spoke.

"Well you see, Penny, all of this is how I feel about you." He keep it short, sweet, and above all; honest. Penny's face became set in shock has she looked up at the man across from her, who she didn't seem to recognize at this moment.

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