It was a week before Valentine's Day on Pen Gu, even though it was only seven days away the essence of love was strong in the air. Seems picture perfect right? Wrong! For you see Cody and Lani's Valentine's was about to be turned upside down by an unwanted visitor.

"Man I can't wait for the Valentine's Day luau!" exclaimed Cody

"I know...there'll be music, flowers, dancing, kissing" chuckled Lani

"It sounds picture perfect" replied Cody

Also what made the week seem picture perfect was that one year ago today was when Cody brought down Lani's prick of an ex-boyfriend Van. Nobody had seen or heard of him in quite sometime but like said before...Van was a prick and not to well liked so it wasn't a shock he wasn't really missed.

"Hey you know what I was thinking about?" asked Lani as her and Cody walked past the set-up for the luau

"What?" asked Cody

"It's just...well, you remember what happened a year ago today right?" asked Lani

"Um...not really" said Cody as he rubbed the back of his head

"Come on Cody, think" said Lani

"Drawing a blank" replied Cody

"A certain somebody came back into my life?" said Lani trying to remind Cody

"Ah...oh yeah!" exclaimed Cody

"Ring any bells now?" teased Lani

"Yep, when we took down that prick of an ex of yours" chuckled Cody

"Yeah, wonder what he's up to?" asked Lani

"Why would you even ponder that?" asked Cody

"Oh no, it's not like that...I mean it's just, did his five girlfriends rip him to pieces? Is he in hiding? What?" asked Lani

"Who cares, all I know is he's gone" said Cody

"Yeah true, hey wanna go watch the bands practice for the show?" asked Lani

"Sounds awesome!" exclaimed Cody

The two headed off to see the bands practice, arm-in-arm were the happy couple. There were many bands and instruments, ranging from guitars to drums to electric keyboards...the works! The sounds of guitars being strummed and tuned, drums being pounded, singers warming up their voices, it was surely something.

"Looks like we've got some good talent here" said Cody

"Yeah, I think it's going to be a blast this year!" exclaimed Lani

While watching the bands practice for the upcoming show, Cody in his mind was planning the date perfectly, just him and Lani! No interruptions, no non-sense, no Van to be exact.

"Valentine's Day is going to be perfect!" Cody happily thought to himself

Lani too was planing her perfect night with Cody, it was going to be amazing! Her and Cody, holding each other...kissing as well, and the best part was and do I dare repeat it? No Van!

"Cody, dancing, kissing, Valentine's Day, no Van...that night is going to be perfect" Lani thought to herself as she smiled and put her head on Cody's shoulder.

"Man this is perfect" Cody smiled and thought to himself

They were listening to bands practice their songs, one after another when one penguin got up on stage, he had short, messy blond hair and a distinct surfer necklace. He also played a black and white Gibson Les Paul standard, similar to that of you-know-who.

"Alright, ready guys?" asked the penguin

His band mates nodded in agreement and they began to play an all to familiar song...

"Aruba...Jamaica...ooh I wanna take you..." sang the penguin

This made Cody and Lani nearly jump, could it be? Could it really have been?

"No, that's not it?" whispered Cody

"Van? No way, it can't be...he's got short blond hair and if I know Van...and I do, he'd never ever cut his hair" stated Lani

"Yeah but he's singing Kokomo" replied Cody

"Come on, you don't think he'd want to be that obvious...would he?" asked Lani

"Well...maybe we could try to talk to him, try to lure him into admitting who he is" said Cody

"You know, that could work" replied Lani

The two waited for the penguin to finish his song...when he finally did, Cody and Lani decided to approach him at the foot of the stage while he was still on stage;

"That was pretty nice playing up there" said Cody

"Oh...thanks, I'm kinda new to the whole music gig" the penguin said nervously

"You sounded pretty good" added Lani

"Um...thanks" he nervously chuckled

"So, what's your name?" asked Cody

"My name? It's Evan" replied Evan

"Evan, that's a nice name...reminds me of somebody I once knew" said Lani

"Oh...well, that's...that's cool I, what are your names?" asked Evan nervously

"I'm Cody" said Cody

"I'm his girlfriend Lani" added Lani

"Um, well nice to meet you if you'll excuse me, I have to grab something to eat...kinda hungry" chuckled Evan nervously

"Sure, see ya round Evan" said Lani but to no response from Evan as he ran off

"Why was he so nervous?" asked Lani

"Because he knows we're on to him" said Cody

"I'm starting to begin to think that is Van" said Lani

"What made you change your mind?" asked Cody

"Well...every time he sang the line; come on pretty mama, he would look at me" said Lani

(A/N) Hey guys, so after a year of saying there was a sequel, I finally uploaded the first chapter! So why was Evan nervous? Is he hiding something? Or are Cody and Lani just paranoid? We'll find out! Until next time!