"I just can't believe those two!" exclaimed Lani

"Yeah, I know" replied Cody

"Look...I'll go talk to him" said Evan

"Why?" asked Cody

"Don't worry about it" said Evan

Evan then proceeded to look for where Van and Patricia had gone to, meanwhile Cody and Lani were just watching some bands final preparations as the concert was a mere four and a half hours away.

"You know what he said about you before?" asked Cody to Lani

"What did he say?" asked Lani

"He said that to him you were just one girl" said Cody

"He's just jealous" chuckled Lani

Meanwhile, Evan had found Van and Patricia who were sitting on the beach but far from the stage area making out.

"Hey uh...Van did I get you at a bad time?" asked Evan

"No Evan, me giving up kissing my girlfriend to chat with my little brother? Perfect timing" said Van sarcastically

"Very funny, look dude I think Cody wants to fight you or something" said Evan

"Bro, he's not gonna do anything...now go I'm rehearsing" said Van as he and Patricia continued kissing

"Whatever" said Evan as he walked away

Evan had walked back to the concert area where Cody and Lani were still fuming a little bit because of their tirade;

"Hey guys...I talked to him and..." said Evan

"Go away!" interrupted Cody

"Wait...why?" asked Evan

"Because you lied to us!" exclaimed Lani

"Look, like I said before he's my brother...family before friends!" exclaimed Evan

"Look, just go alright?" said Cody

"Fine...the heck with you both! I hope you both get what's coming to you when Van gets on stage!" exclaimed Evan

"What do you mean?" asked Cody

"Wait...no you weren't supposed to hear that!" exclaimed Evan as he began to back away

"What do you mean Evan?" exclaimed Lani

"I didn't say a word!" exclaimed Evan as he ran off to tell Van he unfortunately spilled the beans

Evan had gone to the same spot where Van and Patricia were and lo and behold they were still kissing each other and Van saw Evan out of the corner of his eye and he stopped kissing his girl and he was visibly aggravated;

"What now Evan?" asked Van

"I accidentally told Cody and Lani of your plan to humiliate them" said Evan embarrased

"Are you stupid Evan?" exclaimed Patricia

"Really man!" added Van

"Look bro I'm sorry!" pleaded Evan

"Argh! Fine! Don't worry!" exclaimed Van

"What do you plan to do?" asked Patricia

"Don't worry about that...we got time" said Van

"So what should I do?" asked Evan

"Go backstage, tell them you're waiting on me...you're my assistant" said Van

"Um...okay" said Evan confused

" You're gonna invite them backstage because you're gonna tell them you've got a plan to humiliate me and then...We're gonna jump that bum Cody, two brothers man!" exclaimed Van

"I don't think I like that plan" said Evan upset

"You do it or don't bother coming back home with me and Patricia!" exclaimed Van

"Wait...what?" asked Evan confused

"She's moving in" said Van

"Oh fine!" exclaimed Evan as he headed back to the stage area to do what he was told

When he got there, Cody and Lani were nowhere to be found...he looked all over for them, he checked backstage and there they were;

"What're you guys doing here?" asked Evan

"We're gonna humiliate Van and his girlfriend during the concert" said Cody devilishly

"Oh...I was actually here for the same thing!" said Evan...lying

"Good, you should humiliate them with us...I mean you said it yesterday that you had dismay for Van" said Lani

"Yeah...you're right" said Evan


It was time for the concert, there was a huge crowd and cameras everywhere! There were couples kissing and couples hugging as it was Valentine's Day. The first band up were The Surfin' Twins, Evan, Cody and Lani were waiting backstage for Van and Patricia.

"We're gonna get them good!" exclaimed Cody

After almost a half hour of waiting...Van and Patricia finally entered backstage as they were on next, the first things they immediately saw were Cody, Evan and Lani!

"What are you all doing here?" asked Van pretending to be puzzled

"You know why" said Cody

"I do, come on Evan!" exclaimed Van

"No Van...I'm with them" said Evan standing his ground

"Wait...what?" exclaimed Van

"I've put up with you too much! It's time you got what's coming to you!" exclaimed Evan as he pushed Van to the ground

"Wow...that felt good!" Evan thought to himself

"Good job Evan!" exclaimed Lani as she patted Evan's shoulder

Patricia was disgusted with Evan but Van was really angry, he quickly got to his feet and grabbed Evan by the neck and made a fist;

"You backstabber! Evan this is gonna hurt me a lot more than it's gonna hurt you!" exclaimed Van as he pulled his fist back to haul off and punch Evan but as he was doing that, Lani jumped in and grabbed Van's fist!

"Don't you go to hit him!" exclaimed Lani

Van quickly pushed Lani to the ground with his might and Patricia went over to restrain her, Van had went to punch Evan but then Van felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned his head and there was Cody who quickly punched Van right in the face with all his might and Van hit the ground!

"Van! Oh my God!" exclaimed Patricia rushing to his aid

"Hey guys, you're on next" said a stagehand oblivious to what went on

"No we're not! I gotta take Van to get some help, he's hurt!" exclaimed Patricia

Van had regained consciousness and saw Patricia helping him up, he put his arm around her and she took him out through the backstage area but before they left, Van had one thing to say to Cody;

"This ain't over Cody...not by a long shot" said Van coldly as he and Patricia left

The crowd had booed wildly when they got wind that Van and Patricia weren't going to perform but quickly went from jeers to cheers when Ankle Biter performed.

"You alright Lani?" asked Cody coming to her aid

"Yeah, I'm good...way to knock him out!" said Lani as she hugged Cody

"You too Evan, I'm proud that you stood up to your brother like that" said Lani as she gave Evan a hug as well

"Thanks, that felt good pushing him like that" replied Evan

"Well...let's go enjoy the concert" said Cody as he, Lani and Evan left through the backstage area and went to join the crowd, and to savor their victory!


(A/N) Wow...who knew Cody had such a strong punch? Well Van got what was coming to him! I too am proud of Evan. I want to thank you for reading this (Especially Animation Universe 2005 and Private2Kowalski who guessed right as to who was tapping on Cody's shoulder, you guys both rock!) Also a quick heads up, yes a third fic is in the works! I don't know when I will post it but believe you me, you're not gonna wait a year like this one! So thanks again to all who read and reviewed...don't stop being cool! Until next time.