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Autumn Leaves

A Study In Pink

"Sherlock has flatmate now," Mycroft Holmes announced on the dining table that night.

His companion who was also his lover, Harry Potter, replied. "That's good. Although a bit worrying with all the experiment he does. Severed head in the fridge..." he shook his head. "I'm not sure if normal people could stand it."

"Then it's good that his flatmate is a doctor." Mycroft said. "I talked with the good doctor earlier."

This time Harry raised his eyebrow. "Talked?"

"Well, I had my assistant brought him to secluded place so we could converse freely."

"That's called kidnapping, Mycroft." Harry said dryly.

"That's only a matter of wording, dear."

Harry snorted at that then he frowned. "Good doctor?"

"Dr. John Watson, an army doctor. A veteran from Afghan war. He has trust issue but seems. to confide in Sherlock very quickly."

"Did he accept your offer?" At the look Mycroft gave him, Harry said. "Well, don't look at me like that. You tried to do the same with the detective inspector. Well?"

"No, he refused."

Harry smiled knowingly. "If he accepted it then you would question his integrity."

"It's too earlyt decide the next step. I shall oversee their interaction longer."

Harry nodded, agreeing with Mycorft's decision. He hoped that the doctor turned out good for Sherlock's sake. Even though Sherlock was antisocial, a friendship would do him good. In the end, Mycroft didn't need to wait long. Dr. John Watson killed a man to save Sherlock's life and that was enough to prove his worth to Mycroft.

The Blind Banker

They were in Godric Cottage, Harry's country house at Godric Hollow. After the war, Harry and Hermione thought that it would be great idea to build a wizarding village in England, so they chose Godric Hollow. The entire muggle population had been evacuated and now the village only contained wizards, witches and magical creatures. The only exception right now would be Mycroft, who sat across Harry in the open terrace which overlook a huge parcel of land.

They were having afternoon tea together with Teddy. His said godson now was running happily in the ground with Snuffles, a black puppy that was Harry's birthday gift for him. The boy had eaten half of the cakes Winky made so he was quite high on sugar right now.

"So," Harry began. "How is Sherlock doing now?"

Mycroft raised his eyebrow. Usually it was him who told Harry the news about Sherlock. "Quite well," he answered. "He and the doctor is quite a pair."

"That's good to hear," Harry said.

"In fact, business seems bloom for Sherlock ever since he and John become friends."

Harry looked at Mycroft carefully. "Well, you have additional help now."

"The joy of being an older brother." Mycroft quipped.

The Great Game

"John writes a blog about the case Sherlock and he solved," Mycroft informed.

"Really?" Harry asked, intrigued.

"It is quite interesting."

"Hm...I will check it later," he said. Harry had notebook that he kept in Mycroft's house because it was no use in Grimmauld Place or Godric Cottage.

Harry read the blog then. It was interesting as Mycroft put it. And really, did Sherlock really not know that the earth went around the sun? It was hilarious.

The next day, he read on the paper about gas explosion that happened at Baker Street. "Is Sherlock alright?" Harry asked.

"He's fine. I went there this morning." Mycroft replied.

"That means you went there for a case," Harry concluded.

"Well, that's what he does." Mycroft retorted. "And it is national importance."

Harry never asked what happened in the muggle world. If Mycroft wanted to tell him, then it was the man's choice. He wasn't going to pry. It was the same with Mycroft. The man never asked what Harry did in running the wizarding world. They only talked in their capacity when the two worlds collided.

A few days later, he got news that Sherlock and John were almost killed by maniac. The whole world only consulting detective actually was more dangerous than Harry thought.

Author's Note:

My second crossover fanfiction. Sherlock is my latest obsession now. I really can't wait for the third season. So now I decided to write about Harry Potter and Sherlock which pair Mycroft with Harry. He is my favourite character in Sherlock.