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In this chapter, as the title suggests, we find out who the long awaited winner of the cruise contest, as well as continue with all the other storylines as we near the conclusion of this story.

"Will there be anything else, sir?" asks the room service attendant who has arranged a nice looking breakfast set up in Brandon's hotel room.

"Uhm….no. Thank you." answers a shell shocked Brandon, still in disbelief that Kelly is there. Kelly is sitting down on the couch next to Brandon with a giddy grin on her face as the room service attendant leaves.

"So let me see if I got this straight." Brandon says. "You go to visit Andrea in the hospital, and just spontaneously out of the clear blue sky decide to go home, pack your bags, go straight to the airport without telling anybody, and jump on a plane and come to Washington to see me?"

"Well, you're almost right." Kelly says. Brandon raises his eyebrows, wondering what she's getting at. "I didn't go straight to the airport. I stopped and got a sandwich. Never did like airplane food." Kelly jokes, sparking Brandon to snicker. She begins to smile as she watches him laugh.

"You know, I'm really glad you're here." Brandon says with a smile.

"Well, I'm really glad to hear you say that." Kelly replies in a happy tone. "When I saw Lucinda and Clare both in the lobby, I wasn't sure how welcomed I would be."

"You saw Lucinda and Clare and the lobby?" Brandon asks. Kelly nods. "What did they say to you?"

Kelly shakes her head. "I saw them, but they didn't see me." Kelly says. Brandon raises his eyebrows in curiosity. "They were too busy sitting around and complaining about how straight laced you were and plotting ways that they could get to you."

"So you eavesdropped on their conversation?" Brandon asks.

Kelly nods with a playful grin. "How do you think I found out what room you were staying in?" Kelly asks with a giggle. Brandon smiles back.

"You sneaky little devil." Brandon replies in a good natured and playful tone. "So what exactly were these two very distinguished women plotting against me? Blackmail? Set up? I've only been in Washington for a few days and already I have an enemies list." Brandon jokes.

"No, nothing of that nature." Kelly says. "More like seduction."

Brandon smiles and laughs while shaking his head in amazement. "Those two just don't quit do they." he says.

"Well, you can hardly blame them." Kelly says in a flirtatious tone. "I mean, finding you irresistible is something I'm sure a lot of women can relate to."

"A lot of women?" Brandon repeats in a questioning manner. Kelly knows exactly what he is getting at with this question

Kelly shrugs with a smile. "Well, a few of them anyways." she replies. Brandon looks at her for a few moments of silence, before Kelly speaks up again. "Listen, Brandon, I know you probably got a busy day ahead of you."

Brandon nods. "Yeah, I got a busy day. I have to have breakfast with you, and then we have to go sightseeing. We got the Lincoln Memorial to visit, several monuments; we got to decide which museums to go to. You know the Smithsonian gives you a lot to choose from." Brandon says. Kelly stares at Brandon longingly. He looks back at her, looking into her eyes and smiles. "That is, unless you have other plans." Brandon says jokingly, knowing that Kelly can't possibly have any plans.

"No of course not. That is why I'm here." Kelly says as she smirks playfully. "At least one of the reasons why I'm here." Kelly says in a suggestive tone.

"Well, sounds to me like we got one amazing day ahead of us." Brandon says.

"I agree." Kelly replies to a smiling Brandon.

"I do however have one problem that I'm going to have to take care of first." says Brandon.

"Let me guess, Lucinda and Clare?" asks Kelly.

"Well, let's just say that I'm not expecting either of them to just disappear quietly in the night." Brandon replies. "I mean sooner or later I am going to have to walk out of this room, and out of this hotel. And when I do, I'm almost certain to run into those two."

Kelly nods. "True." she says as a grin slowly emerges across her face. Brandon notices this.

"What?" Brandon asks, wanting to know why Kelly is grinning.

"I have an idea." Kelly says as she stands up and reaches for Brandon's hand. "Come on. We mustn't keep your adoring fan club waiting." she says. Brandon smiles back as he thinks he knows what Kelly is getting at. The two of them get in the elevator to head downstairs where Claire and Lucinda are waiting in the lobby for the elevators to open.

"So explain to me what we're doing this again?" Clare asks.

"Simple, we're both going to seduce Brandon at the same time." Lucinda responds. "He thought turning the two of us against each other would get rid of us. And we're going to show him just how wrong he is."

"I don't know this just seems wrong." Clare says as she looks at Lucinda and then slowly begins to smile. "But so much fun."

Just as Lucinda and Clare appear to be on the same page, the doors to the elevator open and the two are greeted with the sight of Brandon standing there arm in arm with Kelly. A look of pure shock and disbelief comes over Clare and Lucinda's faces as they realize that their plan has backfired. Kelly and Brandon look back at them. Kelly smiles at them as Brandon smirks.

"Good morning, ladies." Brandon says in a confident voice to Lucinda and Clare as he and Kelly walk past them and out the front door arm in arm. With dumbfounded looks on their faces, Clare and Lucinda just stare at Brandon and Kelly as they walk out the front door.

"Well, that worked like a charm." Clare says in a sarcastic tone. "You got any more brilliant ideas?"

Lucinda shrugs and looks at Clare. "Hey, play time's over, it's time to get back to real life."

"Real life?" Clare asks.

"Yeah. I have a documentary to finish." Lucinda says as she starts to walk off. "Enjoy the rest of your stay." Lucinda says to Clare, who just rolls her eyes as if to say 'whatever.'

As the music plays in the background, Scott walks around the Mardi Gras carnival where he runs into Brenda, who is looking pretty glum. After the conversation she just had with Dylan, she's wondering if it is truly over between the two of them.

"Brenda!" Scott greets.

Brenda chuckles slightly. "Hi Scott." she replies in a melancholy and unenthusiastic tone. Scott immediately picks up that something is bothering her.

"Is everything all right?" Scott asks.

"Oh, yeah, everything's fine. Why you ask?" Brenda replies.

"Oh nothing. You just kind of looked a little down." Scott says, as he then shrugs. "Eh, I must have been imagining things."

Brenda shakes her head. "No you weren't." Brenda replies, as Scott looks at her intently. "You're right. I am a little down. In fact, I'm a lot down."

Scott frowns, as he looks at Brenda who is standing there with her arms folded and looking down at the ground. He knows she's really upset. "You want to talk about it?" Scott asks.

Brenda shakes her head. "No, it's okay. It's not that big a deal anyways. Besides, I don't want to bore you with my problems."

"If it's making you upset, it is a big deal. And besides, you're never bothering me." Scott says. "Come on, Brenda. You're leaving for London in a week, and I might not get a chance to listen to you talk about your problems for a long time."

"Oh don't say that, you're going to make me even sadder." Brenda moans.

Scott frowns slightly as he looks away and sees a refreshment stand that is serving soda and ice cream products, including ice cream sodas. "Well, I know what would make you feel a little better." Scott says. Brenda perks her head up. "How about an ice cream soda on me?"

"Oh Scott, you don't have to do that." Brenda replies.

"Come on, Brenda. Let me buy you one, and then you can tell me what's bothering you." offers Scott.

Brenda smiles slightly. "How can I say no to you, Scott?" she says softly. The two walk off. Several minutes later, they are walking around the carnival, each of them has a plastic cup filled with an ice cream soda, and Brenda is telling Scott what happened. "So then he just left and wished me luck. I just…..I can't believe after everything that's happened that it's just going to end like this."

"So that was all this morning?" Scott asks.

Brenda nods as she sucks on her straw for a moment. "Yeah. I thought about calling him, even going over to his house. But I don't want to make things worse."

"I see." Scott says in a reluctant tone.

"What, you think I should have gone after him?" Brenda asks.

Scott holds up one hand, as he holds his ice cream soda with the other. "Look, Brenda, I really have no business telling you what you should do here. All I know is that you're leaving in a week to go to London. And it's up to you to decide how you want to leave off with Dylan. If you're happy with the way things are now, then maybe it's best you leave it alone. But if not….."Scott says as he pauses. "Well, only you can make that choice."

Brenda nods slightly as she thinks long and hard about what he just said. At that point the two of them walk past the table where they are still selling tickets for the cruise raffle which is to be held later tonight during Babyface's performance on stage.

"Sign up right here for your chance to win a fabulous cruise for two in the Florida Keys! Only fifty dollars and everyone has an equal chance to win. All proceeds go to help a child go to camp this summer!" shouts the guy sitting at the table. Brenda and Scott both look that way as both have signed up.

"So Brenda, you signed up for the raffle?" Scott asks.

"Yeah. What about you?" Brenda replies. Scott nods his head.

"What are you going to do if you win?" asks Scott. "I mean would you give up London to go on this cruise?"

Brenda chuckles. "No way. I mean as amazing as this cruise sounds, there's no way I'm going to turn down getting a chance to study at RADA this summer. No, I'll probably wind up giving my tickets to my parents, or even Nat. It's been a rough year for him with his heart attack and all. And lord knows, he's been working the Peach Pit forever. He deserves a nice vacation." Brenda says. "So what about you?"

"Me?" asks Scott.

"Yeah, who are you going to take on the cruise with you if you win?" asks Brenda. Of course Scott knows exactly who he's planning to ask, but he tries to play it off.

"Hmmm, well, I can't take you. And if I took my sister, I'd be ready to throw her overboard after a day." Scott jokes as Brenda chuckles. "Eh, I doubt I'll win. But I'm sure if I do, I'll find somebody." Scott says.

"Like who?" Brenda asks. Schtt shrugs his shoulders. Brenda smiles at this point, as she knows where she's going with this. "Like Kelly maybe?"

"Kelly? No!" Scott responds instinctively. Brenda stares at him with a grin on his face as if to say 'Come on Scott, don't lie to me.' Scott takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh. "Okay, the thought had crossed my mind."

"Ha. I knew it." blurts out Brenda. "You do have a thing for Kelly, don't you?"

"Now what makes you think that?" Scott asks.

"The fact that you're blushing right now." Brenda says with a smile. Scott's face grows red. "Scott, it's okay. Believe me, you're not the first guy who's had a crush on Kelly Taylor. And I'm pretty sure you won't be the last either. In fact in high school it was practically a ritual among guys as an induction to manhood. You weren't truly a guy until you had some sort of fantasy about Kelly. Believe me, my brother had more than his fair share." Brenda says. "Just don't tell him that I told you."

"Yeah, well, not like it matters anyhow. I won't win, and even if I did, there's no way she'd ever go on a cruise with me." Scott says.

"How do you know if you don't ask?" Brenda says encouragingly.

"Come on, Brenda. You're her best friend. You know her about as well as anybody can. She's too into good looking guys with nice cars. She'd never go for a guy like me." Scott says.

"Look Scott, let me tell you something. You're right, Kelly can be superficial and shallow. But there's another side of her, there's a side of her that likes the quiet, sweet guys. Now you've already gotten past the hard part of breaking through her outer shell. You've earned her trust, and the rest should be easy." Brenda says. Scott looks down at the ground as he kicks at some gravel. "Look, all I'm saying is that if you win, and that's a big if, you should ask her. I'm not saying she'll say yes, and even if she does say no, I'm sure she'll be pretty flattered that you asked her anyways."

Scott nods. "All right, Brenda. But anyways, this is a silly conversation. Not like I'm going to win anyways." Scott says. At that point, Brenda spots Donna wandering through the carnival.

"Hey look, there's Donna. Donna!" Brenda yells out in her direction. Donna stops and turns to face Brenda and Scott as they go walking up to her.

"Hey Bren. Hey Scott." Donna greets. "Have either of you guys seen David around?" she asks.

"No." replies Brenda. With a guilty look Scott looks at Donna. The secret he is keeping is really bothering him, but he feels this isn't the time or place to blow the lid on David.

"Uhm, I talked to him earlier, but I have no idea where he is now." Scott says, which is the truth. Donna frowns in response.

"Great." Donna cries out sarcastically. "I wanted to see him before he went on stage, but I guess I won't get that chance."

Scott looks down at the ground silently, overridden with guilt, while Brenda speaks up in an encouraging tone. "Relax Donna. Babyface doesn't go on for a few more hours, we got time." Brenda say encouragingly as she looks over and spots a set up to have pictures taken. "Come on, let's go get our pictures taken." Brenda says.

Donna and Brenda walk off with Scott to enjoy the rest of the Mardi Gras before Babyface performs with David.

Brandon and Kelly walk up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on a beautiful spring day in Washington, D.C. As they get to the top, they walk inside to the gigantic statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting on the chair. The two of them stand there gazing at it for several moments before finally speaking up.

"Well, here we are, Kel, the Lincoln Memorial." Brandon says. Kelly looks around smiling, completely content with where she is at right now. She looks over top of the Lincoln statue and begins to read the engraving. "In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever." Kelly reads.

"How do you like that, you do a small thing like save the country and end slavery and they build you a great big temple with a gigantic statue." Brandon jokes in his typical good natured humor.

"Who knows, Brandon, maybe some day, somewhere, they'll be a great big statue of you put somewhere to sit forever and ever." Kelly says.

"Okay, don't start comparing me to Lincoln." Brandon says with a smile as the two walk away from the statue back toward the steps.

"I was just saying, you might some day have a great big statue of you like this. And I mean you've had to make some difficult decisions, just like Lincoln did, like last year when you led the walkout on the school board to save Donna from being expelled." Kelly says.

"Kelly, we're talking about a high school issue here. Lincoln ran the country during the only civil war it's ever had. I hardly think that's a comparison." Brandon says.

Kelly sighs. "Well maybe you're right." she says reluctantly.

"But I appreciate the sentiment though, nice touch." Brandon says. The two of them sit down at the top of the steps to the Lincoln memorial as they look out at the Washington Monument and the reflecting pool that encompasses the area between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. "Wow, would you look at that. This place is something else, isn't it?"

"Yeah. It sure is something. You know I have to admit, that being here with you at the Lincoln Memorial, the day before I meet the President, kind of makes me have flash backs of Mr. Smith goes to Washington."

"Really?" Kelly asks. "I would have guessed Clint Eastwood and Rene Russo in "In the line of fire." Kelly replies.

"Oh yeah, how did that scene go again? Clint is sitting at the top of the stairs, and as she's leaving, he's just begging for her to look back, and she finally does." Brandon says as he turns to look at Kelly. "I can relate. Many times in high school, I'd see you walking away and I'd wonder if you turn around and give me a look."

"Did I?" Kelly asks.

Brandon laughs. "Maybe." he says.

"So tell me, Brandon. How would Clint Eastwood handle this situation right now?" Kelly asks jovially.

"Well, I think Clint would lean in and lightly kiss the girl." Brandon says.

"No." Kelly retorts. "I think the girl would kiss him."

"Oh you do, huh?" Kelly says.

"Actually, he would do one thing first." Brandon says.

"And what might that be?" asks Kelly.

"He'd call Chancellor Arnold and ask for a guest pass for a very special lady to come to the ceremony at the White House tomorrow." Brandon says. Kelly looks at him in amazement.

"You'd do that for me?" She asks.

"Well, you did fly all the way across the country, not to mention all the help you were to me throughout the task force." Brandon says as he looks at Kelly with a deep warm smile. "Of course, it's the least I can do."

Kelly smiles. "Why are you so amazing, Brandon?" she says in a romantic way.

"It's kind of a prerequisite to get to meet the president." Brandon says jokingly. The two of them sit there on the steps of the Lincoln memorial. Kelly puts her head on Brandon's shoulder as the two stare out at the Washington Monument. The sun sets in the background behind them.

Dylan has showed up at the Mardi Gras carnival. He isn't quite sure why he is there. He really isn't in a festive mood after the argument he had with Jim earlier as well as what happened with Brenda afterwards.

He had convinced himself that he showed up because he wanted to see if he won the raffle for the cruise. But that's not the real reason. He has millions, so if he wanted to go on a cruise, he could very easily go out and buy a ticket himself. Deep down there is another reason he is there, a reason he isn't really ready to admit to himself yet. He knows he doesn't want things with Brenda to end the way they did. In a very short time she'll be off to London. And deep down, he knows this isn't like two years ago when she went to Paris for the summer. That was done out of need for a break. This is something different. This is Brenda starting a new journey in life, and from the looks of things, it doesn't look like there's any room for him in it.

As Dylan stands there like a statue with his arms folded, listening to the music of Babyface, he briefly spots David on the keyboard and smirks. As he does, he hear's a familiar voice come up to him from behind.

"Not bad is he?" says Steve. Dylan briefly turns to confirm it's Steve, then goes back to looking at the stage. "I use to manage that guy, you know?"

"The last time I checked, use to's don't add up to much, Steve." Dylan remarks in an unwelcoming tone, clearly indicating he's not in the mood to socialize.

"Eh, you're right. No matter, it's not important." Steve says. "What is important is what happened to John Sears earlier today. You want to hear the story?"

"Not really." Dylan replies. Steve totally ignores Dylan's reply and begins to tell the story anyways.

"Well you see, there I was over at the mud pit, when John Sears came up all cocky and everything, thinking he was going to give me another mud bath." Steve begins.

"Steve." Dylan says calmly, but clearly in an annoyed tone.

"Then I say 'okay, let's up the anty.' So we make a deal, if I won, he stays away from Celeste. If he wins, I resign from the Keg house." Steve says.

"Steve!" Dylan says again, raising his voice.

"So we get up there on the blank, he's swinging at me, I'm swinging back. We must have been up there atleast 10 minutes or so. Then, just when I thought he had me, he looked away for just a split second, and bam, I got him. He went flying into the mud. Man, it was outrageous. He came up, had mud dripping off that ugly chin of his. You should have been there." Steve says.

"Well Steve, I wasn't. And quite frankly, after listening to your story, I'm kind of glad." Dylan replies.

"But Dylan, you should have seen it man. Sears covered in mud from head to toe, Celeste comes running up into my arms" Steve says, as he of course exaggerating the story. Dylan knows it and clearly isn't in the mood.

"Steve!" Dylan says, cutting him off. "Shut up. You know what I mean?"

Finally realizing that Dylan is serious about wanting to be left alone, Steve holds up his hands and makes a face. "Okay, all right. I get the idea. I'll talk to you later, bro." Steve says as he turns around and walks away.

Meanwhile not far away from where Dylan is, Brenda, Scott, and Donna are standing watching the performance by Babyface. While Scott and Brenda stand there watching, Donna watches David at the keyboard with a look of pride and content in her eyes as the song "When can I see you again" is performed.

"David is great, isn't he?" Donna says to Brenda and Scott as she smiles at him. "I'm so proud of him." Donna says. As the song prepares to end, she turns to them. "Oh, I gotta go. Time for the big raffle. Wish me luck." Donna says.

"Well, I would. But I want to win those tickets." Brenda says. Donna smiles and goes rushing off to the stage. As the music stops playing, Brenda looks over and sees Dylan standing there by himself. She quickly turns away, struck by emotion. Scott sees her flinch and turns to her.

"What's wrong?" Scott asks.

"Look who's here." Brenda says as she nods cautiously in Dylan's direction. Scott looks over and sees Dylan, then turns back to Brenda.

"Are you going to go talk to him?" Scott asks. At that point Dylan looks around the crowd, but fails to see Brenda, who watches him carefully. She doesn't hide, but doesn't do anything to make herself noticable either.

Brenda stands there staring at him for several moments, wondering what she's going to do. But as Dylan takes a look around, he doesn't spot Brenda, and then goes back to looking up on stage. Brenda stares at him, then finally shakes her head.

"No." Brenda replies to Scott's question.

"You're not?" Scott asks. "Well, how about if I…" Scott says as he takes one step toward Dylan, Brenda reaches out and grabs his arm, stopping stops him from moving forward.

"Scott, don't." Brenda says. Scott turns to look at her seriously. He briefly turns to look at Dylan, then looks back at Brenda again, nodding slightly and honoring her wishes. Both of them turn look back up on stage as Donna is now up there as Babyface concludes his song.

"Let's give it up for, Babyface!" Donna says as she grabs the microphone and speaks to the audience there at the festival. A rousing cheer goes up. Donna turns to look at David and smiles at him. He gives her a half a grin back. She then turns back to the audience. "All right folks, it's the moment you've been waiting for. Somebody's summer is about to get a whole lot better. It is time for the big grand prize raffle drawing to find out who's going to be spending three weeks on a first class cruise in the Florida Keys this summer." Donna says with excitement as the crowd cheers.

Scott and Brenda both wish each other luck. Dylan looks over to his left and spots Brenda with Scott. He watches her closely and debates to himself whether to go over and talk to her. He takes a deep breath, and then turns back to the stage. Things were left the way they should be earlier that house. He has convinced himself that the last thing Brenda needs is baggage, especially his baggage. For him, it's best if he let bigones be bigones.

The irony is amazing. Both Brenda and Dylan know that the other is there. But neither of them knew that the other knew they were there. Neither of them are happy with the way things left off and both want to change that. But they are both too downstricken and determined not to do anything to jeopardize their own or each other's futures to go and talk to the other.

"And before we draw, I just want to thank everyone for entering this contest. Thanks to you all, and your generoisty, we have managed to raise over 40 thousand dollars for the children's camp fund."

The crowd applauds as a large gold case is wheeled out on stage in front of Donna who is standing right in front of Babyface. "Okay, we are going to have our guest of honor do the drawing. So Babyface, if you would please, reach in there and pull out my name." Donna announces sparking a laugh from the crowd.

Babyface reaches into the case and digs his hand into a huge amount of large plastic balls, all of which contains names of people who entered in the raffle. He digs his hand in deep and pulls out a ball, that doesn't look any different from any of the other balls in the case.

"All right. Let's open it up and see who the winner is." Donna says over the microphone as the entire crowd waits on in angst. The ball opens up at the middle just like a plastic easter egg filled with candy. Babyface opens it up and pulls out a small slip of paper and hands it to Donna who unfolds it and reads out the name of the winner.

"Scott Scanlon, pack your bags, because you are the winner." Donna announces. With a disbelieving look on his face, Scott looks around, and then turns to Brenda.

"Oh my god." Brenda says, sounding happy for Scott but at the same time disappointed that she didn't win. Still she pats him on the back and smiles.

"I don't believe it." Scott says.

"Come on up here, Scott." Donna says. Scott looks at Brenda once more and then manuevers his way through the crowd and up on stage. Donna greets him with a hug. Babyface then gives him a cool handshake. Scott looks out at the crowd and gives sort of a geeky smile.

He looks at Brenda first, who has quickly gotten over her disappointment that she didn't win. Instead, she is now happy for Scott, feeling that he deserves it. He then passes his eyes over the rest of the crowd before turning back to Donna who smiles and wishes him congratulations. As he does that, he briefly locks eyes with David. David immediately looks down at the keyboard, to avoid eye contact with Scott. He knows that Scott knows the truth about him, and therefore the less he has to face him the better.

Meanwhile, Dylan looks over at Brenda who is showing genuine joy and happiness that Scott has won the contest. She is now all alone and he knows that if ever there was a time to go and talk to her, now would be it. There is nobody there with her.

After staring at her for nearly a half minute, he backs up a couple of steps and then turns around and makes his way out of the crowd and out of the carnival without saying anything to her.

After the show, Scott is back stage. He has met with the management of the show and signed the paperwork for the cruise tickets. He walks out of a white trailer with the two tickets in hand. He takes a long look at the first class tickets which he now holds in his hand. He smiles. The only question now is who he will use for the second ticket.

But there really is no question, not in Scott's mind. He knew who that second ticket was for. With absolutely no knowledge what so ever that Kelly went to Washington to see Brandon, and the understanding that he has a movie date with her tomorrow night, he begins to prepare himself and go over in his head the exact words to say to her to ask her to go on the cruise.

Ironically, just two years earlier, he wouldn't have dare said hi to her in the hall way at West Beverly. But now here he is mustering up his courage to ask her to go on a cruise. Just a month or two ago, this is a path he wouldn't even dream of walking down. But he feels confident now in the way he and Kelly have gotten closer recently. Could it really be? Could the geeky Scott Scanlon really be about to go on a cruise with the prom queen herself, Kelly Taylor? He certainly thinks so.

After receiving his tickets, Scott wonders around the park alone for several minutes, not really paying attention to where he is or what's around him. Then suddenly he overhears a familiar voice, one he's know his life.

"I can't believe it. Are you sure he's serious?" David says out loud. Scott immediately stops as he is at the corner of a trailer. He peaks around the corner and sees David talking to Aerial.

"Of course he's serious. He asked you didn't he?" Aerial responds. Scott wonders what they are referring too.

"Babyface wants me to go on tour with him? Just like that? I mean he hardly knows me." David says.

"He likes you, David." Aerial replies positively. "He likes your looks, your musical talent, he likes you. Anyways, don't question it. Be happy."

"I am happy. I'm elated as a matter of fact." David says.

"Good." Aerial says as she reaches out grabs David's shirt and pulls him in closer. "And I know just how we can satisfy those feelings of elation." She says in a seductive voice as she moves in to try to kiss his neck. David hesitates at first as he leans back.

"Uhm, I'm not sure if I can come over tonight. I mean, I have hardly been home the last few days. Donna's going to start to get suspicious." David says.

"Who said anything about coming over?" Aerial says.

"Uhm, wha….what do you mean?" David asks.

"Well, I got one of the company limo's out in the parking lot. It's private, it's got tinted windows. What do you say we go there and have a private celebration? And then you can go home to your precious Donna later, fully satisfied." Aerial says.

"Uhm, gee, I don't know." David says as he glances around quickly to make sure nobody is around. He fails to see Scott who is around the corner.

"Come on. This is the biggest night of your life. Just answer yourself this one question. What's the right way to celebrate?" Aerial says as she leans in seductively. Unable to resist, David nods his head.

"All right, but lets make this fast, before anyone starts to suspect anything." David says. Scott looks on in disgust as he shakes his head in disbelief. Just when he thought his old friend couldn't possibly get any lower, not only is he cheating on Donna, but he's doing it right there in the parking lot in a limo with her at the carnival. Aerial grabs David's hand and the two run off to the area where the limos are parked.

At that point, Scott figures the best thing he can do is get out of there as soon as possible to avoid getting caught up in anything.

But he wasn't so lucky, just as he was coming out from the back stage area, he runs into Brenda and Donna.

"Scott, did you see David back there?" Donna asks. Scott gulps hard at that point.

"David?" Scott asks, trying to stall.

"Yeah, David. Was he back there?" Donna asks. Scott knows he could blow the lid on David right now, and knows that he probably should.

"Uhm, I don't know. I just went back there and got my tickets and….." Scott begins to stutter. But before he can finish, he is interrupted by one of the stage hands.

"Are you talking about David Silver? The guy who played on the keyboard?" The man asks.

Brenda, Donna, and Scott turn their attention to this guy. "Yeah, have you seen him?" asks Donna.

"Yeah, I saw him a little while ago with that one girl, Aerial." responds the man.

"You didn't happen to see where they went?" asks Brenda.

"My guess is they're either in the dressing room, or they went out back to one of the limos." the man replies and then walks off.

Donna sighs as she turns to Brenda with a concerned look on her face. "Bren, you don't think David left without me, do you?" Donna asks.

"Donna, of course not. Listen, I'll go check the dressing room. You check the limos. Scott, if you happen to see David, tell him we're looking for him." Brenda says.

A nervous Scott just nods. "Okay." he mutters. As Brenda goes to check the dressing room, Donna rushes off toward the limos. Scott watches her with concern. He knows the gig is up and in a matter of minutes, Donna's heart is going to be totally shattered when she finds out the truth.

As Donna gets out back, she spots two chauffeurs standing by a limo talking and drinking coffee. She goes rushing up to them.

"Can I help you?" asks one of the chauffeurs.

"Have you seen Aerial and David Silver?" Donna asks. "He played in the band."

The man thinks for a moment. "Oh yeah." He replies. "You came to the right place. He's right over there." he says, pointing to one of the limos. Donna goes rushing toward the limo and knocks on the tinted window. David and Aerial have just finished having sex and were cuddling when they both get startled by the knock on the window.

"Oh shit, it's Donna." David says. The two of them immediately start searching the floor grabbing whatever clothes they can find and try to get dressed. "What am I going to do?"

"I don't know, don't look at me." Aerial responds as she puts her bra back on and then tries to slip back into the dress she was wearing.

"David, open up!" Donna says loudly as she raps her knuckles on the limo window again. Knowing there is no way out of this, David rolls down the window just a crack so Donna can see him, but not Aerial.

"Uhm, hi." David says with a slight laughter.

"Hi. I've been looking for you. Donna says.

"Well you found me." David says, coming up with the first thing that pops into his mind. He begins to breathe harder as he starts to panic.

"Are you all right? What are you doing in there?" Donna asks.

"I'm, uhm, I'm just hanging out in the limo." David says. Donna tries to open the door, but it's locked.

"Open the door, it's locked." Donna replies. David looks down at the handle and then back up at Donna and then just nods his head. He rolls up the window, and then in panic glances over toward Aerial to see how dressed she is, completely ignoring the fact that he has on a vest with no shirt. For a second, he starts to wonder if she can slip out the other side of the door on the limo, but knows that will never work. There's nothing else he can do except hope that Donna buys into they are just talking. And the longer he waits to unlock the door, the more suspicious Donna is likely to get. Aerial does a last minute dress fix and then nods toward the door for David to unlock it.

David hits the unlock button and Donna opens the door. She smiles at him, but her smile quickly turns to a look of stunned disbelief when he looks across the seats and sees a half dressed Aerial sitting there blushing as she waves. Donna turns to look at David, and then back to Aerial.

"Oh my god." Donna mutters as she immediately puts two and two together. She then glances down at the ground and sees an open condem wrapper. She picks it up to look at it just to confirm what she already knows. David sits there with a guilty look on his face.

"Oh my god!" Donna screams again as she opens up the door and goes running out of the limo. David tries to go after her.

"Donna, wait, I can explain." David cries out.

A devastated and hurt Donna looks at David while gritting her teeth. "You don't have to explain. I understand. I understand everything!" Donna yells as she slams the limo door. David keeps it open with his foot as he rushes out after her, crying for her to wait. But it is of no use. Donna goes running off as fast as she can. And David's dirty little secret is a secret no more.

The following morning, Brenda is sitting in the living room of Casa Walsh with her parents as they watch the news footage of the national task force arriving at the White House to meet with President Clinton. Donna is there watching as well as she had spent the night.

Brenda had spent all night consoling and comforting a demoralized and devastated Donna who was still in a state of emotional shock upon finding out that David was a cheater. Donna cried for hours and wondered how David could give up the beautiful thing they had for sex, and thought maybe she should just give up on her own beliefs and go out and do it too. Brenda reassured her that her beliefs were right and that there are still a few good guys out there. She even let her sleep with Mr. Pony, something that she had never done, even to her very best of friends.

But for now, the entire ugly mess with David has been put on the back burner as the four of them sit in the living room watching eagerly in hopes of getting a couple glimpses of Brandon.

"Do you think we'll be able to see him?" Cindy asks.

"I don't know, honey. There are a lot of people there." Jim replies. Brenda watches closely and spots her brother in the crowd of people gathered there.

"Hey, there he is." Brenda blurts out.

"Oh my god, I can't believe it!" Cindy says. "Our son, at the white house, about to meet the President of the United States. I don't think any mother out their could be more proud than I am right now."

"Except for Stephen Spielberg's mom on oscar night." jokes Brenda, sparking a chuckle from Donna.

"Okay, maybe her." Cindy replies back with a grin. The four watch as the President enters and begins to speak to the task force gathered there. Brenda keeps glancing over at her parents and sees the pride in their eyes. And while she is happy for Brandon, a part of her can't help but feel a certain amount of jealousy. They have never looked that way at her, even on her best days. She knows that she'll probably never get this look. Brandon's always been the one to get the good marks and the looks of pride while she's been the one who's given them stress and headaches with them always having to bail her out of a jam. She wants to change that, and she knows her ticket to London is the key.

Jim and Cindy watch on with excitement. But just as they watch Brandon on tv walk across the stage to shake hands with President Clinton, the phone rings.

"Oh, now who could that possibly be calling now?" asks Jim, with a hint of frustration in his voice.

"Honey, that's why they invented answering machines." Cindy says. "Whoever it is can leave a message." Cindy explains. Jim starts to get up anyways.

"No, it might be an important call from the office." Jim says.

"Jim, our son is about to shake hands with the president! What on earth is more important than that?" Cindy says.

"Uhm, I can get it. That way you all can watch." Donna suggests.

"Do you mind, Donna?" Cindy asks. Donna smiles and politely gets up and goes over to the cordless phone on the desk and picks it up.

"Walsh residence." Donna answers. Jim, Cindy, and Brenda continue to watch the tv as Brandon is now shaking hands with the President. Jim and Cindy both have huge smiles on their faces while Brenda keeps glancing back and forth between the tv and them.

"Yes, they're here." Donna says over the phone. "Who did you say it was?" Donna asks. At that point, Cindy turns away from the tv briefly to look at Donna. Donna covers the bottom part of the phone with her hand and whispers to Cindy. "Abby Malone from Buffalo?" Donna asks, seeing if Cindy knows who it is.

"Oh, she must be watching this on tv right now. I bet she just saw Brandon. Here Donna, I'll take it." Cindy says as Donna answers the phone. Cindy gets up and walks behind the couch to allow everyone else to watch tv.

"Hi Abby, are you watching?" Cindy asks. "Doesn't he look great?" she says with pride. In a millisecond, the tone in Cindy's voice changes from pride to terror as she listens in on the phone. "No! Oh my god!" Cindy cries out. At that point, everyone turns around to look at Cindy, wondering what it could be that has taken her attention fully from Brandon at the White House.

"Well is there anything we can do? How's Valerie?" Cindy asks. "Okay, well call back, please." Cindy says. She puts the phone down with a look like she's just seen a ghost. Everyone sits there wondering what the news is.

"What is it, honey?" Jim asks.

"Jim" Cindy whispers in a shriek voice. "Victor's dead. He killed himself last night."

Jim's jaw drops as Brenda and Donna both look at each other. The mood of the entire living room has totally changed and Brandon's visit to the White House is suddenly totally off radar. In that moment, everything falls silent, and everything changes.


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