This had to be the scariest moment of my life. No scratch that, this is the second scariest moment of my life, the first being captured and turned into an Avox. I believed that District 13 would be on my side, but instead they're treating me as if I'm traitor. I sit under the cold stare of president Coin, her hard eyes bore into mine and I quickly look down at my destroyed shoes. Tears welled in my eyes and I chocked back my tears impatiently. I hated to seem weak, but it was hard. I had just left the Capitol almost two months ago and walked my way here to District 13. I had barely survived and expected to be welcomed with open arms here, but instead I was being interrogated and I expected to die.

"What is your name?" Coin asked and I snapped my head up. They didn't realize I was an Avox. They didn't realize that the Capital mutilated me so I could no longer talk. I patted my neck where my throat was. Her eyes narrowed, "You're an Avox?" she asked. I nodded my head, and sighed. We weren't getting anywhere, and I slumped into my chair and felt the hot tears well up again. "Boggs" she barked to her right hand man. "Get her a notepad and pen." I heard shuffling and then the slap of the notepad on the table in front of me.

"You do know how to write?" Boggs asked me critically. My eyes widened, I couldn't believe he asked me that. I may be from the shallow minded Capitol, but I wasn't raised to be an idiot. I nodded my head and started to write. My name is Thisbe Rodly; I was born and raised in the Capital with my parents. My parents Fredrick and Gina Rodly were killed for being rebels and I was turned into President Snow's personal Avox when I was 14 years old. I escaped three months ago and ended up here; I am 17 years old and have no family that will be looking for me. I doubt President Snow even realizes I'm gone, he has many female Avox's to look after him. I survived eating the food I took and stored in the backpack you confiscated. If you're going to kill me please do it quick and painless. I don't think I can handle anymore torture.

I slid the notebook back over to Boggs and President Coin and watched their faces as they read the paper. Their eyebrows furrowed, and they looked up at me carefully. I shifted under their gaze uncomfortable, and tapped my foot on the floor. They looked at each other and began whispering; I ignored them and thought about my parents. I missed them dearly and wished they were here with me.

"Well" Coin began and I met her cold hard stare. "I remember your parents, they were a very big help when it came to first infiltrating the Capital. You will be spared, because I believe that you will be a big help since you were Snow's Avox. A soldier will be coming up to escort you to your barracks, please follow the schedule you will be assigned every day, and don't cause any trouble Solider Rodly." She ripped off the paper I wrote on and slid the notepad back to me. I stuck the pen behind my ear and placed the notepad in my back pocket. I heard the soft footsteps pat down the hall and the door slide open. My hearing was stronger than most people's, probably since I was a very paranoid person. "Soldier Rodly this is Soldier Hawthorne. He will be you're escort to your barrack, since the two of you will live next door to one another." She turned to Soldier Hawthorne "Be nice and show her around, she's had a tough time, she's an Avox." I felt my ears and cheeks burn with blush, the way she said Avox made me feel like I wasn't human. I looked up at Soldier Hawthorne, he was so handsome. Dark black hair and steel colored eyes, his face was hard and he was more rugged then what I was used to. Capital men were usually skinny and somewhat feminine; Soldier Hawthorne on the other hand was muscular and had a strong face that just screamed manly. We met eyes and his silver eyes bore into my blue eyes, I dropped my gaze embarrassed. He probably thought I was a spoiled Capital brat, and then I remembered, I was, no I am an Avox. I am no longer spoiled, I haven't been spoiled since I was 14, and I am just as much a rebel as he is and as my parents were.