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~Tyler POV~

Why is my cover extremely heavy? It's soft, warm, and smells like vanilla with a hint of raspberries. It reminds me of Mallory. Flickering images of her soft, silky, white skin and her beautifully defined curves run through my mind. My dick immediately responds by pushing itself up into...

My eyes fly open and I realize that it is Mallory. I guess we haven't moved from last night. Is it possible that I've missed her, while still being with her her the entire time -just unconscious? Because I really have. Her head is on my chest, her legs are in between mine, her arms are bent and curled up at my side with her hands resting on my shoulders.

I plant a kiss on the tip of her head and smile to myself. Her head immediately flies up and she's looking at me. Her eyes look watery and sad, like she's been crying. But I can't help but notice she looks beautiful, even if it's morning and she's been crying.

"Mallory, what's wrong?" I ask concerned, while I move the hair that has fallen around her eyes.

She sets her head back down on my chest. "I just.." She sniffles. "Uh..it's just my head hurts. I didn't mean to wake you." She says sadly.

"It's okay, you didn't wake me. Want a Vicodin?" I ask. It's my last one that I have on me, so I'm going to have to run back to the apartment. I don't mind though. If she needs it, she's going to get it. I don't want her in pain, ever.

"Sure." She whispers softly and nods her head. She gets up slowly and sits cross-legged on the bed next to me. "Thank you." She whispers almost inaudibly. I know she probably still feels bad about last night, but that was not her fault. It's not her fault some sick fuck took advantage of her. Fuck. I can't get angry now. I just woke up. I don't want to upset Mallory.

I lean up onto my elbows then take the last Vicodin out of my pocket and hand it to her. "I'll go get you something to drink, okay?" I stand up from the bed and grab her a soda from the fridge.

As I'm walking back I realize...I shouldn't go to dinner tonight. Mallory shouldn't either. I mean, I still have to stop by to talk to my mom and grab the key for the house, but I don't want Mallory to be questioned or anything. We had a bad night, it's best if we both just get away for now. She needs it. I need it.

"What's wrong?" She asks quietly, and I notice I've stopped directly in the middle of the room just thinking to myself.

Way to look like a weirdo, Hawkins.

I shake my head lightly. "Just thinking you should start packing while I run to my apartment and grab my stuff."

"Why? What's wrong? What about that dinner tonight with your family?" She asks worryingly.

"I just think we need to get away. Relax. They'll understand if we don't go. We'll leave for the beach when I get back. Is that okay?"

At least, I hope they'll understand. Mom and Caroline are pretty understanding. They won't be too mad...I think.

Shit, I have to hurry over there before mom starts to..decorate the house..bleh.

She looks at me quizzically. "Uh, yeah. I guess so." She runs her fingers through her hair. "Yeah."

"I have to go. I'll be back soon, okay?" I walk over to her, hand her the soda, and place a soft kiss on her lips. She nods her head and I go to my car and head to my apartment to pack.

I walk in my apartment and hear Aidens fan going. I look at the clock and it's one in the afternoon. Thank God he's sleeping. I really don't feel like having that conversation with him about Mallory. Not just yet. I want to know where me and her stand. And that's exactly what the beach is going to tell me.

I walk quietly past Aidens bunk and into the bathroom to grab my Vicodin. I get one out, take one, and stick the rest of the bottle in my pocket. I should go pick up a new prescription since Mallory is going to need some on the trip too. Oh! I forgot to tell Mallory not to bring toiletries. We have an abundance of that stuff there. I grab my phone out of my pocket and text Mallory.

Don't worry about bringing a tooth brush, shampoo, or anything like that. There's stuff there. Okay?-Tyler

I walk into my room and notice a note with a piece of folded foil on top.


I got you some Lucy for you and your lady friend. If you guys don't end up doing it for whatever reason, then we can when you get back. It has been long overdue. You need a break from reality, man. I thought this would be a good birthday present.

Not to sound gay, but I love you, dude. Happy birthday.


What a great birthday present. Acid, the beach, and Mallory? An epic combination. I have a feeling this is going to be a good birthday. I really hope she decides to do it with me. I think it would help us get to know each other. Me and Michael always had a good time. I've never once had a bad trip, and I've done it over a handful of times.

I grab a book off my bookshelf and slide the small folded foil in between. I put it in the small compartment of my backpack and grab the clothes I want to bring, and my pair of swim trunks I keep here. I have a lot of my swim trunks there. I find my guitar and set it in the case, and I look around for my journal.

Wait, where the fuck is my journal! Did I leave it at Mallory's? I had to of..I've been with her pretty much the entire time and completely forgot about it. How could I forget about something so important to me?

My phone buzzes.

Okay.- Mallory

I really hope my journal is at her apartment. I'll freak out if it's not...wait...I'll freak out if it is too. What if she reads it while I'm gone?

Is my journal there?..-Tyler

I need to call my mom too, ugh.

Is it brown? I think so.-Mallory

Please don't read it.-Tyler

I would feel so weird knowing she read my journal. Oh god. I need to get back there soon.

I dial my moms number.

Ring..ring..ring..ring.. "Hello?" My mom answers with her perky, happy voice. This is going to be harder than I thought. She's going to be disappointed.

"Mom...I have some...bad news."

"What do you mean, Tyler? What's wrong? What do you need?" She says lovingly.

"Mom, I'm fine. I just..I need to get away for a little bit. I'm not in any trouble. I just..I can't come to dinner tonight. I'm sorry."

She stays silent for a few minutes, it's making me feel worse by the second.

"Oh..okay. Caroline is going to be upset, Tyler. You have to come talk to her."

"I'll make it up to her, and you. I promise. I have to come by to get the key. I'll be there soon."


"Bye." I hang up the phone, and start frantically throwing my clothes in my suitcase. Once that I'm sure I have everything I rush out to my car and head towards the penthouse.

I don't bother knocking I just walk straight in.

"In here!" My mother yells from the kitchen.

I'm not even a couple feet into the kitchen and I'm immediately attacked and in a bear hug.

"It's nice to see you too." I choke out as I rock my mom back and forth.

She pulls away from the hug and examines me. Her mouth drops. "I..Tyler...What happened?" She stammers softly.

"I got into a bar fight, I'm fine. I promise. It's nothing." I'm so glad I came up with that before I got here. It seemed the simplest excuse to use. She knows I have anger issues, and I go to bars a lot.

Her silence is scaring me. "Mom. I'm fine."

She glides her finger over my busted bottom lip. "You look terrible, honey."

"I think I look pretty amazing." I joke.

"Not funny." She deadpans. "Well, if you need anything you let me know. I had Jerry drop off groceries and other things you might need, along with some money at the beach house yesterday. So, everything you need will be there. And Caroline has a present for you. She's upstairs drawing." She walks over to the silver mixing bowl, and starts mixing whatever is inside. I'm guessing she's making her famous homemade pizza for Caroline. Most of the ingredients are on the counter.

"How much money?" I ask.

"Two thousand." She says nonchalantly.

Did I just hear her correctly? "Mom! Two thousand dollars? Jesus. You've got to be kidding me." I walk closer, so I'm about a foot away from her. "You are kidding?..Right?"

"I thought you'd need it honey," She stops her mixing and looks up at me. "For anything." I look at her with a confused expression, and she mirrors me. "What? I can't spoil my baby?"

She never gives me that much money. Maybe a couple hundred here or there for extra things I need, but two thousand fucking dollars? That's ridiculous.

"Half of it is from your father." She says calmly.

I grimace at the mention of him.

I don't want anything from him. I can't give it back though, he'd just laugh and put it in my savings. Ugh, this all makes me nervous. I hate money. If I didn't need money, I'd definitely be giving it back.

"Uh, thanks mom." I pull her in for a small hug.

She pulls back. "Caroline was really looking forward to tonight. Go talk to her."

"Alright. I'll come back and say bye before I leave."

"Please." She kisses my cheek.

I turn away and head up the stairs towards Caroline's room.

I knock lightly. "Carebear." I say softly.

I hear running. "Tyler!" She opens the door, jumps in my arms and throws her hands around my neck. "It's nice to see you Carebear. I've missed you."

"I've missed you too. Why are you here so early?" She says as she pulls back to look at my face. "What happened?" She says concerned.

"I got my face re-arranged. Can't you tell, my dear sister?" I laugh lightly.

"I can tell." She giggles softly. "I just don't like seeing you hurt."

"Hurt? Pain? I know no such thing." I raise my chin with false confidence.

She laughs. "Whatever. But why are you here? Isn't the dinner later?"

I set her down gently and shake my head. "I'm sorry, Carebear. Mallory and I need to get away. We're leaving for the beach soon."

Shit. I never even told her about Mallory.

She looks down at her feet sadly.

"I promise I'll make it up to you. You can plan anything you want." I walk over and kiss her forehead. "Whatever you want, you got it. Alright?"

"Alright. I'll think about it while you're gone." She says with a hint of hope. "Wait..whose Mallory?"

"She's uh..my friend." I try to hide my smile but fail miserably.

"Yeah right! She's so your girlfriend." She giggles.

"Not yet."

"I bet she's really pretty." She says with a big smile.

"She is."

She walks over to her bed and grabs a box from underneath her bed. "I got you something." She holds it out, and I grab it from her.

I open the box and see a Pink Floyd shirt that I've been wanting. How could she possibly know I wanted this? It's black and has a large triangle that's filled with photos from all their albums and Pink Floyd in red letters. I needed a new one since my other one has holes in it from being so old.

"I love it. Thanks, Carebear."

"I knew you would. Have fun at the beach."

That's what I love about Caroline. She's understanding.

"I love you, I'll see you soon, and we'll go wherever you want."

"I love you too, Tyler." She says and walks back over to her easel.

I race back downstairs to say goodbye to mom, aching to get back to Mallory.

She hands me the keys. "If you need anything else, or if something is wrong, you call me."

"I will. See you soon." I give her another hug and rush to the pharmacy.

I get my refill and head to Mallory's. I hope she doesn't mind I've been gone for almost two hours. And, I really hope that she has missed me as much as I've missed her.

I grab the things I bought her out of the backseat of my car and walk right in. As soon as I walk in I feel a sudden relief that she's back in my presence. When I wasn't with her, I felt weird..like I was missing something.

I hear the shower running and I see a suitcase on her bed that seems to be packed already.


I was just going to give them to her when I walked in. But, it seems like a much better idea for her to be surprised when she gets to the beach house and opens her suitcase.

I open the it quickly and stick the stuff in. I'm really hoping she doesn't see them until she gets there.

Fuck.. I totally forgot to shower. I've been so wrapped up in trying to get back to her.

The sudden idea pops into my head that I should just join her. It will be very fucking tempting to fuck her, but I've been able to control myself pretty well. Not like it's easy or anything. No, no. Far from it. Every move she makes turns me on.

I open the door to the bathroom quietly. It smells incredible. It smells exactly like her. Warm vanilla. I remove all my clothes quickly and quietly -and slide in behind her. I feel her tense up from my presence.

Fuck, she's so beautiful. Little water droplets dripping down her perfect curves. I want to glide my fingers over every inch of it. Savoring in the feeling of her silky skin against my own. I snake my arms around her waist and she lets out a soft whimper.

I lean my face down to her ear. "I've missed you." I whisper softly.

I hear her let out a long content sigh and I smile to myself. She turns in my arms, letting her eyes rake over my entire body, stopping momentarily to stare at my throbbing cock before bringing them back up to mine.

"I want you." She says softly, but just loud enough for me to hear her over the running water. I feel my dick agree, but I know that I want to get on the road and to the beach house. I know that will be the perfect place to let her have me, and take her in return. I'm going to have to wait.

I lean in so our lips are touching but not kissing, and thickly swallow down the urge to slam myself into her slick, warm center. "You can soon, I promise." I mumble against her lips. I push my lips to hers and kiss her passionately.

She pulls apart ever-so-slightly, and places her mouth next to my ear. "Well, then. If I can't have you now, then I am at least going to wash you. And you can't stop me." She says sensually, her breath tickling my ear and making every hair on my body stand on end.

She grabs the soap from behind me, without losing contact with my arms, and lathers her hands up. She's sporting the biggest smile I think I've ever seen her wear. It's gorgeous, and I just want to pause this moment and permanently burn it into my memory.

After she finishes washing me, and I rewash her -just because I want to- we help each other get dressed. I choose the black Pink Floyd shirt Caroline bought me for my birthday, the dark colored jeans with a rip in one knee that I was wearing earlier, and my black converse.

She's wearing an outfit that we bought, minus her sexy underwear. She's wearing cute light blue underwear with a wink face on the ass, the brown RocketDog sandals, the light colored ripped jean shorts, the Led Zeppelin belly shirt, and no bra.

God, she's killing me with the no bra, I can see her perfect, perky nipples trying to poke out from under the thin fabric of her shirt. I can easily stick my hand up there and feel them, rub and caress the soft, round, pink skin until they pebble with arousal. Fuck.

I shake my head to attempt getting my thoughts back in order.

I clear my throat. "Hows your head? Does it hurt?" I ask curiously concerned.

"It hurts a little bit, but that Vicodin helped a lot."

"I'm gald it helped. I had a good amount left in the bottle I had, but I went to pick up another one so we'll have some more.. I didn't want to run out in the middle of the trip."

She walks over to me slowly and wraps her arms around my neck. "Mmm. My boy is prepared."

My dick immediately hardens. Shit, how does she do that? She said one sentence to me. Wait. She called me her boy. I smile widely.

I close the gap between us by pulling her in by her ass and giving it a little squeeze. "Lets get going so I can swoon you with my mad swooning skills." I say playfully and nudge my nose against hers.

She giggles and a beautiful blush appears on her cheeks. "Are you sure we have everything ready?" She asks.

"If you have everything you need. I just need to know where my journal is."

She points to the kitchen counter and I quickly walk over and retrieve it. "Are you sure you have everything you need?" I ask her.

She walks over to me and looks up into my eyes. "Yup."

I smile and she sets her forehead against mine. I pull away after a couple seconds and kiss her forehead. "Let's go." I smile at her.

I can tell in her eyes that she's really excited. But there's a hint of something else in there..and I don't want to think it is fear, but that's what it really looks like.

She walks and turns everything off, then turns back to me. "Whose car are we taking, Tyler?"

"Whichever one you want to take." I say calmly.


I'd be okay with that, mine is cramped and hers probably gets better gas mileage.

"Alright. I just have to grab my things out of my car."

~Mallory POV~

We fill up my tank, grab ourselves drinks and get something to eat, and head out to the beach house.

It's supposedly two hours away. I'm driving and he's telling me where to go. I'm really fucking nervous about this, even though it's just going to be me and him. I like that he let me drive, considering driving will keep half my attention on driving and not how incredibly nervous I am.

I keep looking over to catch a glimpse of his beautiful profile, and he smiles warmly back. But, the comfort that brings only lasts a little bit.

I just don't know what to expect, and I don't know whether I should be extremely excited or really scared. I'm comfortable around Tyler, but I have never been to the beach before. And what if I try to swim and fail? That would be extremely embarrassing. I also have a feeling that I'm not going to fit in. This has never been my lifestyle. Having things handed to me, someone taking care of me, and everything just being okay. Like I don't have to worry, because I have someone who will be there for me, like never before. Although I like Tyler taking care of me, I still feel as if I don't deserve any of this, I don't deserve to be cared about. I'm worthless.

Besides the fact that I'm so used to being independent, it scares me to death to think that I could possibly be dependent on Tyler taking care of me soon enough. Like eventually I will get so used to it I'll forget what it's like to be on my own. For some reason, I've been comfortable with it all these years, not having to worry about anyone but myself.

I've taken care of myself ever since I was little. Even before my father died and my mother became a heroin addict, before that she was a raging alcoholic. My father did some-what take care of me before he killed himself, but if he really loved me, why would he have left me behind with that monster? And all the other monsters that tortured me because of her. He left me so helpless, so vulnerable and weak.

A shot of anger runs through my veins at the thought of the monster that was my mother, what she let those men do to me, and the torture she let her own daughter go through for years. Just for her quick fixes and quick hours of numbing the pain she felt for all the things she did wrong with her life. Me being one of them. I knew growing up that my parents never wanted me. I was a mistake, they made that really clear.

"It's okay, Mallory." He reaches over and puts his hand on my thigh and caresses it softly to try and ease my nerves. It works, and I instantly feel my tense muscles relax from his tingling and calming touch. "Want to play a game?" He asks adorably, looking at me with soft, yet concerned eyes.

How can he make all the pain go away with just one look? I don't get it.

I look at him questioningly, but only for a second before I turn my eyes back to the road.

"A driving game? You've never played 'I spy' before?" I look at him again, and I feel like a huge idiot for not knowing what in the hell he is talking about. 'I spy'? What the fuck is that?

I nod my head no in embarrassment, and feel my cheeks spark with heat.

"Well, it's just a silly game where you tell people a color of something and the other person has to guess what it is. Like..'I spy something green.' and I'd guess grass.." He laughs and throws his free hand in his hair. "But I thought it would take your mind off whatever you're thinking. Just relax. I can feel your nervousness emanating off you in waves, Mallory." He lets out a light giggle before rubbing soothing circles on my thigh.

"Emanating?" I ask confused.

"Like the vibe you're giving off. I can feel your energy. " He explains smiling.

I smile sheepishly. "Oh," I say, and run a nervous hand through my hair. "Okay. I'm sorry."

The sun is starting to bother my eyes, it finally poked through the clouds. I look over at the clock and it's almost four. The sun is starting to set and it's the worst time of day to drive. I put the visor down to block some of the sun but it doesn't work. I let out a frustrated sigh and squint my eyes to see ahead. I forgot to grab my sunglasses, I didn't even think about them, even though I knew it'd be sunny.

Tyler takes his seat belt off and leans far over to reach in the back seat. I'm guessing he's getting something out of his luggage.

"What you doin'?" I ask, straining my neck trying to look at him, but fail and look back at the road.

He doesn't answer me. I hear zippers and shuffling, and he finally comes to rest again. I notice two pairs of sunglasses. He puts one on and hands me the other pair.

"You bought me sunglasses?"

"Yup, you have another pair in your suitcase. I put them there before I got in the shower." He says with a huge grin.

Really? He bought me two pairs of sunglasses? He's too sweet. And these are fucking awesome sunglasses. They are black, dark tint of gray lenses, and a bubbly square shape. I wonder what the other ones look like. God, I couldn't hide the smile on my face right now if I tried.

I got him a birthday present, but it wouldn't even compare to everything that he's done for me. It's just a hemp necklace with a big circular glass case that holds stuff in it. I thought it would be handy for his Vicodin.

"Thanks, Tyler."

"No problem, you look beautiful."

"Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself." I smile, and I feel my body heat up from his compliment. "So I'm guessing now that we have sunglasses on, this 'I spy' game will be nearly impossible?" I asked.

He smiles widely. "I suppose you are right, but we are almost there. Take the next exit."

I nod.

Jesus, it seems like we haven't been driving that long. I feel a sudden feeling of anxiety creep up on me knowing we are close and this is it. This is where I'm going to face one of my fears.. I think he is planning on our 'special time' to be here. I couldn't see how it could be any more special.

I get off at the exit, and he tells me to take the first left, the second right, and it's the fifth driveway on the left.

I follow his directions, and I can feel Tyler's tension 'emanating' off him as we become closer and closer.

I look around to observe everything as we pull in the 'subdivision'. My mouth drops, and I swear it's probably on the fucking floor.

The houses are fucking huge. And I'm talking like fucking huge. Luxurious and rich. Then I see it. Fifth house on the left. It's the biggest one around here. The houses are really far apart, but this one has to be the biggest. It's on a cliff too, it's absolutely beautiful. Breath taking. I thought this was going to be like a small and homey kind of beach house. Not like a five million dollar mansion beach house.

"Mallory." I hear him say through my thick cloud of disbelief.

"Mmhm?" I mumble while staring at the place where we are supposed to be staying for the next week.

A stunning stone driveway leads up to an artsy, with a hint of 1900's style mansion. It has beautiful red, brown, and tan bricks, with what looks like wooden paneling. A beautiful rustic stone tower, looking out onto the ocean. It has windows of all sizes, and a view of the ocean that anyone would almost faint seeing.

"Mallory.." I hear him say again. "You can turn in the driveway now. We've been sitting here for a good while." He says with a little chuckle.

I notice I haven't even pulled in the driveway yet, and I've just been sitting here staring at it. Wow, Mallory. Way to look like an idiot.

"I...I..uh..sorry." I pull down the stone driveway and he tells me to park near the garage. Even the garage is beautiful. A dark wood.

I turn off the ignition and get out of the car. Tyler grabs our luggage and looks over at me.

"You okay, Mal?"

I turn my face slowly to look at him, but I just can't seem to push aside the huge awe that I'm currently in. "Uh-huh." I nod.

He walks over to me and sets the luggage near our feet. He snakes his arms around my waist and and looks me in the eye. I want to hold him, I know it would help me. But I can't, the guitar on his back is hindering me from pulling him into me. Which reminds me, he never told me he plays guitar...

The sun is shining perfectly on him, he looks like something out of a dream. A huge glow around him, a glint in his beautiful blue-green eyes. They are more on the blue side right now. I love how his eyes change, it's really cute. He looks completely happy, and is smiling gorgeously at me. And I can't help but smile back.

But there's still that nagging feeling that I just don't belong here.

He takes his arms from around my waist and rubs my arms soothingly. "Don't be nervous, it's okay." He says tenderly, and kisses me softly on the forehead. "Come on, let's go inside and get comfortable. Then we'll do whatever you want to do, okay?"

How can one person be so caring?

I nod and smile lightly. "Okay."

I'm just going to try and relax, have fun, and whatever happens –happens.

He leads the way up to the front door, unlocks it, and ushers me inside.

Holy shit. Seriously? This is the most beautiful house I've ever seen. It looks like a 1900's Spanish villa resort.

Tall, dark wood cathedral ceilings that are supported by wooden logs as big as telephone polls, red-wood mahogany board floors, peach-colored painted bricks on the farthest wall, a big bright purple and blue rug, and matching purple curtains, a beautiful stone fireplace, beautiful dark wood furniture, bright colored yellow and orange lamps and couches, a wide wooden ship's wheel hangs from one of the beams like a chandelier over a dark wooden table and chairs.

Jesus, I've only seen one room and I'm blown away.

Pictures of the beach house(A must see! I suck at descriptions so there won't be really any, besides that one right there ^. Please look.) : .com/post/17329592622/never-think-tylers-parents-private-beach

More pictures of the beach house/ Tyler's swim trunks/ Mallory's purple shoes- www. rob-me. tumblr. com/post/19523219385/beach-shoes

~Tyler POV~

I set my guitar on the couch, and walk back over to Mallory.

I think it's kind of cute how Mallory is in shock. I really want this week to be extremely good for her, and I'll do anything to make that happen.

"Come on, let's go to our room and get settled in." I say calmy and link my fingers in hers.

I hope she likes the things I got her. I know she'll like the shoes, because she pretty much picked them out.

I lead her down the long hallway and into our bedroom, each carrying our own suitcase. I decided we'd stay in the master bedroom where my parents normally stay, since they aren't here.

We make it to the bedroom, and her mouth drops.

"Oh..my God, Tyler," She looks at me and smiles widely. "It's so beautiful." She whispers.

"Like you." I whisper back.

She crashes into me and squeezes me against her. "Thank you." She mumbles into my chest. "For everything."

"You don't have to thank me. Want to go down to the beach?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Okay, let's get our suits on."

She pulls back and starts unzipping her suit case. She gasps loudly and looks back at me.

I unzip my suit case and get my Led Zeppelin swim trunks out and start undressing.

"Keep looking." I say with a sly smile on my face.

"Oh my god! Tyler! You so didn't have to buy me all this stuff! Thank you!" She takes out the yellow sunglasses and sets them on the bed.

Pictures of Mallory's sunglasses- www. rob-me. tumblr. com/post/19523664024/sunglasses

"I wanted to." I say happily. "You deserve it." I say as I slide my swim trunks on.

She pulls out the Grateful Dead hoodie and holds it up. "Holy shit!" She screams.

Picture of Mallorys Grateful Dead zip-up hoodie- www. rob-me. tumblr. com/post/19666837698/gdhoodie

I laugh and slip into my sandals.

She looks over and notices I'm ready to go. "Oh, I'm sorry." She laughs. "This is just so exciting." She goes through her suit case, takes out her native swim suit, and sets it on the bed while she undresses.

My dick immediately hardens when she takes off her shirt and she has no bra on. "God, you're sexy." I blurt out.

I walk over behind her, grab her by her hips and push her into me. She gasps then moans lightly, and starts grinding her hips into me. A shock wave of lust powers through me, and it takes everything in me not to tear off the rest of her clothes and fuck her right here, right now.

"Jesus, Mallory."

She grabs my hands and slides them up her sides, so I'm cupping her boobs. I bring my head down and press my lips to her neck. She shudders and groans.

Holy fuck.

I tease her nipples with my thumb and forefinger, causing a loud moan to escape her. I feel my dick twitch and my hips instinctively grind into her ass.

"Beach, Tyler." She breathes and turns in my arms.

Her eyes and body are telling a different story though. Her eyes are cloudy and filled with lust. Her nipples taut and begging for my mouth.


She steps back and grabs her top and slides it over her head. "I need help tying the back." She says softly and turns her back to me.

How do I do this? Like..a bow? Wouldn't that come undone? Wait...why would I care if it came undone?

"A bow, Tyler." She laughs.

Was I thinking out loud? What?

I tie a bow and she quickly grabs her bottoms and shorts off the bed. She slides on one then the other and slides her sandals back on.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to check on her head. It's been a couple hours since I last gave her a pain killer. I should probably give her another one before we head out in the sun.

"How's your head? Do you need another pain killer?" I ask as I zip my suit case back up.

She' nods her head and I grab two Vicodin out of the bottle in my pants on the floor and hand her one.

I lead her downstairs to the kitchen. We both stop mid-way in the kitchen.

"Holy fuck." We both mutter in unison.

Every single one of my favorite things is on the counter in bulk -minus Mallory.

There's two bottles of Jagermeister, a bottle of Captain Morgan, a bottle of raspberry Smirnoff, a case of Red Bull, a case of Coke, and a case of Heineken.

There's Fruit by the Foot, a box of my favorite donuts, Nutella & Go's, bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, Oreos, Kit Kats, Twizzlers, and every fruit imaginable.

By all the food on the counter there's a note and an envelope.

The note reads:


I hope you and Mallory have a wonderful time this week. Here's a list of nearby restaurants and places that deliver. My driver will also be nearby to deliver you guys anything that you want. The number is in the envelope with the two thousand.



This is the nicest my mom has ever been to me...

"You have a really nice mom." Mallory says from behind me. Her voice is filled with emotion, and it sparks a bit of curiosity.

"Yeah." I turn to her. "Are you thirsty?" I ask.


We walk over to the fridge and look what's inside. Holy hell.

Breakfast food ingredients, dinner ingredients..Another case of Red Bull and Coke. Two more bottles of Jagermeister, another bottle of Captain Morgan, and a case of Heineken.

"What would you like?" I ask.

"What's Red Bull?" She asks curiously.

"Seriously? Never tried it? It's an energy drink. It's amazing."

"I'll try it."

I grab two, and we both take our Vicodin.

"Mmm. This is amazing."

"Told ya."

I grab two more Red Bulls and grab the cold bottle of Jagermeister so we can make Jager-bombs down by the beach.

Goddd, that sounds amazing. Jager-bombs and Mallory...Jager-bombs off Mallory..

"I need..glasses." I think out loud.

I look in one of the underneath cabinets and find a swimming bag to pile everything in. I go up top in the cabinets and grab two red solo cups for our mixed drinks.

"Don't we need towels?" Mallory asks.

"They're by the door on our way out."


Mallory grabs our towels and we head out the door down the lit stone path towards the beach.

We find our place in the sand and I set up our towels. We both sit down, and I pour us both a drink.

"This is the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Mallory says while looking out into the vast ocean, the sun setting above, making the water look shades of orange, red, and pink.

I smile. "What's the first?" I ask curiously.

She hesitates for a second before looking over at me and whispering, "You."

My breath hitches and my heart rate skyrockets. She scoots over to me, straddles my waist, and sets her hand over my heart. Her touch tingles and heats up the skin underneath.

"You're beautiful." I breathe.

She tangles her fingers in my hair and pushes me back onto the sand. I run my hands softly up her sides and lock my arms around her back.

Perfect. Her body feels like perfection.

An overwhelming sensation is blooming in my chest, screaming at me to get closer to her, but we are as close as it gets.

She's hovering over me, our lips barely touching, with a delicate smile on her face. We lock eyes and I feel my heart drop into my stomach.

Her eyes are the most beautiful shade of green I have ever seen. The specs of yellow are gold in this light.

"Your eyes are so fucking pretty." She admits softly.

I swear, she reads my mind.

"Everything about you is so fucking pretty." I smile and gently graze my fingers over her cheek and tuck her hair behind her ear.

I feel her shudder, and she smiles widely.

She looks like a fucking angel. The sun as her halo. Shining beautifully, magnificently. I wish I had a camera, I would print the picture and use it as my wallpaper in my room. God, she's stunning.

"Tyler?" She coos, and shifts around on top of me.

"Y-Yeah?" I stutter.

"Will you play your guitar for me?" She asks softly, nervously.

"I'm not that good, I don't know.."

"Come on..please." She begs, running her hands up my stomach to my chest. "I bet you are good." She murmurs quietly as she leans down and places a soft kiss on my lips.

"Okay..fine. I have to go get it though."

I didn't even have a chance at saying no to her. It would be entirely too difficult to deny her what she wants. I already did it with sex. But that was only to make it better for her.

Shit..I don't even know what I'd play for her. I hope I'm not really nervous and fuck up. I'm better at remembering the chords if I'm singing along...God, I sound like such a pussy. Man up, Hawkins.


I grab my drink and chug from it. Out of the corner of my eye I see Mallory drinking hers for the first time.

"Do you like it?" I ask.

"It's really fucking good. I can't believe I've never tried this drink before."

"Me either." I laugh as I stand up and shake the sand out of my hair.

I go and grab my guitar, and as I'm walking back, I notice Mallory sitting with her feet in the water. It's adorable.

I guess she sensed me coming, because before I reached her she was back on her towel, waiting contently for me to sit down next to her.

When I went in to grab my guitar, I decided on playing Wish You Were Here. It's the song I'm best at. And me and Michael used to play it together. I know Mallory likes Pink Floyd so it's a safe bet.

I sit down on my towel and face her.

"So what are you going to play?" She asks.

"Wish You Were Here." I say softly as I take out my guitar and pick from it's case. I hear her breathing hitch and she lets out a ragged breath.

"That's a beautiful guitar, Tyler."

"My brother bought it for me when I was sixteen."

She smiles gorgeously, and I return it.

I chug the rest of my Jager-bomb, and take a couple deep breaths.

(You seriously have to listen to this, or you aren't even worthy of reading my story.) Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd. Link- www. youtube. com/watch?v=QCQTr8ZYdhg

I strike the first couple cords on my guitar and see Mallory close her eyes in contentment.

The amazing smile on her face gives me the confidence I need to continue.

But the overwhelming sensation is back in my chest, blooming fully, a range of emotions as I start to sing.

So, so you think you can tell

Heaven from Hell,

Blue skies from pain.

Can you tell a green field,

From a cold steel rail?

A smile from a veil?

Do you think you can tell?

I can feel the emotions swelling inside me, threatening to break through. I'm trying not to let my voice falter or crack. I still haven't looked up to see Mallory's reaction. I'm afraid of what I'll see.

And did they get you to trade

Your heroes for ghosts?

Hot ashes for trees?

Hot air for a cool breeze?

Cold comfort for change?

And did you exchange

A walk on part in the war

For a lead role in a cage?


My emotions are definitely getting the best of me, images of Michael sitting right beside me, singing and playing his guitar. Images of Mallory shining beautifully in the sun, smiling as she's wrapped up in my arms like a Goddess. I feel my eyes well up with the emotion, and I can't hold it back anymore. Hot tears roll down my cheeks and onto the guitar strings. I can tell when I start to sing again, emotion will be clear in my voice.

How I wish, how I wish you were here.

We're just two lost souls

Swimming in a fish bowl,

Year after year,

Running over the same old ground.

What have we found?

The same old fears.

Wish you were here.

I let the emotions roll off me in waves as I continue to play, still not looking up to see Mallory's reaction. Trying to hum the last part of the song, but it's coming out more like sobs.

~Mallory POV~

I haven't noticed my mouth was open until it was too dry to swallow. I take another drink and set it down in the sand.

His voice is mesmerizing and by far the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. As he sings I feel an overpowering, piercing emotion in my chest that I can't quite pick out, making tears well up in my eyes and spill over my cheeks onto the sand. I want to run to him and comfort him, his face is contorted in emotion, and it makes my heart swell in my chest. The sun setting makes him look like an angel, glorious in all that he is.

I wipe my tear-stained face and sniffle back more tears. He looks up as he is finishing and his eyes are tear-filled and a beautiful green.

"That was...so beautiful." I scoot closer to him and lay my head on his shoulder. "Your voice is breath-taking, Tyler."

I see him hesitate to speak, then pulls my chin up with his fingers and kisses me deep and passionate. He pulls away and leans his forehead against mine. I wrap my arms around him and pull his body closer to mine. He returns the embrace and starts panting heavily.

I can't believe my feelings for him. They are ever-growing and strong. I can't control the way I feel about him. No matter how much I wish I could even think about walking away from all of this unscathed, I don't think it's possible. I've never been this kind of girl. A girl that is attached to another person. A guy for that matter. But I can't help it. He's incredible. But I still also can't help feeling that this is all too good to be true. Like one day I'm gonna wake up and realize that all of this is one big dream.

But, right now, all I want to do is scream at the top of my lungs how I feel about him. And as much as it scares me, it also excites the fuck out of me.

"Tyler?" I breathe.

"Yeah?" He whispers. I feel his hot breath on my lips and all I want to do is feel his lips on mine again, but I really need to get this out. Just so the words aren't stuck inside me anymore.

"I really, really like you." I admit softly.

I see his lips curl into a smile, and as he speaks, his smile doesn't fade. "I really like you too, Mallory." I shudder as his words sink in, and lean in and kiss him.

He pulls back slightly. "I've been meaning to ask you, but I didn't know how to ask..I've never asked someone this before." He says softly, and locks his eyes on mine.

What? I'm confused. "What?" I whisper as my heart rate picks up.

"Will you..be my girlfriend?" He asks in a sexy, velvet tone.

I feel a tingle surge throughout my body, making me shiver, and I hum my response. "Mmhmm."

I'm not sure if I can even speak, but I still cant help the huge shit eating grin on my face right now. He's so cute.

I have never been asked to be someones girlfriend before. And I never imagined it'd feel this amazing.

He leans in and kisses me softly before pulling back. "Are you cold? I can start a fire? Or we can go inside?" He asks sweetly.

I laugh lightly. "A Fire? That'd be a lot of work." I answer.

"Not at all. Would you like that?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Okay, stay here. I'll be right back."

I watch as he walks up the stone path and walks back shortly carrying a wheel barrel full of stuff. His muscles are flexing gorgeously and it makes me clench my thighs with anticipation. His tongue poking out cutely, a pained look on his face. How could he even carry that? It looks extremely heavy. I couldn't even attempt to lift that.

I laugh.

"What?" He asks, his voice hoarse.

"You look goofy."

"Thanks." He says jokingly, laughing, as he sets the wheel barrel down a few feet away.

He pulls out huge logs, and small sticks, setting them in a triangle shape before he pulls out big stones and sets them in a circle around it. He pulls out lighter fluid and douses the wood with it.

"Close your eyes." He says softly.

I hear him light a match and I hear it burst into flames.

I open my eyes and stare at the beautiful fire before me. Tyler comes and sits down next to me and pours us another drink.

We both take a couples drinks before Tyler breaks the silence.

"What did one ocean say to the other ocean?" He asks as he smiles.

I laugh. Is he really trying to tell me a joke?


"Nothing. He just waved." He laughs.

"You're such a dork." I say in between laughing.

"No need to be a beach."

I laugh even harder, and I snort loudly. Oh my god..how embarrassing. I'm laughing so hard at this point my stomach starts to cramp up. Tyler pushes me onto my back and kisses me passionately.

He withdraws and sets his forehead on mine, both of us trying to catch our breath.

"Do you want to go in the water?" He asks breathlessly.

I tense beneath him, and he lets the back of his hand airily caress my cheek. "It's okay, I'll carry you?" He whispers.

I nod. "Okay."

He smiles then picks me up from underneath my knees and below my shoulder blades.

I'm really nervous. I have never been in the ocean. I don't know what to expect. What if I act like a baby? I don't want him to see me scared.

He walks slowly into the water and stops when it's a little bit above his waist, and not quite touching my ass.

"Want me to set you down?" He asks lovingly.

I nod a yes and he slowly submerges me into the water. The water is still warm from the sun, a comfortable temperature. When my feet hit the sandy bottom a rush of accomplishment runs through my veins, making me smile. The sun is completely set and the moon is shining delicately onto the face of the water. I spread my fingers and glide my them through the mirror-like surface, experiencing it.

I look over at Tyler and he's smiling at me. "What?" I ask, smiling back at him.

"You look so graceful and angelic in the moonlight."

I am nothing close to graceful or angelic. But it feels nice coming from him. All of this seems so surreal.

He glides through the water and closes the gap between us, putting one arm around my waist, and another at my neck. "Lean back." He says softly.

I look at him with a confused expression before obeying and leaning back. He gently dips my head into the water and stops when it reaches my forehead. I smile at his gentleness, treating like I'm fragile. As much as I thought I wouldn't like it, I do.

He smiles back and lifts my face up to his. "Did that hurt your head?" He asks in a raspy voice, making me shudder.

I place my hands on his chest. "No." I answer quietly.

"Did you like it?"

I lean in to his lips and whisper, "Yeah."

I look up and down his stomach then back up to his eyes. Jesus, this man couldn't be anymore perfect. He slides his hands down to my ass, then lifts me up to straddle his waist. My breathing hitches when I feel his hard cock pushing against my pussy.

I remember him saying earlier that I could have him tonight..it feels like I've been waiting forever for this moment.

I smile at him lustfully and move my hands up to his hair, stroking the back of his neck. I lean in and glide my tongue across his bottom lip, asking for permission. He quickly grants it and takes my tongue into his mouth smoothly. A low grunt escapes his chest as I grind my hips into his hard cock. Our kisses become frantic and needy, my hips grinding more intensely. He takes his mouth away from mine and moves to my neck, flicking his tongue and sucking on it hungrily. I moan loudly and throw my head back, giving him more access. He moves his mouth up to my ear and blows gently before nibbling at my ear.

"I want you, Mallory." He breathes in my ear, sending chills up my spine to my pussy, causing me to grunt in anticipation.

I can feel myself getting wet, even in the water. "Please." I beg softly.

I want him so bad I can feel it in my bones, aching. A need so strong that I don't think it could be ignored.

"I need you." I whisper, my voice rough and sensual.

I look up into his eyes. They are clouded and dark, full of pure need and hunger. He leans down and kisses me passionately before walking us back towards the shore. He stops about a foot short, and lays me down on my back, the waves hitting just around my knees. He bends down, trailing kisses down my chin to my collarbone before pulling my top up and over my head, throwing it aside. He takes my nipples into his mouth, suckling on it, while rolling my other between his fingers. I arch my back and buck my hips in pleasure, trying desperately to get the friction I want between my legs. He thrusts his hips into me softly and grunts deep and low.

He slides his hand down from my boob, caressing my skin softly as he moves down my stomach and to the sweet ache between my thighs. He rubs slow circles over my overly aroused clit, making me whimper at his touch. He smirks sexily at me, making me melt, and tugs at my swimsuit bottoms.

"Please." I moan.

He pulls them down my legs quickly and throws it with my top. I tug at the waistband of his trunks and he slides them down his legs and throws them with the others. I look at his body with awe, wondering just how perfect one person can be. I am just now noticing how big it is. It's probably the biggest dick I have ever seen, and I don't want to wait any longer to have him.

Insane lust powers through me and I pull him to me by his neck, kissing him frenziedly, both of us exploring each others bodies with our hands. Our breathing is short and rough, my body humming and buzzing.

I want to feel every single inch of him. Around me, inside me, on top of me, pressed against me. But I can't seem to get close enough.

"I need you, now." He moans as he sways his hard cock around my wet center. I whimper in agreement and guide him to my opening.

Holy fuck..this is really happening. A small rush of nervousness runs through me as I realize the moment we've been waiting for has finally arrived.

He lays his elbows on either side of my head, letting his mouth hover over mine, as I knot my fingers in his hair and tug lightly.

He pushes himself into me slowly, inch by mind-blowing inch. I moan lighly into his mouth as the nervousness washes away. As we finally become hip to hip he freezes and moans loudly, clenching his eyes shut. I shudder beneath him, throwing my arms around his back and squeezing tightly, my breathing coming out heavy and ragged.

The sensation is too much, and not enough at the same time. I want more, I want all of him. He pulls out slowly before sliding back in and swiveling his hips. I press my head back into the sand, enjoying the rush of intense sensations traveling through my body. He continues to pull in and out of me slowly, both of us swallowing each others every breath and moan. With each push and pull, I feel the sensations skyrocket through me, lingering in my chest, intensifying with his every move.

"You feel..so..perfect..Mallory." He pants and locks our lips.

~Tyler POV~

The sense of utter completion and mind-bending pleasure washed over me as I entered her. It made me dizzy. She's perfect. Tight, wet, and warm. Her body is pure bliss. I don't think I could ever get enough of her.

I pull away from our kiss, and as we lock eyes, and the sensation only increases. Her eyes are glazed and cloudy. It makes my heart swell with happiness.

I speed up my pace, and both my happiness, and our moans speed up with it. I clench my eyes shut as the emotions start to swell up inside me, making me want to weep at the beauty of this whole experience.

~Mallory POV~

I close my eyes and writhe beneath him as shock-waves of ecstasy roll from my pussy throughout my whole body, trying desperately to hold back the tears I wish to shed. My hold on him increases, pulling him onto my chest.

"I want you to come inside me, Tyler." I cry out as I feel the tear I was holding back roll past my temple and onto the sand beneath us.

"Fuck." He moans with equal emotion, and I feel his dick throb violently inside me, and another wave of emotions and sensations flow through me with equal measure. He crashes his mouth into mine as he stills above me, his dick still throbbing. I feel his chest jump repeatedly, sob-like sounds coming from deep within him.

He pulls away from our kiss and I open my eyes to look at him. His eyes hold just as much emotion as mine most likely do. His face is tear-stained and the look on his face is blissful. We smile at each other and wipe each others faces off.

"God..that was.." He pants and runs his fingers through my hair, moving it away from my eyes. "There are.. no words."

That was..the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. I don't even know what to call that. That was not just sex. That was like...a miracle or something. I feel like a completely different person. A person that doesn't have a horrible past. A person that doesn't do horrible things. I feel good. I feel more than good. I feel..happy. Content. For the first time in my whole life.

I've never even used the word beautiful before I met Tyler. And now...it seems I say it too much.

"I know." I breathe.

"You are absolutely..stunning..Mallory."

I look over at him and smile. "So are you, Tyler."

And as our breathing quiets down, the only thing left to hear are the waves that are now gently hitting the bottom our feet.

I snuggle into his chest and listen to his still rapid heartbeat, as he wraps his arm around me and sighs in contentment.

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