A/N: This story is basically made up of songfics. It explains the life of Kiba and Hinata… and what I hope to be their feelings for each other. It goes by age, year by year… I only put in some of the lines for the first part. I got sick of the rest and it was kind of repetitive.

Oh, yeah, I totally got sick of these songs after listening to them SO DAMN OFTEN.

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"Story of a Girl" (also known as "Absolutely") by Nine Days

Age: 12

POV: Kiba

This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world.

Hinata Hyuga. The Hyuga heiress…

How could I ever have feelings for her? It would be a hopeless, one-sided relationship. She had duties to fulfill that I would just get in the way of. I'm only twelve, why would I think of her this way? Is it a mere crush? Is it just puberty? Am I hallucinating? Hinata. I just can't stop thinking about her.

Her cousin is hailed as the Hyuga genius, and he hates the main branch. Her sister is stronger than her, and she's years younger than Hinata. Her father thinks she's weak and pitiful. He wishes that Hanabi was the heiress, and not her.

Also, Hinata likes a total idiot named Naruto Uzumaki. I honestly don't see how anyone could fall for a guy like that. Well, he isn't that bad. He's cool and funny, and all… Maybe I'm just jealous, just maybe.

The idiot doesn't even notice her, because he's head over heels for Sakura Haruno, a pink-haired bitch.

My point is… Hinata's life is pretty horrible. She's rejected, underestimated, and misunderstood.

She's sweet and kind to everyone, and she puts other's needs before herself. She doesn't deserve what she has right now. And more importantly… she deserves better than Naruto.

And while she looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her when she smiles.

She often looks so alone and sad, and it makes me want to give her a hug or something. She just looks so sad. She's timid and shy, so what? I bet I could help her blossom into a beautiful flower, become a beautiful butterfly, and break out of her turtle shell.

I hate seeing her so sad, though. I wish she smiled more. So, I try making her laugh. She doesn't do much, though. It can be so hard to make her smile. Complimenting her doesn't work very much; she just blushes. But when she blushes… it's just as great.

I joke around- a lot- just to make her smile or giggle. Akamaru is a big help when it comes to making her laugh and giggle. And other embarrassing things that you don't need to know about.

My favorite thing to make her smile or cute and blush…? Obviously, it's teasing her about her crush on Naruto. It always makes her freak out. She starts talking really fast, making her stutter, and her face turns red, and she always looks worried. The best thing to do around her is letting her freak out and then saying all of a sudden, "Hi, Naruto!"

She always looks beautiful that way… and her scent… Do not even get me started on that.

How many days in a year?

She woke up with hope, but she only found tears, and I can be so insincere, making her promises never for real, as long as she stands there, waiting, wearing the holes in the soles of her shoes.

Every time I go get her for training in the morning, she comes out the door with puffy eyes. It's beginning to worry me. One day, she told me that she hasn't been getting much sleep. Well, that explains it, but why?

She said that her father always trained her much earlier in the day, and he would always be upset with her. She just couldn't be good enough. She always hoped she would impress everyone- that isn't working.

I try to comfort her and be the best friend that I could be, but I keep making promises I can't keep. For example, I said,

"Don't worry, Hinata. I promise Naruto will warm up to you," or, "Hinata, I'll be there when you need it, always."

I know I can't keep those promises, but maybe she'll wait for me to fulfill them.

How many days disappear? You look in the mirror, so how do you choose?

Your clothes never wear as well the next day and your hair never falls in quite the same way, but you never seem to run out of things to say.

Well, I know she wears a jacket all day… Just like Shino and me. (We're Team Jacket!) But something's different about her every day. Either it's that- or it's just me thinking that she gets prettier each day I see her.

I know she has a lot to say, but she just doesn't say it. I can't wait until she becomes free enough to say what's on her mind. Her voice is soft like an angel, and I just know it can lull me to sleep.

I love it when she speaks; it's like I just died and went to heaven. My head goes up into the clouds when I see her face. She's just so radiant… but at the same time, she's sad. Hinata just hides it.

She hides her true self. She has a lack of self-confidence.

This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world.

One day, she tried confessing to Naruto. It wasn't a very big success… Naruto ended up acting like nothing happened and just said while shrugging,

"Sorry, Hinata… but I just don't like you that way. I love Sakura-chan. And I always will. Sorry."

I was there. I saw it with my own eyes. I was eavesdropping… you could say that if you want.

She ran off to the forest, crying her poor little heart out. I went and followed her at a safe distance, and before I knew it… She was at the bank of the river that we used to always go to for fun. I guess she found comfort in Team 8's fun grounds.

And while she looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her when she smiles.

It was picture day the other day. All the teams were getting photographed. Hinata and I were watching Team 7 get their picture taken, just because Hinata wanted to say hi to Naruto. But… when Naruto came over to us… Hinata fainted. It was typical of her. Typical, typical, Hinata. I held onto Hinata so she wouldn't fall to the ground, and Naruto thought it was useless now, and he ran over to Sakura to flirt. I carried Hinata all the way to the site of the picture for team 8, which was a long way from Team 7's meeting place. I was tired when I got there, but I was happy because I got to carry Hinata all the way there. Kurenai-Sensei and Shino were currently waiting impatiently for us, and then we could get started on our training. They were wondering where we were, so I told them what happened. Just then, the photographer got all grumpy and started screaming,

"Hey, do you want this picture or not?"

We all rolled our eyes, and Hinata was already awake and blushing, to my amusement. Once I knew the photographer was going to capture the moment, I threw my arm around Hinata's neck and shoulders, hugging her tight to me. I smiled smug as Hinata shrieked in my arms out of surprise. As I look at the photo now, I can see Shino standing there all by himself, ignoring our moment. Kurenai-Sensei, though… Kurenai-Sensei was smirking at the scene between Hinata and me. What was up with that?

How many lovers would stay, just to put up with this shit, day after day?

If Hinata keeps this up, I don't know if anyone's going to want her for who she is. I know a lot of guys would love to be her husband one day, because she's a freaking Hyuga. The Hyugas are one of the most powerful clans in the village, and they're rich! That's all they want her for… the power and fame.

They don't want to hear her voice every day, they don't want to see her smile, they don't want to be able to hold her hand, and more importantly, they don't yearn for her love and approval.

But I do. My goal is to make her smile or laugh. It simply sends a small chill up my spine. Her smile makes people want to smile, and it makes me feel warm and safe on the inside.

How did we wind up this way, watching our mouths for the words that we say?

After a few training sessions, Kurenai-Sensei began watching over me intently. I was always saying the worst things at the worst moments, or I could ruin something completely. Yup, that's me- a loud, obnoxious, arrogant dog-boy. I've currently teased and hurt Hinata verbally multiple times, three times more than Shino. I don't mean to be a bully… but I love seeing her stutter and blush. It's a different case for Shino, I'm just teasing him 'cause it's fun.

Kurenai-sensei, though, wants me to watch my mouth. So, what, I have foul language? You got a problem with that? Because if you do…

As long as we stand here, waiting, wearing the clothes of the souls that we choose.

How do we get there today, when we're walking too far for the price of our shoes?

Like I said before, I do all these things to see if she'll wait. I want to see if she trusts me. Will she hold onto me, like she holds onto her crush of Naruto? But I think I'm pushing the envelope too far here.

I said, "Naruto will love you. He's a lucky bastard, to have such a flower like you crushing on him."

I'm stupid, aren't I? It clearly wasn't the right thing to say… especially with Kurenai-sensei around. I've learned my lesson. No bad words or sayings in front of the red-eyed kunoichi.

Her smile brightens my world, did I mention that? That's part of my ninja way- to make Hinata smile. But like I would tell anyone that, that's stupid!

Hinata, people say you aren't the prettiest girl around. You're pretty enough, right? I'm sure you have something to say to that. Say it already! Don't be afraid!

This is the story of a girl…

She's crying for Naruto by the river, as of this moment. She's making the river wider… She's going to drown Konoha.

I guess I do love her, when she smiles. When she's sad, I feel like all the guilt is hanging on my shoulders; like I'm responsible for her frown.

Her smile. The most gentle thing I've ever seen. Hinata Hyuga.

Can we ever be more than friends?