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Life is a gift few people appreciate. To most it is a burden. Get up, go to work, sleep, and repeat. No one truly learns to love it until they realize how fragile it is. It's strange how much the sick and dying know about life, because lessons are always learned in the end. When someone is taken away, suddenly their loved ones must learn those lessons. Life is a gift. And like all good gifts, it must someday come to an end.

Tony DiNozzo was having a great day. He had wrapped up a case. He'd saved a kidnapped girl and returned her to her single Marine father. Although nothing had been said, Tony knew Gibbs was proud of him. He knew this because Gibbs had let him drive the car and he felt like a kid in a candy store.

They were going out to dinner to celebrate the closing of the case. Tony was in the driver's seat, Gibbs sat in the passenger's seat, and McGee and Ziva sat in the back. Ducky, Abby, and Palmer were driving in a different car behind them.

They were driving down a wooded road, their headlights giving them the ability to see fifteen feet ahead of them. It was a beautiful night. The stars were burning bright and a perfect crescent moon hung in the sky. It was a night they would all remember for the rest of their lives. They were playing 'Guess That Song' and Gibbs didn't seem to mind. In fact, he even joined in every once in a while.

"Oh, I know this one!" Ziva exclaimed as she listened to McGee's off-key singing. "It is 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey!"

"I'm glad you knew that one, Ziver," Gibbs said with a smile. "Because I sure didn't and McGee's singing was beginning to make my ears bleed."

McGee made an annoyed sound.

"You don't know Journey, boss?" Tony asked, astonished. "Everyone knows them!"

"How 'bout you try, boss?" McGee asked, getting his revenge.

"Fine, I will."

"I don't think that's a good idea," Tony said. "He will sing a song from the olden days that nobody knows."

Gibbs glared at him but they all knew it was a joking glare. The kidnapping of the Marine's young daughter had brought back bad memories for Gibbs, but after Tony found her he had been extremely happy. He deserved to let his stony façade drop for a few hours. He opened his mouth to sing, but before he could get the first couple of notes out, someone yelled:


The car jerked violently towards the treeline. There was the sound of crunching metal and shattering glass. Then the world was gone for the agents.

Tony could smell the clean sterile smell of the room and he knew he was in a hospital before he even opened his eyes. He could sense someone sitting next to him. The next thing he became aware of was the killer headache attacking his brain. Tony's eyes fluttered open to see McGee sitting in a chair beside his bed, two crutches leaning against the wall. Tony could see a lime green cast plastered to his leg and he seemed to be nodding off.

"If the deer okay?" Tony asked.

McGee's head snapped up and he smiled when he saw Tony awake. Tony looked up at the clock that hung on the wall. It read 2:30 AM. He'd been out for a good five hours. He gazed out onto the room and was surprised McGee was the only one there. His stomach dropped. Had they been seriously injured in the accident?

"Where is everybody?"

McGee thought for a moment. "Abby and Ducky are around here somewhere. Ziva went to get a glass of water and Gibbs is probably fighting with a nurse to give him his release papers."

Just at that moment, Ziva walked in. he one arm was being held up by a sling and she held a small paper cup filled to the brim in her other hand. When she saw Tony awake, she ran to him, spilling water everywhere. Ziva handed him the empty cup and lightly hugged him to show she was glad he was okay.

A doctor walked in followed by Director Vance. Tony could see Ducky hanging back in the doorway. The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Harper. He told Tony he had a concussion and wouldn't be allowed to go home unless someone stayed with him.

"So, Vance?" Tony asked with a smile. "Why are you here? Since when have you been so concerned with our health?"

"I'm here," Vance replied, not returning Tony's smile, "because I lost an agent today."

Tony's face fell. "Oh, God, was it someone we know?"

Ducky chose that moment to speak. His voice was feeble and weak. "It was Jethro. He died in the car accident."

All the agents froze. Had Ducky really just said that? Tony had felt as if a knife had been shoved into his chest. It couldn't be right. Gibbs couldn't be dead, because Gibbs was…well, he was Gibbs. A smile crossed Tony's face and he chuckled.

"Ha ha," he laughed. "No really, where's Gibbs?"

Tony heard a sniffle and he looked up to see Abby standing in the doorway. Her black mascara was running down her cheeks. At that moment, he knew it wasn't a joke. His head throbbed and he covered his face with his hands so no one would see him cry. The next thing he knew, Ziva's arm was around him and McGee's hand was resting on his shoulder. Tony grabbed Tim's arm, forcing him to join the hug. Abby crawled onto the bed and squeezed them all tight. When everyone let go, Tony was looking straight at Dr. Harper.

"I want to see him."

Everyone but Abby murmured their agreements. Abby couldn't stand the thought of seeing Gibbs dead. The doctor helped Tony into a wheelchair and led the three agents to the morgue. Dr. Harper stopped at the door, telling them all to wait where they were. After he went in and made Gibbs presentable, he ushered them in.

Only Gibbs's face was visible, a white sheet covering the rest of his body. White towels covered the top of his head and his neck, preventing the agents from seeing any of his injuries. All three of them had seen terrible things from their days at NCIS, but they were all secretly glad that the doctor stopped them from seeing Gibbs's wounds.

"This is all my fault," Tony muttered.

"No, Tony, it's not," McGee said.

"I was driving the car!" Tony screamed. "It's my fault! I killed him! I killed Gibbs!"

People say that when a person is about to die, their life flashes before their eyes. That's not what happened for Gibbs. He saw everything in slow motion, then he saw the greatest hits of his life.

The headlights of the car made the young doe's eyes glow a yellow-green. Gibbs watched as Tony jerked the wheel to the left, sending them towards the word. When the car hit the first tree, McGee yelled in pain. Gibbs turned to look at him, but when he did so, the car hit another bump and the back of his head smashed against the window. But he felt no pain. He heard Ziva curse, but his attention was on Tony. His senior field agent hit his head off the steering wheel and blacked out. Gibbs thrust his arm out and supported Tony so he wouldn't break his neck when the airbags deployed. He never thought of himself. When the airbags activated, they hit him in the face, causing his head to snap back and his neck to break.

Darkness was all he knew. Out of the darkness came a picture, then the picture turned into a video. He saw himself leaving Stillwater to go to the Marine training camp. Gibbs saw himself marrying Shannon and seeing Kelly for the first time. He watched as he asked Mike Franks if he could join NIS. He saw himself welcoming Anthony DiNozzo, Caitlin Todd, Timothy McGee, and Ziva David onto his team. The last video that passed him by was of him saving Tony in the car accident.

There was a bright white flash. Then Gibbs was standing on thin air high above Washington, D.C. He felt warm little arms wrapped around his waist and he looked down to see Kelly. Gibbs dropped to his knees and hugged her. He only let go when he felt Shannon's fingers running through his hair. Gibbs stood up and pulled her close, kissing her deeply on the lips.

"I've missed you both," Gibbs murmured.

Gibbs looked into both of their faces to see they were crying. He kissed away their tears and tucked their hair behind their ears. Shannon wrapped her arms around Gibbs and sobbed into his shoulder. He patted her on the back and whispered comforting words to her.

"I love you very much, Leroy Jethro Gibbs," Shannon said. "But it wasn't your time to die. That death was meant for another."

"What?" Gibbs asked.

"Daddy," Kelly said, reaching out to hold her father's hand. "Tony DiNozzo was meant to die. But by saving him, you took his place."

Gibbs felt tears prickling at the corner of his vision, but he refused to cry in front of his daughter. For the first time, he became aware that there was a bright white light standing off to the right of them. It seemed to radiate warmth and it made his skin tingle. Kelly led him by the hand toward it.

"Come on, Daddy, Gran will be happy to see you and Mike Franks needs someone to talk to. Ms. DiNozzo is very nice, she'll be happy you saved her son. And I can't wait to show you out house! It's huge! We even have a dog, I named him Spot," Kelly babbled.

"Kelly," Shannon scolded. "Your father has a choice, now let him make it."

"What kind of choice?" Gibbs asked.

"You may either continue on with us, or go back to spend a final week with your team," Shannon said. "Choose wisely because it is very rare something like this happens."

"After the week is over, I'll die again?"

"Your injuries will slowly return and you will die and come back here on the seventh day," Shannon confirmed.

Gibbs thought for a moment. The answer was simple. He'd spend one week with his team and then the rest of forever with Shannon and Kelly. He kneeled down and hugged his daughter tightly. He could feel her tears soaking his shirt.

"Don't go, Daddy, please don't go," Kelly plead.

Gibbs shivered. That situation felt all too familiar. He didn't want to leave his wife or daughter, but he had to tell his team goodbye. He had to make sure Tony was okay and didn't blame himself for Gibbs's death. He couldn't leave them alone without knowing they would be alright.

"I'll be back in a week, Kells, I promise."

"Okay, Daddy," she sniffled.

"There is one catch," Shannon said softly.

"Of course there is," Gibbs grumbled.

"It isn't fair to let one good person go."

"So The Big Guy has to let one bad person go?" Gibbs guessed.

"Actually," Shannon said, "you are worth four bad people. Paloma Reynosa, Sharif, Pedro Hernandez, and Ari Haswari will all be released and after you during this week. Do you still want to go?"

"Yep," Gibbs said. "And, Shan, I don't regret dying to save Tony."

Gibbs kissed Kelly on the top of her head and kissed Shannon passionately on the lips. He turned away, but was brought back to them when Kelly called for him, just to say Kate and Jenny said 'Hi'. And then he was falling. He fell through clouds, the roof of the hospital and then he slammed into his body.

Ziva bent over and planted a kiss on Gibbs's forehead. McGee squeezed his shoulder one last time, and Tony turned away disgusted. He was ready to go back to his hospital room and take a nap because nobody had offered to take him home. They were halfway out the door when they heard someone say:

"You aren't just going to leave me here, are you?"

They all turned to see Gibbs sitting up on his gurney. The towels that had covered his neck and head fell away and he seemed unharmed. Dr. Harper muttered something along the line of "Impossible," then passed out. Gibbs stood up and everyone looked away because he was wearing only his birthday suit. His clothes were torn and bloody so he stole a pair of hospital scrubs.

No one questioned Gibbs's return to life. They all just assumed the doctor had been wrong. Gibbs had offered to take Tony home to stay with him until the concussion cleared up. They all had the okay to check out of the hospital. Gibbs hadn't even been listed as a patient because he had been dead. Ducky and Abby had been surprised when they saw Gibbs stroll in like nothing had happened. But they too did not question the miracle.

A black figure hid in some bushes and watched Gibbs and Tony enter Gibbs's house. After the coast was clear he slipped into the basement through a small window, and he waited. He was going to make sure Leroy Jethro Gibbs didn't live to see the end of the week.

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