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Tony watched in horror as Gibbs's car plowed into Ari's. Jimmy was freaking out beside him, yelling that Gibbs's time was up. Tony threw the car in park and it stopped so fast that it nearly gave them whiplash. They scrambled out of the car and rushed to the crashed vehicles. Tony ripped open Gibbs's door and found him limp in the driver's seat with a thin trail of blood trickling down his face.

"Boss," Tony said, shaking him. "Don't do this! Wake up! Come on, Gibbs! Please wake up!"

Jimmy tore his eyes away from Gibbs and walked to Ari's car. When he opened the door, a pile of dust was blown out and carried away on the wind. Jimmy focused his attention on Tony, who had tears streaming down his face. He placed his hand on Tony's shoulder and spoke gently to him.

"He's gone, Tony."

"He died in the place of me," Tony murmured.

"That's right," Jimmy said. "He died to save you and I know he doesn't regret it."

Gibbs's eyes fluttered open and the sight of Tony and Jimmy talking came into view. He moaned and placed his hand on his head, causing the younger men to jump. They helped him into their car. They climbed in as well and for a moment, everything was normal.


"Did I get him?"

"Yeah, you got him good, Agent Gibbs," Jimmy replied.

"Well, let's listen to some music to celebrate," Tony said, blaring Barbie Girl loudly.

Jimmy gave Gibbs a weird look. "This is music?"

Gibbs shrugged. "He has Van Gogh's ear for it."

Yeah, I know...short chapter. All of the final chapters of Charlie's stories are always really short. But the end with Tony blasting Barbie Girl made me laugh. Although now I'm probably gonna have that song stuck in my head.

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