Ludwig looked at the puppy and noticed that it had a small gash on it's leg. "We need to get him to a vet," He said calmly, yet obviously worried. He had three dogs and a cat at home, so how could he not be worried? He looked at his young daughter and asked as he was getting ready to leave, "Do you want to come along?"

Gisella nodded and followed Ludwig while looking up at the puppy every now and then to make sure that it was okay. As they were walking, Gisella was looking around at all of the people around them and began to get shy, so she made sure to stay really close to her father. Ludwig turned around to make sure that Gisella was behind him, and smiled when he saw her right by him. He leaned over as they were walking and placed a hand on her head, then said, "Let's get this dog to the vet." He then pulled his car keys out of his pocket and quickly unlocked the car door, then got in.

Gisella nodded and got in the back seat. She looked out the window, her blue eyes wondering all over the place as she watched the scenery After a little while, she ended up falling asleep. Ludwig continued to drive to the vets office, and pulled into a parking space. He looked over and lightly smiled when he noticed that Gisella was asleep and lightly tapped on her shoulder, causing her to open her eyes and blink a couple times.

Gisella looked at Ludwig, then noticed that they were at the vets office. She satup and unbuckled herself before opening the car door and getting out. Ludwig waited for her, then walked up to the door and opened it. Gisella quietly followed him in as he went to talk to the receptionist and looked around at the other cats and dogs that were there.

The receptionist smiled and took the small puppy, but was obviously worried and said, "Come back later. Danke." Ludwig just nodded and said goodbye and walked back to Gisella.

"She said that she could fix him up, " He told her, then asked, "Are you okay?"

Gisella nodded and lightly smiled while saying, "Ja, I'm fine." After she had said that, her stomach growled and her face went red from embarrassment but she just laughed a little. "Just a little hungry.."

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