All because of a dream

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Well guys...I decided to end it. Meaning this is the last chapter. I had a blast writing this story. Here you go...

"There will have a school dance tomorrow after school!" Adam announces.

The class immediately starts talking about the dance.

The bell then rings and Echo starts walking up to Adam.

'I'm so glad Jessie isn't here. I wonder what happened to her, she hasn't shown up to school for one week. Whatever, I have my chance,' Echo happily thinks. "Do you want to go to the dance with me?"

Adam looks up and gives Echo a smile. "Sure"

"How am I suppose to ask out Ivy when she keeps rejecting me?" Derby asks.

"Easy. You don't" Adam simply says.

"At least you have a date. Didn't you say you love Jessie too?" Derby asks.

"I love Echo and Jessie. If I have to choose, I don't know who I'll choose. It makes things easier that Echo asked me out to the dance," Adam explains.

"Yeah, I wonder what happened to Jessie. She hasn't shown up for what? One week?" Derby says.

Mr Tater comes out behind Derby. "She's gone".


"She moved to somewhere else"

Derby gives Adam a sorry look.

Mr Tater just walks away after explaining to Derby and Adam.

"How are you feeling?" Derby asks.

Adam gives a shrug. "I don't know. At least now, it's really easy to choose"

Adam waits a while until he finally sees Echo with a sunny bright dress.

"You look great"

"Thanks. You look great too"

"May I escort you to the dance, my lady?"

Echo let out a giggle. "Yes, you may"

Adam holds Echo on her waist rocking her left and right. Both of them gets closer to each other, leaning in and finally, their lips connect.

"So are we boyfriend and girlfriend?" Adam asks.

"Does this answer your question?"

Echo gives Adam a kiss.

"Yes. Yes, it does"

Jessie grumbles as she lays on her new bed in her new home. She hates how she has to leave Adam.

'Ugh! Stupid parents! I bet Echo got her hands all over Adam! Don't worry Adam, we'll meet again...'

This story is now over!

I may make some Mr Young oneshots and such. Hope you guys enjoyed this.