All because of a dream

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This thing was already done, but I decided to add an extra chapter. An extra chapter. By the way, I thought I made a bad ending. To one review that said the writing quality was bad, it was probably because I made the thing in present tense. I thought it was too late to change present to past, so that might have made a difference. I'm going to elaborate on some past scenes that were not this is the extra.

One more thing, I updated the dance scene before Mr Dance. Is a Mr Young director looking at my fanfic. I'm kidding. They probably thought it themselves.

Anyways, here's the extra chapter of All because of a dream. (Just because I thought I rushed the ending and such)

Jessie sighed as she remembered the last time she spent with him.


Both Jessie and Adam were laughing at one of Adam's jokes.

"So what do you want to do now?" Adam asked.

Jessie stopped laughing to think. "I'm not sure, you?"

"Don't you have any ideas?"

"Chess?" Jessie suggested.

Adam sighed. "You'll probably beat me"


The two of them started playing chess, but a phone started buzzing.

Jessie looked at her phone to see a text.

'There's an emergency, come back home!'

"I got to go, sorry," Jessie apologized.

"It's okay, I'll see you in class tomorrow"

Now that she looked back, it seemed like the emergency was to go to a different city. She should have stayed longer. No...she should have said 'I love you'

Echo didn't want to be mean, but she was glad that Jessie left. The blonde had been causing her a lot of trouble and made her look bad in front of Adam.


Jessie walked down the hallway and saw Adam on one side and Echo on the other side.

A plan began to form in her brain.

After Adam walked past Echo, Jessie walked forward and pushed Echo into Adam. Jessie quickly stepped aside from the scene.

"What was that for?"

"Uh..." stuttered Echo.

Another Flashback

Echo smiled full of pride at her completed work.

"Echo, can you help me with something?" a classmate asked.

"Sure," Echo nodded.

When Echo started to leave, Jessie quickly went to the computer, deleted her work and saved it.

Jessie then walked away.

When Echo returned, she saw a blank sheet on her screen.

"What? No!"

Adam walked up to Echo.

"Is this all you did in the past week?" Adam asked, staring at the blank sheet.

"No, I finished it," Echo insisted.

She tried to open her file and once again, but a blank sheet comes up.

Echo could've sworn she saw disappointment in Adam's eyes.

Echo was very grateful that Jessie left.

Slab once again fell asleep in class.


Jessie walked out of the cafeteria, but forgot her cellphone.

Slab was about to go back to the classroon when he heard a ring. He looked around to find the source of the sound and saw a cellphone and walked towards it. Slab picked it up.

"Give me your lunch money nerd!"

The other end of the reciever was shocked. Is Jessie being bullied? Jessie's dad immediately hung up.

" response."

It was another day for Derby's pranks. Derby would never think of the consequences of his pranks and probably never will, but one prank led to having a broken heart.


Derby quietly walked into Principal Tater's office. He stared at a book full of parent's phone numbers. He randomly picked a phone number and dialed it.

Apparently, there was no one there.

Derby decided to leave a message.

'Your child is doing really bad. Getting F on tests, doing drugs and is in danger," Derby said in his best Principal Tater's voice. Derby resisted laughing and finished the call.

He was about to do another one when Principal Tater yelled out, "Who's inside my office!"

Jessie's dad heard the voicemail. It wasn't pretty. He had his doubts about his daughter in this school, but now he was sure that this school was not suited for her daughter. It was time to find a new job, new house, new school and new place.

Adam was really curious of why Jessie left. He had thought of her as an excellent student who was listening to his classes with full interest. She was probably the smartest in the class. It was sad to see Jessie leave, but in the end, he guessed it worked out.

There was no more confusion on who he loved. Echo loved him and he loved Echo. The feeling was mutual. However, Adam couldn't stop thinking if Jessie ever thought of him as a love interest.

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