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Lord Voldemort smiled at the unconscious body of Lily Potter that lay before him. After his spy Peter Pettigrew revealed the Potter's location, he departed immediately to deal with them himself. At first he was just going to kill them all but after some thinking he decided to make them suffer. And what better way than to kill their son, Harry James Potter.

After dispersing the Fidelius curse he was thrown into a dual with James Potter. While the man proved to be a challenge, Voldemort eventually gained the upper hand and quickly disposed of him. When he awoke, he would find the dead body of his son.

After dealing with Lily the same way Voldemort stared at the Potter child who stared back at him with curious green eyes. Studying the young boy before him, Voldemort could hardly believe how strong the child's magic core was as it was stronger than any child his age was.

"Such a pity. You could of made an excellent addition to my empire." Without a second thought, the dark lord raised his wand and shout, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

The young Harry looked curiously at the green light that neared him until his mind went black when it hit. However something unexpected happened. The moment the curse hit it immediately rebounded back to the dark lord who had no time to react as he was struck by his own curse. Voldemort's mangle soul scream as it was violently ripped from his own body. The end result was his body exploding which destroyed half the house. However thanks to his Horcruxes, the dark lord knew he would return.

Nearby on a tree branch that overlooked the house a lone Yautja had witness the dark lord's demise. The Yautja in question was known as Wolf, an Elite among his clan who has hunted many Xenomorphs and other dangerous pieces.

Currently Wolf and a few others were on Earth hunting for new trophies. He had just collected the heads of some gun smugglers and was heading back towards his ship when he came upon the Potters house being attacked. He only arrived in time to see a white skinned ooman fire what it knew was the killing curse at an infant. He was surprised to see the curse bounce back at the ooman as the house was destroyed.

Quickly he jumped and landed in the room quietly so as not to disturb the female who was no dought the child's sire. Scanning the boy Wolf was surprised to find the ooman child in perfect health while just having a lightning bolt shaped scar on his head. Seeing that both the childs parents were still alive Wolf was about to leave but stopped when he thought the child would make a great hunter.

Extending his wrist blades Wolf carved a message into the wall and left with Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived.

Minutes later Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Albus Dumbledore arrived at the destroyed house to see the unconscious parents and quickly woke them. The three marauders and headmaster quickly went upstairs to see Lily crying at an overturned cot. Looking up they saw a message carved into the wall that said 'HE WILL RETURN'

Ignoring the sign Lily franticly searched the room while calling for her son "HARRY? HARRY? Where are you?" Lily cried out as her heart filled with dread at a mother's worst fear. Her baby had been taken.

Albus Dumbledore surveyed the room. He could tell there were four beings in the room. Three could easily be identified as Lily, Harry, and Tom but the fourth one was a mystery to him. The fourth signature didn't feel human or anything else he encountered in all his life.

"James, Lily… I'm sorry but I can't tell who the fourth person who took Harry is and I can't feel Harry's signature anywhere." His heart tore at the sight of the young couple crying in each other's arms as he left.

Back with Wolf, his personal ship had just entered the mother ship. As he made his way through one many corridors of the ship Yautja warriors 'all blooded, un-blooded or elite' stopped to looked at the proud warrior carrying an ooman baby.

Entering the Elders chamber Wolf bowed to his clan leader. When the Elder turned he was surprised to see one of his best hunters carrying an ooman baby. The Elder gave the order to rise before speaking.

"Wolf, why do you have an ooman baby with you?"

"Elder before we discuss that, I believe Conner should be here as well as giving his previous experiences he should be here as well."

The Elder ponderedon what Wolf said. Conner was one of the few oomans 'muggle and non-muggle' to be allowed to become a Yautja hunter if the ooman wished, by killing a Yautja. During the hunt for a Bad Blood of the Clan the Elder was ambushed by the traitor and was nearly killed when Conner came and used the blasting and cutting curse on it. Afterward the Elder extended an invitation into his clan to the young wizard who accepted.

After a while the Elder called for Conner who arrived shortly after.

"Greetings Elder, greetings Wolf. I guess the rumors were true, seems you've adopted a pup and of my species." Conner said with a smirk as he eyed the boy.

"I haven't. I found him after a dark wizard attacked his home. This may be hard to believe but this pup has survived the killing curse." Wolf said in English

Conner's eyes widen at the news. The killing curse was one of the deadliest curses to ever exist and to survive it was impossible. "What happened to the castor?"

"The curse rebounded back to him resulting in his body being destroyed."

This surprised Conner even more as he never of the curse doing that. "Is this the reason you took him?"

"Yes. His sires were unconscious when I took him. I know it seems cruel to take their pup away but if this child survived the curse at so young an age than I believe he will be a strong hunter."

The Elder again ponder on the words he heard. For a pup to survive the killing curse and it cast back at the owner was interesting. "Wolf, Conner you two will train the boy when he is older but in 15 years he will be returned."

The two hunters bowed as the Elder turned but before Wolf spoke again. "Another thing Elder, I wish to perform the blood fusion on the pup."

The Elder stopped and slowly turned to look at Wolf. A blood fusion was the combining of a ooman and a Yautja to form a hybrid of both. A hybrid could also be born from the union of a Yautja male and ooman female and still the odds of the pup surviving were slim at best but Wolf was one of the clan's most resourceful hunters. Nodding his head Wolf carried the pup away as the ship flew to their home world. Yautja Prime.

15 years later – August 1st 1994 (I know after Harry's birthday)

Four wizards laughed as they gathered around a fire in the forest. Behind them lay three young witches of 16 bound and gagged. The four wizards in question were part of a slave ring that captured Veela, witches, and even muggle women to be used and sold.

"Hahaha we caught a good load boys."

"Yeah, these pretties might fetch a good galleon. Speaking a galleon how much do you think that Veela chick we got the other day will be worth?"

"Don't know but apparently she's the daughter Monsieur Delacour who is also the Deputy Minister of Magic of France."

"Really? Well I'm sure he'll pay a fortune to have his little girl back. After we have fun with her first." The four slavers continued to joke around until one of them noticed a star that seemed to be moving. The other turned their heads as they saw the star grow bigger and bigger until they realized it was coming towards them. The star passed over them by a few feet as it crashed into the forest a few yards from where they were.

"You two come with me, Stone you stay and guard the 'merchandise'." With that said the three wizard slavers pulled out their wands and made their way towards where the 'star' crashed.

When the smoke cleared at the crash site, it revealed a large pod with three spikes at the top. The pod opened up to reveal a young boy of 16.

The boy was none other than Harry James Potter, but he went by another name which was Halkrath which meant shadow. After the blood fusion not many changes happened to Harry's body. The only serious ones were that he was stronger, faster, his senses were heightened, bigger and his skin was harder. Small claws also rested on the tips of his fingers. His hair had grown to his shoulders and was braided in the usual dreadlock fashion.

He wore the standard Yautja armor which consisted of a breastplate, gorgets, pauldrons, spaulders, tassets, greaves and foot armor. The only difference was the armor was pitch black in color. On his helmet was also the marking of a hunter who has killed a Xenomorph.

Pressing a few buttons on his wrist computer, Harry's pod flew back into space to rejoin the mothership. When his bio-mask picked up three signatures approaching, he quickly activated his cloak and leaped towards the nearest tree branch.

Using his Neuro Vision (look it up) he saw the three were slavers and smiled with excitement.

'Barely a minute here and already the hunt begins.' Harry thought as he took out a thin piece of metallic rope and silently lowered it down. As the slavers approached the crash site, the last one felt as if something was wrong and looked around, unaware of a thin metal noose being lowered behind him. When the slaver turned he didn't notice the noose come around his neck as it yanked him up. The metal rope cut into his throat, making any sounds a hushed wet gurgle as a thin trail of blood fell to the ground.

The remaining two slavers didn't notice their partner missing as they inspected the crash site. "Whatever was here is gone now."

"What do you think it was?"

"I don't know. What do you think Bob?"

When the two didn't get a reply they turned to find their friend missing.

"Bob? Where are you?"

Their answer came in the form of Bob's body landing on the ground before them with a meaty thud. Eyes opening, screaming for help as his throat had been slashed opened. Immediately their wands were out.

Wands pointed up they quickly cast a series of Bombarda spells from where the body fell as splintered wood and leaves fell to the earth.

"Think we got em."

The slavers answer came when a spear came from the tree's, impaling him in the chest. Seeing another partner killed before him, the remaining slaver panicked and ran back to camp only to run right into a pair of blades that tore into through his heart.

After collecting his spear Harry flowed their tracks back to camp where he saw the last slaver guarding over three witches. Seeing this Harry hands clenched into fists. Females were sacred among the Yautja. He had learned that although there were fewer females than males, female Yautja were more dangerous than any male as Sister Midnight had shown him.

Stone began to wander where the other's where as they had been gone for more than a few minutes and should have returned by now. Behind him one of the girls was struggling with her bonds, which didn't go un-noticed to the slaver.

A harsh slap prevented the girl from trying to escape farther. "Stop moving! You ladies are nothing but whores who belong to us now understand?" The slaver snarled as he stared into the girls eyes…and noticed they were focused behind him.

When Stone turned he saw a figure in black armor standing directly in front of him. The slaver quickly reach for his wand, only for the figure to grab his arm and twist it in a perfect 180 and bend it backwards, effetely breaking it. Stone screamed as he dropped his wand and ran, only for the figure to fire a net which trapped him against a large tree trunk.

Stone's screams got worse and worse as the net tightened against his body, and his injured arm. The figure approached him as the net continued to tighten. "PLEASE STOP! I'LL TELL YOU ANYTHING!" Yelled the slaver in pain.

"Then tell me, where the girls were being taken."


"As you wish." With his wrist blades out Harry quickly slit the slavers throat. Pressing a button on the net, it released the body and was stored back in Harry's gauntlet as the body fell to the ground. Digging his wrist blades into the shoulder, Harry began the process of flaying the corpse, separating the skin from muscle and hung it upside down.

While had captured, interrogated, and skinned the body, the three witches stared horrified at the figure as it walked towards them.

Seeing the looks the girls gave him, Harry removed his masked as the girls saw a face of a young man with forest green eyes that couldn't be no more than 16. The three women blushed as they finally noticed how well muscled the boy was in parts of his body that wasn't covered by armor, particularly his abdomen.

The witches were so focused on the boy that they didn't notice him removing their bonds and gags until they were off.

"Are you ladies ok?"

The oldest of the three, a short raven haired witch named Sabrina nodded.

"Good, tell me do you have enough strength to make to the Ministry from here." Another nod.

"Good. Go and bring them to this spot, after that tell them to head north." With that said Harry put his mask on, activated his cloak and took off.

After arriving at the warehouse, he used his bio-mask to scan in and around it. Extending his wrist blades he leaped at the first slaver he saw before he knew what happened.

Inside the warehouse captured women who were ages 14 to 35 and imprisoned in cages were whimpering and crying. They all wore skimpy outfits or rags that barely covered their bodies. Some who had already been defiled did their best to comfort the new girls.

Two slavers approached a caged as they smiled at a young Veela girl of 17. The girl in question was Fleur Delacour.

"Come on bitch! The boss has asked for you!" One of them said as they carried a struggling Fleur to another room. Because of her Veela heritage, Fleur would have transformed into a harpy and fought off her captures but due to the collar on her neck which blocked her magic, all she could do was struggle which soon stopped due to the Cruciatus Curse used on her.

Soon she was alone in a room with two other people. One was a large male who was without question the mastermind of the slave ring. The other was a woman who was probably his wife from the way she clinked to him. She was also pregnant enough to show.

"Well aren't you a pretty little thing." The man said as he cast a binding spell on the young girl as her hands were now tied above her on the bed.

"She certainly is a fighter love." The woman said with a twisted smirk as she groped the struggling girl before slapping her. "She'll fetch a fine price in the next auction. Get her ready while I freshen up."

With that said the woman entered their private bathroom. However, the moment the door was closed, a hand wrapped around her throat and lifts her up. Her eyes widen as large figure in black armor materialized before her.

As Harry held the slaver in the air, he noticed that she was with child. While Harry wanted to gut the witch, he knew he could not. Having grown up to abide Yautja law, he was forbidden to kill prey that was sick, elderly, or with child. With that in mind, Harry smashed the woman's head against the wall with just enough force to knock her unconscious.

Back in the room, the lead slaver was straggled on Fleur's waist as he was in the process of groping her. She was naked from the waist up as she struggled as much as she could.

"MONSTRE! (monster) Ze Ministry will 'ave your head for zis!"

"Hahaha! That's where your wrong my dear. Your Ministry has been trying to catch me for over a year with no success. Once my wife is ready, we're gonna break you until you're nothing but a… Urk"

The lead slaver's rant was cut short as two hands grabbed his head in a powerful lock 'one over his mouth and another in the back' and with a savage twist, broke it.

Fleurs's gasped as an unseen force broke her would-be-rapist neck and tossed the body aside as her bonds her cut. She back into the wall as much as she could as a figure in black armor materialized before her.

Harry 'seeing the young woman was afraid' removed his masked as blue eyes met green. For a moment, neither of them spoke until Harry tore off a piece of fabric from the curtain and gave it to the French witch.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked as Fleur wrapped the fabric around herself and nodded. Looking around, Harry spotting what he knew was the master key to Fleur's collar and the cages where the others were kept, as he removed it. "Good. If you can move, go free the others. I'll handle the slavers."

"Wait!" Fleur said as Harry put his mask back on. "I don't know your name."

Harry looked at the French witch as he smiled behind his mask. "Halkrath" With that said he activated his cloak and left.

Landing on the walkway high in the warehouse, Harry saw the Veela witch moved as quietly as she could to the cages.

"Hey you!" One of the slavers said as a two of them noticed Fleur. "What are you doing out here my pretty?"

"Wait…look at her neck. She doesn't have her collar."

"How'd you get your collar off?" The slaver asked as they took out their wands. A second later one of the slavers heads exploded as the remaining one was hit in the face by a shower of hot blood. Looking down he saw his partner's body with smoke rising from where his head use to be. He turned just in time to see three red dots on his chest as they moved up to his head. The last thing he saw was a ball of blue plasma before it collided with his head.

The remaining slavers quickly gathered together, wands drawn as they searched desperately for the unseen assassin. Some were shaking uncontrollably as they had never see a more gruesome death. Silence reigned, the slaves forgotten as the slavers waited. Noticing two of them missing the slavers looked for their comrades until they heard a muffled choke. All wands pointed to the sorce of the choke as two bodies fell from the walkway and landed with a sickening thud.

Panic took over the slavers as they unleashed a series of fire, cutting, and bombing spells at the walkway in hopes of killing the unseen killer. Splinters of wood, and bits of concrete and metal flew everywhere as the barrage of spells destroyed the walkway. After a few minutes the slavers lowered their wands as the smoke cleared, revealing a destroyed walkway. They thought nothing could have survived that, they were wrong.

Before any of them could react, the sound of blades emerging filled the air. A second later, a metal disk with blades around it swooped down and cut clean through four slavers at the waist as blood gushed from their bodies. The corpses twitched and flailed as they collapsed while the disk disappeared into the shadows. The slavers panicked worsen as they were being slaughtered yet they could not see who was doing it. They couldn't SEE anything!

Sweat poured down of the slavers face as half of them were killed already with no sign of the assassin. He turned when he heard a SHHIINKKK of what sounded like blades being drawn as another man fell to the floor with two gashes across his chest. Turning again, he saw another of his comrades being impaled by a spear before it flew back up into the darkness, carrying the body with it. The slaver thought he saw a shadow and a blur of metal moved across the room; two more of his friends fell dead. The slaver fired blasting and cutting hexes frantically as his last friend flew across the room, slammed into the wall, and slid limp down to the floor as a rag doll; two nasty gashes across his face.

"DAMMAT WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW YOURSELF? SHOW…YOUR…SELF!" The slaver shrieked in panic. Suddenly something latched on his legs. Looking down he saw a whip that was tied securely around him as it start pulling him to the shadows. The slaver screamed and clawed the ground, his wand forgotten as he was engulfed in darkness, then silence.

Awhile later a large figure of 6'0 appeared from the shadows. Though a lot of blood had been split, there was none on the figures armor as it shined in the moonlight. Harry once again took off his mask as the women looked at the face of a young 16 year old boy with forest green eyes and black hair braiding in dreadlocks that went past his shoulders.

Fleur and all the other women she freed stood modified as the young boy…no man single handedly killed ever slaver in the warehouse.

Fleur's blue eyes were fixed on the young man's green ones as she began to walk towards their armored savor. When she got close enough, she threw her arms around him, much to his surprise as she said 'Thank You' over and over again.

Harry was of course surprised as the other women stayed back. Grateful yet fearful of their savior. Before he could even reply, he sensed the presence of several individuals as they apparated in the warehouse.

Fleur 'who was gently pushed away' saw Halkrath take out a 10" dagger but was surprised to see him conjure a Shield Charm which blocked several stupefy's sent at him. Turning she saw one of the men who cast the stunning spell was her father.

"Papa stop! Zis young man was ze one who saved us!"

Hearing this Monsieur stopped and ordered the others to stand down as they lowered their wands. Taking a moment he studied the young man in armor and could help but feel a bit intimidated and he rarely was. Looking around he and the Aurors noticed the slavers state and could believe that this boy had killed them all, especially in such a manner.

Finally Monsieur the young man as he held out his hand. "Zank you for saving my daughter and the rest of these women. We were starting to fear ze worst."

"It's no problem sir." Harry said as he shook the Deputy Ministers hand. However from the corner of his eye Harry saw the woman he knocked out early with her wand pointed at them.

"Bombarda Maxima!" The pregnant witch screamed as the powerful blasting spell sped towards the pair. Quickly pushing the French Auror out of the way Harry tried to put up another Shielding Charm but was too late as the spell hit him with full force.

The last thing he saw was the woman apparating away as his vision was consumed by darkness.

And here it is my first Harry Potter crossover, well my first Harry Potter story ever. As some of you can guess this is a slight AU where Harry was born two years before the canon so he is Fred and Gorges age. I will try to update as soon as I can.

And sorry to those how Harry and Fleur met. I was seeing Taken starring Liam Neeson when I started this.

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