A full day had passed since the incident at the warehouse. The Quotidienne Prophete which was the French version of the Daily Prophet swarmed to the warehouse soon after the French Ministry had arrived. Luckily, Jean had Halkrath 'which he thought was a strange name' moved to the Delacour Manor for treatment soon after he was struck.

While Jean and the Auror's refused to reveal who had killed the slavers and freed the girls, they did allow them to interview the girls except for the muggle woman who would have their memories modified. They gave the girls direct orders not to reveal anything about their savior to the Prophete. The girls obeyed and only gave details about their capture, imprisonment, and the slaughter. The Quotidienne Prophete had named the events The Slave Liberation and Massacre

While some of the slavers where still at large, the Ministry promised that they would do all they can to capture and bring them to justice.

Fleur's mother Apolline and her little sister Gabrielle were overjoyed to have Fleur back. When she explained how Halkrath had saved her and the others, they immediately moved him to the guest bedroom to heal him. After removing all of his weapons and armor, Jean dressed the boy in more appropriate attire than a loincloth and fishnet shirt and put him in a pair of his own pants and shirt.

Fleur had insisted that she tend to Halkrath until he was fully healed which the Delacour's agreed to.

Right now Jean, Apolline, Madame Olympe Maxime, and the French Minister of Magic Charles Maurice were discussing about what to do with the young man when they got a surprised visit from Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

Over the years, the Potters and their friends had search the entire country for Harry but they could not find him anywhere. As the years went by James seemed to age beyond his years due to his failure to protect his firstborn son. Lily had taken the loss just as hard. Over time, she had lost the glow of the happy young girl who first came to Hogwarts as the years of not finding her son went by. However, a light still shinned in their world. Two years after Harry's disappearance Lily had given birth to twins: Rose and Marcus Potter, though the twins had brought joy to their lives, Albus knew they would never give up on their search for Harry.

As the years went by Albus Dumbledore searched desperately for the missing Potter child. However, he could not find the child anywhere on the planet.

Over the years, Dumbledore watched Rose and Marcus grow through their years in Hogwarts. While their magical cores were not as strong as their brother Harry's, they were still impressive for their age. During their first year, the twins managed to defeat the temporary vessel Quirinus Quirrell who housed Voldemort's soul, a feat not many could manage. During their third year (McGonagall, Snape, and Filius killed the Basilisk second year) the twins had surpassed his expectations by conjuring their own Patronus Charms to ward off a swarm of Dementors who attacked their friends in their search for the traitor Peter Pettigrew.

When Dumbledore sensed Harry's magical signature he immediately apparited to find the Chosen One which took him to the Delacour Manor. Wanting to know why the Headmaster of Britain's greatest magical school was here Jean, Apolline, Madame Maxime, and Minister Charles were not prepared for his answer.

"Impozzible?! You mean to say zis young man iz Zee Boy-Who-Lived? Zee 'Arry Potter!"

"That is exactly what I am saying Mr. Delacour.

"But if Zat is true then why did 'e say his name is Halkrath. Does 'e not know of his ancestry, and where has 'e been all zese years?"

"That's exactly what I intend to find out. When young Harry was taken we had searched everywhere for the boy but could never find him. You see the one who took Harry…well I don't believe he was from this world."

"What do you mean?"

"The signature of the one who took young Harry felt entirely different than anything I've felt in all my years. I believe it was what muggles would call an "other worldly visitor"."

"Zats impozzible." Said the French Minister, as the idea of the wizard's world's savior being raised on another world seemed ludicrous to him.

"Just as our world seems completely impossible to muggles Minister." Dumbledore countered.

The French Minister considered the old wizards words before dismissing the thought for another time and turned to his deputy.

"Jean I know your daughter is still somewhat shaken from her time as a captive but she needs to submit her memory of zee event to a pensieve so we can know exactly what 'appened."

Jean was a bit hesitant since he wanted to give his daughter more time to recover from the ordeal but knew that would not happen. Having the house elves bring the Delacour pensieve in, he called Fleur to the room.

"Papa, iz zere somezing wrong?" Fleur asked as she saw not only her parents and Headmistress but also the French Minister of Magic and Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Non fille(daughter) but we need to know what 'appened when 'Arry rescued you and the others. I'm sorry for this fille but I need you to remember everyzing zat 'appen so we can view it in zee pensieve."

For a moment Fleur stood, unmoving from her spot until she finally nodded her head. Taking out his wand, Jean pressed the tip to his daughter's right temple as she played the event in her mind and proceeded to extract the memory. As a strand of bluish mist came out, the deputy Minister poured the memory into the bowl. Without further delay, the five of them delved in.

Inside they saw Fleur as a captive to the ringleader who was groping the young quarter-Veela. Jean and Apolline became furious as the ringleader boasted about how he would use her until an unseen force snapped his neck. Dumbledore eyes grew wide as Harry materialized into view wearing black armor with various weapons attached. After freeing Fleur, Harry disappeared again while she went to free the other captive women. What they saw next was something they would never forget; Harry had single handedly slaughtered 12 men while dodging spell after spell. The memory abruptly ended after the pregnant witch attacked Harry before leaving.

Lifting their heads from the bowl, all but Jean 'who saw the aftermath' were shocked at what they saw. A boy no older then Fleur had slaughtered 12 full-grown men as if it were second nature to him.

Albus was the most disturbed. The way Harry killed reminded him so much of Bellatrix Lestrange, only bloodier. In addition, Bellatrix toyed with her victims, torturing them before killing them. Harry was different, in the old wizards eyes, Harry looked like he was hunting, and the slavers were his prey.

Looking over the boy, he saw that he was tall for his age, 6'0 if he had to guess. Small claw resting on the tips of his fingers and from what Mr. Delacour said, a large scar painted the young boy's chest and back as if something stabbed him through. Looking at his head, he saw a 'T' shaped scar above his eye.

There were also his abilities he saw. No human, muggle or magical, could leap the distances he did or move with such speed or grace as he displayed.

Before the age-old wizard could continue his train of thought, a shriek tore through the silence in the room as well as the sound of blades ringing in the air.

The occupants of the room turned to see the youngest Delacour, Gabrielle had snuck into the room while they were viewing the memories. Next to her was a disk with six curved blades on it.

It was obvious to the old wizard what had happened, a child's curiosity. While Apolline comforted her youngest daughter, Albus levitated the shuriken towards him. Gently running a finger along one of the blades, Albus was surprised that it cut deeply at his finger. Ignoring the cut and putting the bladed disk down, Albus examined the other exotic and dangerous weapons Harry had before finally coming to his mask.

The mask like the armor was black in color and was sleek and smooth. Instead of eyeholes like normal masks, Harry's had a visor and a 'T' like scar on the helmet. (Scar's bio-mask from AVP)

And finally there was his 'wand' though it looked more like a barbed dagger than a wand, Fleur had stated she saw Harry conjure a shield charm with it. He could sense a powerful core in the strange wand but could not deduce what it was. The headmaster smirk, if Ollivander got a hold of this wand, he'd have a field day.

Deciding to let Harry rest more for now, Dumbledore left with Madame Maxime to talk about the upcoming Tri-wizard Tournament while the Jean had the house elves prep a meal for everyone.

Two days later – August 4th 1994

Two days had passed since Halkrath or Harry Potter had been revealed to the French magicals.

During his stay Dumbledore and Madame Maxime had informed the Delacour's that the Tri-Wizard Tournament would be introduced back into the world this coming school year. This was the shock to Fleur since the tournament was discontinued in 1792 because there were too many deaths. But the French Minister Charles and Madame Maxime had talked to Dumbledore who assured them that restrictions would be put in place to stop any potential unwanted deaths.

When the topic returned to Harry Potter, everyone even Fleur wanted to know were the boy had been, who or what took him away for 15 years, and what caused him to kill without remorse. Albus of course was curious as well but decided to wait until the young man awoke to question him as he did not want to use Legilimency.

Currently Fleur was sitting next to Harry's unconscious form while running a wet cloth along his face and forehead.

What happened next surprised her.

Harry hand suddenly sprang to life as it gripped Fleur's neck, threatening to break it.

Blue eyes met green as Harry woke up to a presence near him. Years of training and instincts kicked in as he was about to kill Fleur only to stop when he saw her. Releasing the young woman's throat, Harry quickly apologized which Fleur accepted before she left the room to inform the others that Harry had awoken.

As he waited, Harry looked at his attire before ripping off the shirt and tearing the pants to knee length. Growing up on Yautja Prime had been hard for Harry, even has a half-Yautja.

Yautja Prime was a planet composed of just two biomes, a dry, hot, desert environment with rivers of flowing lava and a humid, wet jungle with pyramids and temples decorating the surface of the planet. Volcanic activity from active volcanoes accord daily and the climate was hot and humid day and night. Along with deadly creatures such as vy'drach and hounds, Harry quickly learned it was kill or be killed.

Harry only had enough time to put on his chest armor, wrist computer and wrist blades when the door opened revealing five people. The first he remembered as Fleur's father, the second was a woman with striking resemblance to Fleur, which left Harry no doubt she was Fleur's mother. The next person was an extremely tall woman whose height was almost of that of a Xeno-queen. The last two were men who Harry didn't know but saw that one of them was the oldest of all of them. With a beard and hair reached past his waist and twinkling blue eyes behind half-moon glasses.

The middle aged man who Harry didn't know stepped forward and spoke first. "Monsieur Halkrath, I am Charles Maurice, Minister of Magic of France and on behalf of ze Ministry I would like to zank you for deszroying ze slave ring. We zried our best to save ze girls but ze slavers were always a step ahead of us. We discovered a spies in our Auror ranks ze same time you saved ze zree witches. Again Ze Ministry and the country of France owe you our zanks."

Apolline stepped up next. "Young man, I am Apolline Delacour mother of Fleur Delacour, You've already met my husband Jean. Like ze Minister said we zank you for not just rescuing ze girls but our daughter as well. She and Gabrielle are our precious flowers and I was worried to death over my Fleur. Again as a mother I zank you for saving 'er."

Harry nodded towards the older woman. "You're welcome ma'am, I was just lucky to arrive there in time when I did."

"And what do you plan to do now?" Albus asked as he stepped forward.

"I am hoping to find my family. Years ago when I was an infant, I was taken and forced to grow into the person I am now. Only recently was I allowed to return and find my family."

'Let's see if he knows.' Albus thought. "That family wouldn't happen to be the Potters would it."

As soon as those words left the headmasters lips, Harry's eyes locked on the headmasters.

"You know my parents?"

Albus smiled his trademark grandfather smile. "Of course I did dear boy. They were two of my school's best students. Your mother is Lily Potter who was known as the brightest witch of her age when she attended Hogwarts and your father is James Potter who was an exceptional duelist and Quidditch player. Both were devastated when you were taken and have gone to great lengths to find you, they still look for you today which brings up the question. Where have you been these past 15 years, Harry Potter?"

The now revealed Harry Potter sighed as he thought over his situation before beginning his tale.

"When I was taken 15 years ago, the man who took me wasn't from this world, but from another world entirely."

Pressing a few buttons on his wrist computer, an image of a 7'5 creature appeared in the room.

The creature was a bipedal humanoid with clawed hands and feet and 'dreadlocks' like Harry's. It was covered in body armor which bore many exotic weapons and…human skulls. It had hard yellowish reptile-like skin and a large forehead. But what everyone was focused on was its face, which resembled a mutated crab with four arthropod-like mandibles and piranha-like teeth inside its mouth.

"The creature you see before is a Yautja or Predator in your language. There are a race of skilled and powerful hunters. They can shatter solid stone with their bare hands, are skilled climbers, jump three times their height and fall ten times their height without sustaining injury."

Pressing a few more buttons, the image change into a Yautja hunting down several human that were both muggle and magical and creatures they've never seen before.

"The Yautja culture revolves around hunting and killing what they deem as worthy prey be it human or…something else. They do not hunt to eliminate threats or for food but for honor, sport, and the thrill of the hunt. After a Yautja kills its prey, its head is taken as a trophy. However, while Yautja hunt for entertainment, a challenge, they are not without honor and are forbidden to kill prey that is sick, elderly, or pregnant. This is how I was raised, and this is where I grew up."

Press more buttons on his wrist computer, the image changed to Yautja Prime before zooming in on the planet's surface. If the deadly creatures didn't put them off than the active volcanos with rivers of lava and dangerous forest did.

"'ow did you survive?" Asked Jean.

Harry closed his eyes and sighed. "The one who took me, Wolf knew that I would die if I remained human while he trained me. So to fix the problem, I was turned into a Half-Yautja, a half-breed."

The occupants of the room let the information sink in while Dumbledore thought it over.

The old headmaster mentally frowned as already Harry's future looked grim. It was no secret that the British Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge and his Senior-Undersecretary Dolores Umbridge were racists against anything that wasn't fully human. Last year Dolores tried to pass an Anti-werewolf legislature that would have forced many infected with lycanthropy like Remus Lupin into poverty but James ,using his status as the head of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter, vetoed the legislature saying that these were the reason why so many defect to the dark. The year before that when the basilisk was let loose in Hogwarts, Fudge sent Hagrid to Azkaban without a trial and claimed the problem had been solved despite continuing attacks on students after Hagrid's imprisonment. This year however was the worst; Fudge had tried to pass a law without the Wizengamot's approval that would require (force) all muggle-borns and half-bloods to register at the ministry before they could attend Hogwards, with life in Azkeban being the punishment should they fail.

That was the last straw for James and with Sirius's help 'who was the head of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black' tore Fudge to pieces. However the man still held his position as Minister of Magic which shocked many, though some believed that Lucius Malfoy helped him since the two were 'friends'.

As for the Potters, Albus was certain that James and Lily would accept Harry no matter what. Their love for their first born was still as strong as the day he came into their lives.

Glancing at his fellow headmistress Madame Maxime, he nodded his head towards her as she walked towards young Harry.

"Monsieur Potter, I am Olympe Maxime headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and I zank you for saving young Fleur as she is one of my best students. As headmistress of my school, I would like to offer you a place at my academy as a sixth year.

This raised an eyebrow from Harry. "Why would you offer me a place at your school?"

Maxime smiled. "You are an exceptional young man Monsieur Potter. You have not been around for 15 years so some would say you have no knowledge of our world, but you have performed a shield charm that blocked multiple stunners. Something not many can do. And being in a magical institution will help you familiarize yourself to our world."

Harry walked towards the window as he thought about the tall woman's offer. After a few minutes alone with his thoughts, he decided to take it.

Looking at the ministers reflection on the window, Harry asked the question that been lingering in his mind.

"Minister Maurice, have all the slavers been apprehended?"

"Non Monsieur Potter. While most of ze slavers were capture, a handful manage to escape. Why do you ask?"

Harry's reflection show a feral smirk as his next words sent chills down their spines.

"Because I came here for two reasons. The first was to find out about my origins. The second…" Harry flicked his wrist as the blades extended to their full 14' length. "Was to hunt."

23 days later - August 27th 1994

'Got to run! Got to get away!' Were the thoughts of one wizard that was currently running through the dark alleys of Paris, France. In the rooftops above, a large armored figure was easily keeping up with the wizard as it jumped from rooftop to rooftop with skills beyond that of a 'human' athlete.

The figure chasing the wizard was Harry James Potter.

After the revelations at the Delacour Manor, Harry asked why he was going to Beauxbatons instead of Hogwarts where his family was. Dumbledore had explained that the Tri-wizard tournament would be back again at Hogwarts and explained its purpose where it brought Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Drumstrang together. He also explained that he would transfer from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts next school year.

Before he departed, Dumbledore gave Harry a bag full of galleons which he could use to purchase his school supplies. After purchasing his supplies, Harry learned all he could.

When he wasn't learning, he was hunting.

Despite the Delacours insistence that he could stay with them, Harry had moved into an abandoned apartment as his home.

For the past three weeks Harry hunted down the remaining slavers that escaped one by one until only one was left.

The slaver that Harry was currently hunting had hired several mercenaries of both muggle and, magical to protect him, but Harry made quick work of them.

Now the slaver was running as if the devil himself was after him.

Turning the corner, the slaver fell to the ground when he hit something warm and wet. When he looked up, he screamed as he realized he ran into one of the bodies of the mercenaries he hired. The body was hanging upside down and all of the skin had been flayed off, leaving a bloodied mass of muscle behind.

The slaver franticly got up and staggered backwards until he hit something that let out a low growl.

Slowly turning, the slaver saw a flash of metal before a hand tore into his throat and gripped his spinal column. With a savage yank, Harry held the slavers bloodied skull and spine while the gory remains of the body fell to the ground.

Hearing the wailing sirens of the muggle police, Harry crouched down and with great power jumped onto the roof and the nearest building. After running a good distance away from the scene, Harry stopped and observed his new 'trophy'.

After a few minutes of admiring the bloodied skull, Harry noticed an owl fly towards him, in its talons was a letter with the Beauxbatons crest on it. Opening the letter, Harry's eyes scanned over the contents before he simply started running and leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

His destination, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

OK here's the second chapter. So SORRY it took so long but I got three problems that keep getting in the way. The first is life, obviously, the second if writers block, and the third is VGS (video game syndrome: symptoms include The Sly Collection, Sly 4: Thieves in Time, Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, and Naruto Shippuden: UNS3. Further symptoms may include Bioshock Infinite: Premium Edition)

zeta42: go to Xenopedia and look up Sister Midnight. She's the only female Predator in the comic book series.

For those who are wonder why I'm have Harry go to Beauxbatons, well I needed an excuse to have Harry in the tournament and be close to Fleur fo there relationship to grow. NO HAREM!

And yes a wizard from HP taught Harry magic on Yautja Prime. Predators are known to take in humans in their clan like Machiko Noguchi who have proven them selfs.

Everything about Predators in this chapter I got from Xenopedia. Below is Harry's adopted clan name, rank and Harry's weapons.

The Elites are a clan of legendary Yautja and are just below the ruling Ancients. They take in unblooded young Predators who wish to prove themselves worthy to carry the title Elite, and the senior Elite overseers then pit them against Xenomorphs to test their skill. The Yautja Wolf came from this clan.

Rank: Blooded: Earned by killing a Xenomorph.

Equipment and weapons.

Bio-mask (Thermal vision, Vibration Vision, Pheromone Vision, EM Vision, (xenomorphs) Neuro Vision, it shows the behavior of the target, faction, and rank.)

Ceremonial Dagger/Wand (material: Xenomorph queen tail, core: Unknown(any idea's for a core I'll take em))



Net Launcher

Noose (metal wire)

Plasma Caster



Wrist Blades

Wrist Computer/Power Glove (Avp:R)

Various Mines (Fire, Proximity, plasma, ect)