Selene followed David as they left the Antigen catastrophe, always making sure that her daughter stayed between them just in case someone - or something - decided to attack from behind. After not finding Michael on the roof of the building as the young girl had pictured, Selene had to fight back the tears that threatened to expose her vulnerability. Though she knew her daughter needed the comfort of knowing that her mother had emotions, now was not the time to show it. Not now, not when lycans were still on the prowl for them as well as humans and the only chance of rest they had was miles away in an underground coven. Still, even though they were on the run to get to the shelter of her fellow vampires, Selene couldn't help but continue to listen for a gasp from her or the scent of Michael's smell as they fled the city. She needed him, and she knew he needed her.

"It's not much further," David said, noticing the young girl's exhaustion. Though she showed no sign of it, he knew Selene must be tired as well.

"Look, you don't have to do this," Selene said, "I know how much your father doesn't want us around and quite frankly, I don't blame him. We could very well put your coven in danger again. Are you willing to sacrifice more of your precious numbers?"

David stopped walking so he could turn around and face her to make sure she knew just how serious his answer was. "I remember what you did for me Selene; I'll never forget, and neither will my father. I wasn't ready to die, our coven wasn't ready to fight either. But now they've had their first taste of battle in over a decade, and I'm confident that they are stronger. Taking you to our shelter is the least that I can do; I'll never be able to repay you." With that, he turned and continued walking, knowing she felt relief at his answer.

Selene couldn't help but be reminded of the time when Michael had said almost the same thing to her. "I wasn't ready to die" echoed through her mind as she thought of the hybrid. He had thanked her after she bit him to keep him from dying of silver nitrate poisoning. She felt the same sense of relief from knowing that he didn't loathe her for taking away his humanity as she did knowing David's coven would serve as a temporary resting place for her and her daughter.

Thankfully, there were neither humans nor lycans in sight before they could reach the underground sanctuary. Almost not believing her luck, Selene sighed as they finally reached another shack that appeared to be abandoned. She noted the thin line protruding above the trees that meant daylight was near and knew that David must have been relieved to reach their destination just in time. He moved a layer of what looked like a small pile of leaves out of the way to reveal a small wooden door. Knocking on it three times and saying, "It's David, open it," the trio walked down a flight of stairs as another vampire opened the door. Much like the first location of this coven, the place was mostly rock, something she wasn't accustomed to compared to the mansion she lived in for so many years. The vampire that let them in gave a surprised expression that showed Selene that maybe they weren't as welcoming as David let on before. Not that she blamed them, of course.

"Where's my father?" David asked the young-looking vampire. Selene knew not to judge a book by its cover when it came to immortals. For all she knew, he could be older than she was.

"In the main hall," he replied. He didn't try to hide his disgust at the sight of Selene and the young hybrid . Selene returned the favor by giving him a look that dared him to say a word, as did David.

At the bottom of the stairs, David turned right down a small dark corridor that lead to a big open room with a table that could seat up to thirty people at it. The table was empty except for one far chair, where Thomas sat. When he saw the trio walk in, he let a knowing sigh escape his breath.

"I knew you would come back with them," he said to his son, "Your poor heart can't resist the urge of defiance."

"We owe her," David said. Though the older vampire knew that he did owe Selene his life for saving his son's, it didn't stop him from arguing with David, something done so many times over the centuries.

"Did we not pay her enough when over half our men died trying to save her and her hybrid offspring?" he asked coldly.

Feeling compassion for the poor elder and knowing that she was putting their coven in grave danger with her presence alone, Selene spoke up. "I understand that you don't want us here, and I'm sorry for the loss of your men; trust me, I know what it feels like to lose your companions." She remembered when Kahn and her other fellow Death Dealers were killed that night in the lycan underworld. "But please, have enough compassion for us to let us stay and rest. She's just a child." She couldn't help but stand up for her daughter; she knew that the girl was owed that much.

"Father, they need us and we need them," David said, his voice softer this time.

The elder sighed. "Alright," he said, not able to resist either of the two's pitiful pleas, "But if anyone so much as suspects that lycans or humans are drawing near, you must leave."

Selene nodded, grateful for the chance. "Thank you," she said quietly. Thomas nodded back, silently letting her know that he deeply appreciated what she did for his son.

"Come and I will show you where you will sleep," David said to Selene. The two followed him down another corridor that ended in what appeared to be a bedroom with a large bed on one end. There was hardly any other furniture in the room, but Selene didn't mind. She just wanted to sleep and she knew her daughter had to rest as well.

"Thank you David," she said.

He just smiled slightly and said, "Please, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask; I'll be up the hall on the right." He left the room so Selene and her daughter were left alone. Only then did Selene truly realize how quiet she had been the whole time.

"Are you alright?" she asked the child, concern radiating through her voice.

"I'm fine, really," the young girl said, "It's just, I'm still trying to get used to everything, that's all." Selene remembered that the poor thing had never been out of Antigen her entire life until she escaped. She must have been so scared.

"I am too. But don't worry, I'll never let anything happen to you." She smiled at her mother's warm response, glad to know that she cared.

"You must be tired," Selene said, "why don't you lie down and I'll wait until you fall asleep before I do." The two laid on the bed with a little awkwardness at having never been so close before.

After a few minutes, the girl let a question slip that she had been wanting to ask since she first laid eyes on Selene. "Do you you think it would be alright if I called you 'Mum'?"

Selene was taken aback by the question. She hadn't even given a thought as to what her daughter would call her. "Well I'm your mother, am I not? Look at me. You can call me whatever you wish; nothing will change the fact that you're a part of me and I'm a part of you. If calling me 'Mum' reminds you of that, reminds you that I will always care about you, then yes, you can call me 'Mum'." Her daughter smiled as a single joyful tear slid down her cheek, which Selene wiped away with a gentle hand.

"And what will you call me?" she asked, "I've never had a name except for Subject 2."

It only took Selene a second to answer. "I'll call you Eve; you're the first of your kind, as was Eve in the Bible."

Eve smiled, her eyes lit up to the sound of her new name. "Eve," she whispered to herself. A few minutes later, her eyes were closed and her breathing became even, letting Selene know that she was asleep. Only then did Selene let herself cry. She cried at the memory of Michael, afraid she would never see him again - or worse - that he was lost and confused as she had been when she first escaped. She wanted so badly to comfort him and yearned for his comfort as well. Soon, she promised herself, I will find you Michael. She closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

Selene awoke around 3 P.M. She knew it would still be daylight out for at least another three hours, so instead of waiting for nightfall in the coven where their presence caused obvious tension, she decided to go on the hunt for Michael with Eve alone.

When she told David of her plan, he protested. "Selene, you don't have enough ammunition or manpower to fight off a lycan attack. What if you're captured again?"

"Don't worry," she said, trying to be casual, "This wouldn't be my first time up against lycans."

"Well be careful," he replied as he handed her two pistols that she quickly holstered to her thighs along with her knife.

"Let's go," she said to Eve. They left the underground coven and started back through the woods the way they came. She hoped that Michael had fled the city as they did instead of trying to look for her. She didn't really want to bring Eve and put her in danger's way yet again, but she knew that she had no choice but to do so since Eve could see through her father's eyes.

A few miles away from the coven, Selene began to notice that the birds no longer chirped, which she knew was a warning from mother nature. She wondered if it was because of their footsteps or something else around them.

"Stand very still," she whispered to Eve. Though her daughter was only twelve, she knew that her mother sensed something, so she stopped all movement to listen as well. The smallest snap of a twig behind them made Selene whip around, gun already drawn and pointing in the direction of the noise. She saw nothing, but she knew in her gut that they had been discovered. By lycans or humans, she didn't know. She tried to shield Eve with her body at the unseen attacker, but a pack of lycans began to charge at them from twenty feet away.

"Go, run and don't stop; I'll find you," she commanded her daughter before turning and opening fire at the first of the six beasts. She turned for a split second to make sure Eve was on her way. Knowing her daughter was running for saftety made it much easier for Selene to focus on killing the rabid animals. She continued to fire at the remaining five lycans, but they dodged her bullets until her first round was up. She quickly pulled out the second pistol and began to fire again. This time she managed to kill three more before the other two closed in on her. Grabbing the knife from her side, she somer saulted over the first lycan, stabbing him through the top of the head in mid air before landing and stabbing the other through the throat. Pausing to make sure she heard no signs of anymore beasts, she turned and ran in the direction of her daughter.

Eve breathed heavily as she ran through the woods, not sure of her direction anymore. She wanted to stay and fight with her mother, to protect her, but she knew that she should listen to Selene. She paused, listening for the sounds of lycans around her. All she heard was the sound of chirpping birds. Her heart pounding, she collapsed on the ground, determined to wait for her mother as long as it took. Selene had already rescued her once from Antigen, gaining her entire trust. Eve knew she would come for her again.

She knew that she must have ran a few miles at least, and she wasn't sure of her surroundings. The forest seemed to be neverending. What she did know was that she had ran in the opposite direction of David's coven since the lycans had appeared behind them. After a few minutes, she closed her eyes, trying to see if her mother was close enough to see. Almost as if a miracle had been waiting for her, Eve saw images of the trail she had cleared through the woods and the same fallen tree that she passed ten minutes earlier.

"Mum!" she gasped as she stood and ran back the way she had come, confident her mother was hot on her trail. Running as fast as she could through a patch of thick brush, she could hear the footsteps of another person coming her way. She ignored the scratches from prickly bushes and she made her way to the other side of the patch; when she reached the end, shielding her eyes from thorns, she ran into a form so heavy that it knocked her off her feet. Knowing the form was too big to be her mother, Eve instinctively started to turn into her hybrid forrm, ready to attack what might be waiting for her as she opened her eyes and jumped to her feet.

What she saw was no lycan, vampire, or human. What appeared to be a man stood in front of her, his blueish-grey skin reminded her of her own. His lips were peeled back to reveal his sharp teeth and his claws were out to defend himself. When he saw her, nothing but surprise and confusion showed on his face as he slowly turned back into his 'human' form. She followed his example and allowed her hybrid traits to retreit back into her body.

"Are you Michael Corvin?" she asked shakily as she stared at the man with blonde hair and eyes much like her own. She remembered Selene saying that she had her father's eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked, not answering her question. Were his eyes playinig tricks on him or did this girl look like Selene? And was that his same eye color? Wait, was she a hybrid too? He could have swore the girl had just turned into the blue color of his own skin when he evolved. He knew he needed to feed soon or the hallucinations would continue.

"My name is Eve," she said, confident now that the man she was talking to was the infamous Michael Corvin, "I'm not really sure how to tell you this but bluntly: I'm your daughter, and Selene is my mother."