A-Team "Murdock gets lucky"

Face crept along the wall of the hospital stopping outside Murdock's room. Carefully he pulled off the grating and waited for B.A. to kill the power.

"What was that?"

Face paused ducking beneath the window. What was a woman doing in Murdock's room this late at night?

"Probably just a raccoon," Murdock said easily.

Face peered over the windowsill trying to see what was going on. Murdock was on the bed in his robe. One of the nurses was standing nearby looking down at him.

"Please my dear," he continued with an English accent, "your assistance is required in this matter. For king and country." He leaned back.

"And how many of the other nurses have you asked?" Her tone was skeptical. Her tone like one would use to talk to a child.

"None. You're the only one who's delicate and kind enough for this. He only wants to be pet," Murdock pleaded innocently while wagging his eyebrows suggestively. Face's jaw dropped.

The nurse moved so Face could see who she was and he felt a pang of jealousy. Jenny was gorgeous and had turned Face down every time he tried to get a date out of her. However he was happy for Murdock. He didn't think the chopper pilot had it in him.

"Why don't you just do it yourself?"

"I do. All the time." Face cringed at Murdock's words. That was something he really didn't want to know. "All the time." Face nearly gagged. "He needs more attention than I can give him."

"I could get fired for this. You know the policy."

"But it's for a good cause."

"I can't Murdock. I'm sorry."

"Tell him that," Murdock said with a pout motioning downward.

Jenny moved closer and knelt down. "I'm sorry. He's too big."

"That's discrimination. Besides, you're a tough woman. You can handle it." Murdock winked for effect. "Please."

Face silently urged Murdock on. He grinned when Jenny's head moved down. From his angle and the position of the dresser he couldn't see anything and didn't want to but he was proud of Murdock. All the time around Face must've rubbed off on him. Murdock leaned back with his eyes closed. Despite hearing a little too much about Murdock's personal habits Face couldn't help but smile. Who would have thought Howlin' Mad Murdock could get a little action in the psych ward?"

Finally she sat back. "What did I let you talk me into? If I was in your position I'd hire a professional."

"Who needs professionals when you have friends? Especially ones as sweet as you. Besides I don't have my checkbook on me."


"I'm not flat. I'm three dimensional."

Jenny giggled. "I'll be back next week."

"Hey, if I need you to do this again sometime in the future can I count on you?" Murdock switched his position on the bed so he was on his stomach closer to her as she went to leave.

"If it's an emergency," she relented.

Face heard the door close and lock a few moments before the power went out. He opened the window and motioned for Murdock to hurry up.

"Perfect timing Faceman. I'd just finished up some business."

"No details please Murdock."

"But it's really great. You see Jenny-" Murdock began in an excited whisper.

"I know Murdock. I was outside your window waiting for B.A. to kill the power."

"Isn't that a load off your mind."

Face gave Murdock a look but humored him. "Sure Murdock."

"I can't wait to tell the guys."

Before Face could say anything Murdock jumped in the van and announced to everyone that "Jenny agreed to watch Billy for the week that we'll be in Bolivia. Isn't that great?"

Face couldn't stop himself. "That's what you were doing?"

"Yeah Faceman. What did you think was going on?"

Face cleared his throat and took his seat. "Nothing. Nothing at all."