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I'm choking, Leia thought suddenly, awaking. Dry cloth was sliding into her throat; her hands were immobilized on her breast.

She opened her eyes in the semi-darkness of her bedroom; a hooked human silhouette was on top of her.

She tossed and turned. She kicked the air. But she could only sink more and more into her pillow.

Pressure on her arms grew violent. She shouted with pain, but a stifled grunt overcame the oppressive cloth barrier inside her mouth.

A sticky tape held her cheeks from one side to the other, making the prison in which her voice was entrapped even tighter. Suddenly an unexpected relief: her arms were freed. Neither time to understand and a gloved hand held tightly her wrists together. More adhesive tape secured them in that position.

Her right arm was grabbed, and she was lifted up.

She forced herself to think, through her agitation: on the wall, near the bed head, there was the intercom. One single ring, so late in the night, would alarm all the family. Her father with servants would be there in an instant.

With all of her strength, she turned her face to the left. She pulled, pivoting on her pelvis, and rolled to a position with her belly down.

Probably taken by surprise, her aggressor did not offer enough resistance. She put her right leg between her body and the bed, her foot in the mattress, to give herself the push she needed. She stretched out her bound hands towards the intercom, almost invisible in the darkness.

A sharp jerk on her right ankle made her face to fall again on the blanket.

Yet she was so near!

She grabbed the sheets, as she could scramble up them. Useless; the mattress got uncovered and she continued to slip back. Now too far from that means of escape, she let the sheets go. Her hands ran fast to her cheek. In less than a second she could have removed the adhesive tape to shout for help. Faster than her, a strong grip caught her wrists and a worst one grabbed her long hair, forcing her neck to bend back.

Blocked, she used the only miserable weapon she had: she scratched her aggressor's wrist, in the small part of naked skin between the end of the sleeve and the beginning of his glove. She angrily dug into the flesh as much as she could. She felt epidermis flakes accumulated under her nails and the wet warmth of fresh blood moistened the tips of her fingers.

Pointless satisfaction! The man did not give in at all. His hold grew and, pulling her by the hair, he forced her to stand up. With one arm, he clasped her wrists and her waist tightly together.

However she struggled, having her head forced up and no chance to grab anything, Leia was not able to offer resistance to her aggressor's greater strength. She was dragged to the balcony in front of her bed. A few artificial lights broke the darkness of Alderaan's moonless night.

Constantly clasping her tightly with one arm, the man finally let her hair to go. With his free hand, he worked around some machinery, making low clangs. Suddenly his hold of her became almost protective, and her aggressor put a foot on the low banisters.

Leia started. They were on the forty-seventh floor. He surely didn't want…

"I'm tied, and you are not. If you struggle, you'll be the only one of us to fall. Clear?" He icily pointed out, as if he was able to feel her thoughts.

Unable to speak, she nodded.

She saw him tug the rope to check that it was well hooked, and then she felt the jump catapulting them down.

She believed she was going to faint at the sight of the emptiness underneath them. She desperately kept quiet and cooperative, hoping her fast heartbeat did not annoy the man.

But whoever he was, he was surely an expert in this kind of mission; he unrolled the rope with accurate rhythm, making their descent as smooth as that of a regular lift.

When their feet softly touched the ground, the young woman did not know if she should be relieved because the immediate deadly danger had ended, or worried about the unknown she was going to face.

A click indicated her abductor had unhooked the rope.

As it was the middle of the night, the small square back the building was empty. They crossed it and went into the wood in front of it, where Leia was used to walking every morning.

It became completely dark under the green cloak of centenarian trees. The temperature was agreeably tepid: a typical Alderaan spring night. Bug's buzz was an incessant concert, sometimes animated by a nocturnal bird's lonely high, watching its possessions. Some small mammals ran away, frightened by the shapes of the two passing humans, leaving just a track of waving stems as it fled. Every now and then, a predator's howl was heard from afar.

Leia was amazed at how her abductor could take his bearings with certainty in the darkness; she herself had not been able to tell exactly where they were going. She was hardly able to keep his pace. Her bare feet ached with every step: she trod here upon a stone, there upon a thorny branch, then upon a disconnected ground. Her long nightdress rustled on the grass and tore, when it got entangled in the dense underwood shrubs.

Finally, the trees grew fewer and they could see again stars over them. Their feeble light was mirrored in the water of Lesser Lake. The white shape of a shuttle was barely visible in the small grass-land that descended to the shores.

Her abductor input the password to open the hatch. Mechanical arm puff matched the descent of entrance stairs.

Holding her tightly as in the previous walk, the man forced Leia to climb the few steps and to enter into the complete darkness of the shuttle. Without ceremony, he pushed her right.

The young woman fell on her knees and heard a sliding door closing behind her. Her hands instantly ran to her cheeks and she pulled the adhesive tape away from her face. She finally spat into the detestable handkerchief and breathed deeply.

She had better try to be comfortable. She gropingly found a hammock and lied down.

The floor lightly rolled and motor noise started. A wider rocking than previous one made it known to her that they had taken off: now she was wholly in her abductor's power.

Disheartened and upset, she mentally looked over the fast course of events that had caused her unexpected imprisonment a second time.

Just a half-hour earlier she had been peacefully sleeping in her bed at her home, and now she was in the hands of who knows who, who knows why, and to who knows where.

If the Force was with her, it was just an abduction for extortion. In few hours, her father would have settled everything with a full bag of money.

But the man's competence did not allow her to hope, and all this looked so much like an Imperial Secret Services' operation.

Would they really dare do this? Of course, the Organas' partiality to the Alliance was known, but in a dozen hours she would officially become the new Senator of Alderaan. As soon as she turned eighteen the month before, her father had abdicated his office pro her, so she would be protected by parliamentary immunity.

Neon switched on and she squinted at the sudden light.

She was in a small living area. In front to the hammock, there was a very plain kitchen with stool and table for fast lunches. At the right, there was a small bathroom.

The entrance door at her left opened and Leia suddenly sat up on the hammock. Her heart skipped a beat, when she recognized her abductor: Luke Skywalker, Lord Vader's son.