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Leia walked with Bail in the Senate access corridor.

It was a month since those dreadful hours on the Executor. Although from physical point of view she was all right, she could not say the same for her mood. Nights were full of nightmares and the metal voice did not want to leave her mind.

Then Luke's matter distressed her too. She had carefully tried to get information about his state, but no one seemed to have seen him anymore. Leia could not help but wonder about his fate.

She was well aware she had been able to do nothing after he had been wounded so badly. But she was oppressed by a sense of guilt anyway, for that promise of freedom never kept.

She was shaken from her thoughts, when she saw Lord Vader coming from the opposite way. It was the first time Leia had been in his presence since her ordeal. She nervously tensed. She felt Bail's protective arm resting on her shoulder. It could not really be a defense against the Sith Lord's power, but she felt reassured anyway and relaxed a bit.

By his side, Vader appeared determined to ignore them and go straight to his path. But, when he was nearest them, it was clear, back his imposing shape, there was his son's smaller one.

"Luke!" Leia murmured for surprise, without really thinking.

The young man give no evidence he had heard. But Vader suddenly changed his path and, standing in front of them, pointed a threatening finger to the Princess. "Do not dare to utter a word to my son anymore, or no immunity can save you from consequences," he thundered.

"Lord Vader," Bail intervened, "I am sure that won't happen again, but you cannot menace a Senator in the corridors of Senate itself."

"Soon a mere institutional office will not protect betrayers like you anymore," the Sith threatened.

"But till that day you must observe the law," the Viceroy answered with the usual composure.

The loud metal breath sounded a couple of times. Then Vader turned and went back his path, followed by his son, who, during the dialogue, had never cast a glance to the Organas.

When they disappeared from the sight, Leia noted sighing: "Well, at least, Luke is all right. I thought he killed him."

"I don't guess he would ever be able to do that", Bail explained, "Vader feels for Luke the nearest thing to love a Sith can."

"Love?" she incredulously repeated. Then, she asked a question she was thinking since a month: "How did you understand he was the abductor?"

"By DNA test of some epidermis flakes we found in your room," Bail answered.

The scratch in his wrist, Leia remembered. But that could not be enough. "Have you his DNA sequence?" she went on puzzled.

"Not his, but a very near relative's."

Leia opened her eyes wide and lowered her voice conspiratorially: "Vader?"

Her father snickered, shaking his head to deny. Then his eyes suddenly grew melancholic. "No. Another's."

Another one? She had never heard Luke had other relatives in the Galaxy, although that odd tales of his kidnapping by a Jedi came into her mind. "Who?"

Bail looked intensely at her. Indecision. "No, you do not really want to know," he declared at last.

Leia nodded. Trusting him, she was sure her father had probably just picked the wiser choice. She would not press. Yet she could not help but wonder.

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This plot came into my mind as short adventure, but it is obviously open to a sequel. So, if you are asking, yes, I've planned it and I'm writing it yet. But I'm usually very slow in writing, so I don't really know when I will be able to publish it.