Author's Note: Hey everyone! Thanks for checking this story out. It's inspired by 'What Women Want,' that movie. I haven't seen it for awhile. But I figure this should be interesting. This story is meant to be sort of humorous.

Full Summary: Hotch wakes up one day and suddenly he is able to hear everything people think. From Emily's fantasies, to JJ having feelings for him. He can hear Reid's thoughts, including how Reid feels about his 'look' and even what the random woman at the coffee shop thinks. It's crazy, but he can use it to his advantage. JJ/Hotch eventually.

And thanks to BonesBird for the title!

It was a normal day. At least it had seemed like a normal day when he first woke up. Hotch had woken up at his regular time, had his regular shower and even put on his regular outfit. A suit with a tie… He went with a blue tie today. It was the first one he'd seen. Jack had stayed at Jessica's last night as he had returned from a case late and now he was heading to work. So far, so good.

It just seemed like a plain normal day. He'd stopped at the coffee shop on the way to work. This was nothing new. He always got coffee from the same girl.

Mmm, mm. Looking fine as he always does in that suit and tie. Now if only I could see him in shorts… Or even just boxers…

Hotch looked up abruptly to see the lady behind the counter smiling at me. "Excuse me?" he asked, clearly confused.

"I didn't say anything," she said her brows wrinkling in confusion, although a guilty look appeared on her face.

"But you-" Hotch stammered.

"Sir, your coffee," one of the men behind the counter said sliding his to go cup across the laminate counter top.

"Thank you," Hotch said, still looking at the blonde curiously. He must be just imagining things… He really had not got too much sleep last night.

She grinned at him. "Have a nice day sir!" And keep looking fine in that suit and tie. Mmm.

Why hadn't her lips moved when she said the last part? Her face was still frozen in a smile. This was too weird.

"Excuse me," mumbled the girl behind him. He was holding up the line. Nodding, he walked out of the coffee shop.

What was going on? Perhaps he hadn't gotten enough sleep last night, he shook his head before opening his car door again. He sat still for a couple minutes, trying to wake himself up. He took a small sip of his coffee before turning the engine on. This day had started off weird...

He'd arrived at the BAU early. This was his normal habit and he was already in his office settled into some paper work by the time Rossi came into his office.

I really should stop him from working so much. He looked exhausted. I wonder how much he's sleeping… Maybe I should play matchmaker… Blind date? He'd never go for it. Maybe I could bring him out, arrange for one of my friends to come out… And then have to leave.

"What?" Hotch said looking up suddenly, staring at Rossi wondering what he was going on about.

"I haven't said anything," Rossi said raising his eyebrows. "I just came in to see how your morning went." Why do you seem so off? And what has got you so tense? Definitely need a girlfriend…

"Oh, it's going fine," Hotch replied looking at him curiously. Maybe he'd been working too much, maybe he just needed time off. He was due for it... He'd talk to Strauss about it. Jack would be happy. Father and son time, that was cure for almost anything.

"Right," Rossi stated. You're lying. You really think you can fool an old profiler like myself? I should figure out Hotch's type.

"I'm not lying," Hotch protested, almost jumping up from his chair. "I don't need a girlfriend, either."

"I never said you were or that you did…" Rossi commented watching Hotch carefully. What has gotten into you today? I don't understand it. Does my face really look so guilty you can tell what I'm thinking or that I'm plotting something?

"I just had a busy morning," Hotch said trying not to sound annoyed. What was with Dave? Was he trying to get under his nerves? They'd been friend so long that Dave usually knew when to push and when to let it go. Perhaps he was having an off day.

Still looking bemused, Rossi walked out of the office, shaking his head. I'll have a look through my address book. There's got to be someone that screams perfect to Hotch…

"What is going on with me?" Hotch muttered quietly to himself. He anxiously rubbed the bridge of his nose before looking back down at his desk.

The silence was a bit welcoming and he continued working on some paper work. He had kept up a steady pace and was barely aware of the world around him. Which was lucky for Reid whom was showing off his magic tricks downstairs. When he checked his watch a half hour later he decided it was time to head downstairs. He finished off the last of his coffee before walking out the door. He looked up just in time to prevent himself from walking into JJ.

"Morning," said JJ smiling warmly at him while she passed him. I really hope Henry's feeling better. This is all so stressful.

"Is Henry okay?" Aaron asked, the concern evident in his voice.

"He just has a fever," JJ replied, trying to conceal the worry on her face. "How did you know that? Never mind, must be those profiler instincts," JJ said with a small laugh before walking into her office. I really hope that the nanny is doing okay with this… And I wish Will would answer his cell phone…

This day seemed so off. What was going on? It was then that a rocket landed at his feet. Reid and his physics magic. He walked downstairs slowly. He wanted to be able to maintain a straight face when lecturing the younger profiler. If he showed amusement, Reid would never take him seriously. And he was amused, but he had to tell him off. It was his job.

Of course, when he got down there... Emily, Morgan and Garcia were all laughing just as Reid set off another one.

"Reid," Hotch lectured walking over to the group as he crossed his arms.

Reid looked down at the table. Uh oh. Busted. I wonder if he's giving me that look of his… I should keep my head down.

Sighing, Hotch turned to look at Emily whom looked just as guilty.

God damn it Prentiss, you can't think that, he's your boss! Strictly off limits!

"What can't you think, Emily?" Hotch questioned feeling that nagging confusion come back.

He could have sworn her face went red. "What? I was just..." Even she looked confused. Why does he have to look so good every day? And what is wrong with him?

"Who looks good every day?" Aaron demanded. He couldn't help it. He was beginning to feel frustrated.

Emily looked at him as if trying to see if he was joking or not. Okay, I'll bite... "Obviously Garcia," Emily replied with a laugh looking over at the blonde whom today wore a rainbow headband that perfectly matched her rainbow socks that stuck out from her skirt.

"Thanks, Em," Garcia said with a smile before laughing.

Oh how his head was pounding right now. "Just, get to work," he muttered lamely turning around to head back up the stairs.

What in the world was going on?

I hope Hotch is okay. I hope Jack's okay.

What's gotten into him today? Did something happen to Jack?

Is he sick? Maybe Jack's sick… He seemed worried about something.

Hotch turned around suddenly and the worries were still continuing. He heard Reid's voice, Morgan's voice, Garcia's and even Emily's... Yet none of their mouths were moving. And was he really so off they all assumed there was something wrong with Jack, whom was his entire world.

"Hotch, you okay?" Emily asked putting out an arm comfortingly. He looks really pale. I wonder if he's worried about something. Definitely seems so.

"Fine," Aaron mumbled before heading back to his office walking as fast he could without drawing attention.

I hope he feels better soon.

I wonder if I should go talk to him, let him know I'm there if he needs to talk…

The second Hotch entered his office, he shut the door. And finally, the voices went away. Voices? There has to be a logical explanation for this. He couldn't handle this. Maybe he should go straight to the psychiatrist assigned to his team.

No, he'd let it play out and see what happened. He'd just get more coffee and wake up a bit more.