Chapter 2

As had become race night tradition, everyone went to the Toretto's afterwards for a drink. Vince and Leon used the time to chat up new conquests. Vince currently had his arm around a blonde telling her the story of how he had been shot whilst on a job. Whilst it wasn't one of the team's fondest memories, everyone had pulled through and Vince liked to use it to impress the ladies. He'd finally accepted Brian after he pulled him off of the truck, though he never seemed to tell the ladies that particular point.

Brian and Mia were sat on the sofa playing a car game on the Xbox. Dom took a swig of his beer and looked around. This is what he loved; his family. They were by no means a conventional family, but they were his family. After watching Vince strike out with another lady, Dom laughed and headed outside. Jesse was sat on the porch staring at the sky.

"What's up Jesse?" Dom asked, leaning against the door. Jesse was the youngest of the team, and they all felt very protective of him. He was young and naïve, but brilliant with cars.

"Err, nothing Dom, just thinking about my Dad." Jesse said, looking up at Dom. "Do you think he'll take me racing when he gets out?"

Dom smiled, "I bet he will."

"That'd be cool" Jesse grinned, before getting up and heading back in the house.

Dom leaned on the railing and looked up at the sky. He took a swig of his beer and headed back inside. After taking a look around, he noticed Letty was missing.

"Yo Mia, where's Letty?" He shouted to his sister.

Mia looked up from the game she was playing and shrugged. "She wasn't feeling great, think she went upstairs."

Dom turned and made his way upstairs. He found Letty curled up on their bed. He made his way towards her and sat on the edge of the bed, reaching out to stroke her back.

"You ok Let?" He asked, concerned. Letty never liked to miss out on a party.

Letty slowly turned to face Dom, looking pale and exhausted.

"Hmm, I'm fine, just a little tired." She whispered, closing her eyes again.

Dom wasn't convinced; he reached out and touched her forehead. She was burning up.

"Jesus babe, you're overheating."

Letty pushed his hand from her head and sighed. "Mm… fine… just... sleep."

Dom went to the bathroom and got a flannel, running it under some cold water and wringing it out. He made his way back to Letty and gently pressed it to her forehead. She sighed again and smiled.

"Hmm, that feels nice Dom."

"I'll be right back babe." He said, kissing her gently as he made his way downstairs.

"Leon, Letty's not feeling too hot so I'm gonna keep an eye on her. Keep an eye on the party for me?"

"You got it bro!" Leon said, bumping fists with his friend.

As he was heading back upstairs to his sick girlfriend his sister stopped him.

"Is she ok?" Mia asked, her voice full of concern. Like Dom, Mia knew that Letty wasn't one to get sick, or if she did, to let it get in her way.

"She's got a temperature, she needs sleep. I'm going to go up and keep an eye on her."

Mia nodded and said goodnight.

Dom walked back into their bedroom to find her exactly as he left her. He took his top off and slowly eased into bed beside her. She stirred and smiled when she saw him. She wrapped an arm around his chest and laid her head on him. Dom kissed her forehead.

"Get some sleep baby, you'll feel better tomorrow."

He hoped he was right. Letty never let people take care of her. She liked to look after herself. The fact that she wasn't giving him hell for being protective was another reason that Dom knew she wasn't well. He held her close and listened to her breathing even out. Once he was sure she was sleeping, he closed his eyes.

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