You know what? I hate the name they gave to Marshall Lee… I liked my name better… The name I made up for him was 'Marmasire'. Why? So that when he introduces himself, he can say, "I'm Marmasire, the King Vampire." And have it rhyme like Marceline does when she introduces herself… I hate Marshall Lee as his name… I like my fake name better. So in my head, that's his name. Oh, and you guys were almost right with your guesses.

My number one favorite is a tie between Marceline and LSP. (By the way, am I the only one who noticed Fanfic messed up on that?) And my second favorite is Cake.

Well, without further weirdness from me, here's the second Chapter of…

Finn and Jake, meet Fionna and Cake…

Finn had never been so…weirded out before in his life! He meets his female double, and the first thing she says is that she hates his hat? The fact that there was a girl version of himself that didn't just exist in Ice King's imagination was weird enough, but to see that she hates him was even more bizarre.

Looking away from her for a moment, Finn looked at Marshall Lee and he asked, "So, are you like, her friend?" He pointed at his female double.

"Yeah… So? Marceline is your friend, right?" he asked, floating closer to Finn. Finn nodded and Marshall said, "Then likewise, I'm Fionna's friend."

Jake and Cake still didn't seem to like each other much, but at least they had stopped hissing and growling at each other. Still… Nobody really wanted to fight each other any more than they had to, so Fionna kept Cake by her side, and Finn kept Jake by his.

"So Marceline, how do we fix this?" Finn asked.

Marceline smiled nervously and said, "Well, I tried all the spells I knew, but nothing really worked… So… I was kinda hoping you guys might have a magical artifact that could help…" Marshall Lee snickered when she said she didn't know how to fix it, so Marceline hissed viciously at him.

Finn looked at Jake, Jake looked at Finn, and Jake whispered, "I don' think we have anythin' like that, bro…"

Finn spoke to Marceline, "Um… I don't really think anything we have could fix this…" Fionna spat to herself, "Not surprising." And Finn frowned to himself.

Marshall Lee floated in thought for a moment before asking, "Isn't Gumball really good with Sciency stuff, Fio?" Finn blinked a few times, but he quickly realized he was talking to his girl form.

Fionna thought for a moment before asking, "You think science might be able to fix this, Mar?"

"Sure! Worth a shot, right?" And so everyone hurried to where this 'Gumball' lived. Finn had no idea, but obviously Fionna did. But as he began to see the Candy Kingdom coming over the horizon, Finn quickly understood.

They all rushed into Princess Bubblegum's palace, with Fionna and Marshall Lee up in front. But Finn quickly hopped in front of them, shouting for his beloved candy princess.

She showed herself, and she smiled softly at them. "Finn, hey!" Finn was incredibly happy to see her, but he skidded to a stop when he saw a taller, male, short haired, pink haired man appear beside her. His heart sank into his gut.

Fionna looked just as horrified as Finn upon seeing Bubblegum, but Marshall Lee looked intrigued. Marceline was confused by the man with hair like Bubblegum's, and she whispered to herself, "What is he wearing?"

"Bubblegum, who's this guy?" Finn asked, trying to cover his jealousy.

Fionna looked at Finn and asked, "Bubblegum?"

Bubblegum smiled and said, "Oh, yes. You see, the strangest thing happened to me this morning. I woke up and found that there was another me in my home. His knowledge of all things science rival mine. And he's so noble; I figured I didn't need to call anyone about this." Finn's jaw dropped halfway through her explanation, so Bubblegum added that last part to try and soothe him.

Fionna looked at her like she was a demon witch, before she asked, "Gumball, why didn't you call me?"

"Well, Fionna, I didn't really think she was evil… So I saw no real logical reason to call for a hero," Gumball replied with a smile.

Marshall Lee floated over to Bubblegum and he asked her, "And how old are you, sweet-cheeks?"

Finn scowled at him for that, but Fionna jumped up and grabbed his pointy ear and pulled him back down near her.

"Sorry about Mar, he likes pretty girls…" Fionna said, not really wanting to apologize, but she was mad her friend was hitting on the girl who seemed to be getting along a little too well with Gumball.

"Oh, it's alright," Bubblegum said, "I'm kind of used to it…" She glanced at Finn, then she asked, "So why are you all here in such a hurry, anyway?"

"Oh, well, we all thought you could use your science to fix this problem of us having another us…" Finn explained, leaving out the fact that Marshall had originally suggested the male Bubblegum for help.

Marshall Lee tried to argue that fact, but Marceline shushed him by smacking him on the forehead. Marshall Lee scowled at her for it, but he shut up.

"Why would I do that?" Bubblegum asked. "Gumball is such a wonderful man; I thought it would be wonderful to have him around all the time."

"And I thought that since Princess Bubblegum is so agreeable, she'd have no trouble in sharing this lovely palace with me…" Gumball added.

Finn and Fionna looked like they had literally died. Jake caught Finn as his knees gave way, and Cake caught Fionna as she fainted.

Marshall and Marceline looked at each other, each with an equally worried expression…

Well, there will be more later. I like my stupid little idea.

Can you figure out who they're going to go to for help? Anyone? Anyone?