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Finn and Jake, meet Fionna and Cake

"Man, this is butt…" Finn grumbled as he stomped in a circle with Jake. Jake was just trying to be sure he calmed down a little, but nothing he did was really helping. The two had wandered back to Marceline's along with Fionna, Cake, and Marshall- plus the vampire queen herself. Finn was outside fuming, trying to think of any ways possible to fix this.

Fionna was sitting on the porch with Cake, and Cake was muttering under her breath about Jake the dog. Still not getting along… Marshall and Marceline were both searching for spells on how to fix this. (So far no such luck) Marceline called up her dad through the portal spell she had taught Finn, and to her surprise, there wasn't a female double of him. Maybe he was so evil he was immune to changing genders in alternate worlds. Marshall had waved excitedly at the man he saw as his father, but Lord Aberdeen only recognized Marceline. Needless to say our vampire king was thoroughly angry and confused.

"Ice King's no help; He actually LIKES that freaky Ice Queen!" Finn shouted out of nowhere, startling Fionna, who hadn't really been paying attention anymore. She was just looking at her swords or Finn's swords… but… copies…? The double everything was confusing the lump out of her…

Jake sighed after a while and said, "Well, Finn, he made her up so that she'd be just like him, ya know? Of course he's gonna like her…"

Frowning, the heroic blue clad boy plopped onto the ground and grumbled angrily.

"Whaddya mean 'made her up'?" Fionna asked from the porch.

Jake turned to her, scowled quickly at Cake, and replied, "Well a while ago Ice King forced us to read this 'fan fiction' he wrote about us. And it had all of you guys in the story. But, you know, you didn't really exist…" Fionna frowned and thought in silence as Jake kept talking, "he wrote about how you were trying to save that Gumball guy from the Ice Queen and she tricked you by turning into him and going on a date with you…"

"Blech!" Fionna stuck out her tongue and shook her head side to side.

"He even included a guy version of my girlfriend…!" Jake finished. And the instant he finished that sentence, his eyes widened and his mouth fell below his furry jowls. "OH. MY. GLOB."

"What is it bro?" Finn asked, lifting his head from the ground.

"What if my girlfriend falls in love with her man twin!?" Jake then stretched into a massively huge dog and began sprinting away, screaming Lady at the top of his lungs. Finn grabbed his leg and hitched a ride before Jake got too far off. Fionna and Cake called the vampire pair and quickly gave chase to the two others.

When Jake got to Lady's, he found his girlfriend in a heated argument with a rainicorn that was solid black and not exactly a rainicorn. She looked extremely angry and that in itself gave Jake some relief to his fear of possible romance between the two.

"Lady!" he shouted, hopping to her side and shrinking down. Jake stared in shocked wonder at the black horse man before him just before the others arrived. Jake nuzzled his girlfriend's head gently, asking her how the pregnancy was going and then asked if everything was okay with this freak.

She answered him in her own language, which Finn still didn't understand, and Fionna gasped at seeing her. "Woah," she breathed. Marshall frowned.

"She's too colorful," he mumbled.

"I think she's beautiful," Fionna whispered, ignoring his insult. Monochromicorn stomped angrily at the new intruders.

"Hey!" Jake shouted angrily at him, "Be nice to Lady! She's gonna be a mom soon! She can't handle all this stress!" He jumped forward to attack the black horse, but Jake jumped in between and told him he was upsetting Lady. (Which was true, but Jake didn't want to admit it)

"Okay, so you've seen that there's another Lady Rainicorn guys, now what?" Marceline asked, frowning, "I could've asked my dad if he knew any spells-"

"You mean MY dad," Marshall grumbled, interrupting Marceline's thoughts.

Hissing, she spat, "You know what?"

Finn jumped in between them as well, shouting, "Guys, guys, stop! Not in front of Lady!" Jake quickly agreed before going back to cuddling and comforting his very upset girlfriend.

"We're gonna have to figure out some way to deal with this until we all find a way to fix it," Fionna said, stepping forward, "Maybe if it'd be okay, Marshall and Marceline could live together in that cave house…"

"Psh! I'm not spending one more minute with this girl," Marshall scoffed, floating over to Fionna's side, "I'm goin wherever you go, Fio…"

This didn't help her at all; because she still didn't know where she was gonna stay. Frowning, Finn said, "You can stay in the tree house with us if you keep your cat away from Jake… Or Jake, do you wanna stay here and take care of Lady…?" Jake only nodded, affirming his desire to stay with his girlfriend.

"Alright," Finn exhaled in frustration, but he walked back to the tree house with his friends. He didn't like the idea of staying with three people he didn't know and didn't really like, but if Marceline didn't have distractions, maybe she could find all sorts of magic to help them.

Hours later at the tree house…

"So you hang out with a bunch of hot princesses all the time?" Marshall asked, looking all the more curious as he saw photos of Bubblegum and Flame Princess in the tree house. He had been going through everything they had, sucking the red out of all the food they had, and was now exploring Finn's life.

"Yes," Finn replied before pulling the pictures away from his pale hands, "Now stop touching things."

"Who's the pretty lady with the spiky hair?" he asked, pointing to Flame Princess's photo.

"Nobody!" Finn spat, turning away from him and blushing. Marshall frowned and then floated over to Fionna and he patted her on the head, as if it were a drum.

She didn't really do anything, she just laughed a little bit and asked BMO to play more of the Ice King's secret tapes to her. For some reason Finn had kept them. She thought it was cute how Gunther did everything he did. When he sang Marceline's song in her wig she was a little creeped out, but Marshall found it hilarious and asked BMO to play it again.

Cake had snuggled off to sleep on the couch- she was happy so long as nobody tried to move her. Much like a real normal cat and not a magic one.

"Hey," Fionna suddenly addressed Finn. He looked up at her and waited for her to actually talk. She seemed to hesitate a lot- Finn noticed that several girls he knew did that… 'Cept LSP… She always spoke her mind whenever the lump she felt like it. He waited for what felt like forever- Marshall had to pat her face into annoyance for her to finally tell him to stop and she began talking.

"You think we'll ever get out of this? Think everything will be normal?" she asked, looking away now, staring out the window at the stars.

Finn sighed and looked at BMO's last video of the Ice King, where he apologized for anything he ever did to hurt anyone. "I don't know…"

"I just don't know…"

Well, that's it for now I guess… I found out the nextest new episode of Adventure Time is bringing back Fionna and Cake and the one right after that is titled "Jake the dad". Looks like we're all gonna see those half-breed pups soon…! Should be fun… And maybe in the next Fio-Cake ep we can see if there's a male Flame Princess in the story. Oh, and if Marshall's actually gonna talk… That too…

Is BMO a guy?