Author's Note: Short ending chapter, sorry. It's hard for me, sometimes, breaking the story up.

Chapter Six, Conclusion, TLC

Jess did four reports and was about to finish the next one, when Becker called, "Soup's on!"


"You've been busy," he said. "Do you want it over there or at the table?"

"Awe you eating too?"

"Grandma Becker's Potato Soup? Are you kidding?"

She laughed. "Sohwy. It was a dumb question, wasn't it? I'll eat at the table...with you."

He smiled. "I'll set us up."

"And I'll finish this weport."

Becker dipped up the soup, Jess finished her work, and soon they were seated beside each other at the table.

"Oh, my gosh, this is good!" she exclaimed. Quickly, she lapped it up.

"Of course. Grandma was the queen of soup."

"She made others?"

"Yeah. Pea, vegetable, chicken noodle, mushroom, onion, minestrone, clam chowder, spinach and artichoke...What are you doing?"

Jess had been counting on her fingers. "That's so many! I only have one week, pwobably. You have to make them all for me though!"

He laughed. "Maybe when you're back at work, I can come over after, and make soup for dinner. If you'd like?" He looked at her, unsure and slightly awkwardly.

"Is that a twick question? Yes!"

He laughed. "You got it, then."

She clapped. "Yay! Of course, I'll be on a soup diet for the next few days. Do you mind cooking for me? For a while?"

He smiled. "Sure. I have the time. Lester's told me not to bother coming in until you're well. He seems to think I'll shoot people if you're not there to soothe me."

Jess blushed. "Stop it."

"It's true!"

They laughed.

"So, soup each day?" she asked, hopefully.

He smiled. "Soup every day. I'm looking forward to it, Jess." He winked.

"Yay! How many soups can you make?"

"I'm not telling. You'll have me in servitude."

She smiled. "Sounds good...having you as my slave."

"I already am."

She looked at him. He was staring at her with a sweet, soft smile.

"Awe you?"

"Yeah, Jess, definitely."

"Why do you have to say things like that when half my face is limp, sore and swollen? I couldn't kiss you even if I wanted to." Then she realized what she'd said. "It... must be the pain medication. Sorry." Her face felt warm and she knew it was bright red.

"Jess?" asked Becker. "Do you...want to kiss me?"

She looked at him, and the bashful smile turned flirty. "Maybe. Of course, I am doped up. You'd be taking advantage."

He smiled. "You're not that doped up."

She laughed, and blushed.

"You said half your face. I'd settle for half a kiss...for now. In fact, you owe me. I made you lunch."

"And bweakfast," she said, spooning up the delicious broth into her mouth. "Mmm."

"I forgot about breakfast. You definitely owe me," he said with a smirk.

She smiled, put down her spoon, and leaned closer to him. "I do."

He smiled, and closed the distance. They kissed.

He looked gently at her, smiling, and caressing her hair.

"Jessica," he whispered, gently rubbing half her lip. "I have to say...that was pathetic."


He laughed. "I'm sorry, but half a kiss, even on those luscious lips, just isn't enough."

She hit him. "Smooth talking isn't going to wok, you cad!" She wasn't really angry or even embarrassed.

"I'm just going to have to keep checking your lips til I get a proper kiss, I guess," he said, leaning in for another kiss.

She drew away. "Oh, no you don't. You cannot call my kiss, even if half my mouth is still puffy swollen, pathetic. I don't fohgive you. You blew it, Captain."

Her slight smile and the twinkle in her eye, however, didn't match her words.

"I can also make borsch, ham and bean, Asian noodle, and a cold cucumber soup."

She looked at him. "Keep talking."

"And for dessert...every night...if you want, chocolate soup."

"Chocolate?" she asked, "You're teasing me."

"Nope. OK, so maybe it is just melted ice cream, but I say it's soup, right?"

"Wight," she said. "Beckeh?"


She leaned closer, and offered her good half lip. "You're completely fohgiven."

"That's what I thought."

He gently kissed her half lip.


"Yeah, but we need more...therapy," he said with a smirk.

She laughed. "I'm going to weally enjoy the west of the week," she said.

He laughed, nodded, and they got back to their lip therapy.

The End