Okay, so this is just the 1st chapter of this Twilight fic I've had in my mind for a while now. I've only written this chapter so far, and I'd really like opinions as to whether or not I should continue.

Summary: Since it's the 1st chapter I'll explain: this story takes place after Twilight, but New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn never happen. So basically it's my own plot, though the whole thing with James still happened.

Bella's old friend Lyra moves back to town after leaving to go live in Europe for 4-5 years. They kept in touch and now the Cullen's are a little worried that Bella and Lyra's closeness might jeopardize their secret.

Rating: T, for language and some possibly suggestive themes later on.

Word Count: 'Round 3.3k (so you know what you're getting into XD)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Twilight, Stephenie Meyer does, I'm just setting up a different story.

Courtesies: Thank you to Feardomized from DeviantArt, for letting me use one of their pictures for the cover photo.


There were a few things Edward was certain of. One, he was madly in love with the most beautiful creature to walk the earth and two, right now, that creature was more excited than he had ever seen her. And she wouldn't tell him why.

Well, technically they had only been in the car for about 30 seconds; but with his multi-functioning, high speed brain (capable of easily following 8 different conversations at once) that seemed like a very long time. Especially when he was dying to know something.

He slyly used his peripheral vision to see Bella pull out a piece of paper from her pocket, unfold it and bounce with happiness. He had never seen her like this; now his curiosity was killing him.

"All right, I give. What has you so excited?" he asked with desperation in his voice. Her silence and her blood were his two main tortures, right now the first dominating the other.

"Last night I got this letter from one of my friends!" she exclaimed, smoothing out the wrinkled sheet on her lap. "She used to live here until she moved away when we were twelve; her and Jacob were basically the only friends I made, since I was super shy back then when I came here."

Edward cocked an eyebrow. Yes, it was news-worthy, but he didn't see why she was so excited. She had plenty of friends now…though if she could hear their thoughts like he could, she might want to reconsider a few.

Perhaps he wasn't as good at these human emotions as he had thought.

"That's nice, you must be excited," he said as he slid easily and smoothly into a parking spot next to Rose's red convertible. He scoffed at the crowd of boys ogling it; it had been there every morning for a few months, yet they still wouldn't stop lusting after the vehicle.

"Yeah. I know it sounds silly but we were such good friends; her and my dad were the only things I looked forward to when I used to spend some time here. But when she moved away, it wasn't as fun. We kept in touch, but it's kind of hard to stay connected when you're literally an ocean apart." She gazed off for a moment before continuing, the smile growing on her face. "Anyways, she's moving back to America, to Forks, since her dad got his old job back. She's going to be going to school with us, and I can't wait for the guys to meet her, they'll love her!"

They stopped at her locker, Bella continuing on and on about her friend. Normally Edward would listen intently, seeing if he could possibly learn anything new about Bella from this information, but he was worried about other things.

If this new girl is such a good friend of Bella's then she might notice the things about them like Bella did; their changing eyes, pale skin and strange attendance choices. He highly doubted Bella would make friends with a moron, though Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley were quite the exceptions.

Though he trusted Bella completely and so did most of his family (save Rose and maybe Jasper), they wouldn't be able to trust this friend. It was risky enough that they were sitting with Bella's human friends at lunch, close enough for them to notice the difference between the two crowds. Now he would have to deal with another human risk.

They entered the cafeteria and sat down, Edward ignoring his siblings questioning thoughts focused on his distracted expression. Maybe he should start listening again…

"…God I can't believe Mr. Banner is giving us a test on a Monday!" Mike complained. He was thinking about all the nights he was supposed to have studied, and how it would affect his test score. Frankly, he deserved it.

"It should be easy as long as you study." Jessica reassured him. He stared at her blankly then turned back to zoning off, looking at the folder in front of him. He was so crude and impolite.

"Bella, why don't you tell them about your news," Edward waved his hand at the moronic humans in front of him, who all perked up at the potential of good news on a Monday.

"Oh…uh…well…" she stuttered, uncomfortable with being the center of attention. "I got a letter from one of my friends, saying she's moving back to Forks and she'll be going to school with us."

Great, another girl for Mike to gawk at, Jessica Stanley thought dejectedly.

Sweet! I hope she's hot! Mike and Eric thought in unison, mentally fist-pumping.

I wonder if she's like Bella. I bet she'll be nice…That was Angela, as usual being almost as selfless and considerate as Bella.

Who cares! Lauren Mallory shrieked in her head, her hand twitching.

He winced at Rosalie's mental panicking and Alice's delight for the chance at another fashion guinea pig. Emmett and Jasper didn't really care. Good; if Jasper conceived the same thoughts Edward had, he would distrust Bella even more.

And as usual, silence from Bella. Frustrating.

The 10 minute warning bell rang and Edward internally groaned at the impending separation from Bella.

He meandered through his classes until he got to lunch and had his allotted time in school with Bella, then again in Biology. In this time he learned that her friend, Lyra, had immigrated to America when she was 7, only to move back to Europe again when she was 12. And apparently Bella and Charlie were going to pick up her and her family tomorrow after school.

Finally, Edward waited by his car for his girlfriend. So far, he wasn't hearing the end of this friend of Bella's, and he hoped to whatever power there was that Alice would pick up his end of the conversation when they went to his house in a few minutes.

As they drove, Bella was silent, something for once he relished. He had never seen her talk so much to so many people; usually she was quiet and reserved except with her small group of friends and him. It had gotten to the point where she was talking like Jessica: non-stop and really fast.

"Bella!" Esme cheered as they all piled into the house. Rosalie stalked past and dragged Emmett off to their room while Jasper plopped down on the couch and Alice waited patiently for Esme to stop hugging Bella. Edward laughed aloud at her impatient thoughts.

"What's the hurry Alice?" he asked teasingly. She stuck out her tiny tongue at him then hulled Bella up to her room, where she would unsuccessfully try to dress Bella in a week's worth of outfits.

Edward sat down at his beloved piano and started playing Bella's song softly. Her touched silence was the kind of silence he adored most.


It was Tuesday, a once normal and boring day now turned into some big hype. It was the arrival date of Bella's European friend. Now, because of this, he sat alone up in his room reading a book he had read a hundred times to pass the boredom.

He was dying to call her, to hear Bella's musical voice, but he knew it wasn't a proper time for that. She was with a friend. He wanted her to have friends, to be as human as possible since she seemed so against that path, but he also wanted her all to himself, all the time. It was a difficult battle to fight, especially since it was not only in his head, but his physical body as well.

Only 12 hours, 33 minutes and 47 seconds until he would see his love again.


Edward had been waiting for 10 minutes outside Bella's house. She had told him to go wait in the car for her, that she would be down in a minute. Usually this meant that she was down within 2 minutes, because she just had to grab a quick breakfast or brush her teeth.

Not today, apparently.

She was on the phone with someone, he couldn't hear who. Probably her new friend. Edward had never seen this side of Bella before, and if both frustrated and fascinated him. Bella was in there chatting away, like a typical girl talking to her best girlfriend.

Drastic times, like being late for school, called for drastic measures. So he honked his horn, hearing the short and sudden faster beat of her heart at the loud noise. He sighed and shook his head as she stumbled out of her house, locking the door.

"Sorry," she apologized as she buckled her seatbelt. He was already halfway down the road by then.

"It's all right. I know you're happy she's here," he reassured her. She gave him a quizzical look before he tapped his ear, indicating he could hear her. She always seemed to forget those things, which always earned him a delightful blush across her creamy skin.

They pulled in and sat in their usual places. Mike and Eric were whispering to each other about what this new girl might look like. It was exactly like when Bella had arrived here; like flashing a shiny object at a child. Humans were so easily distracted.

Bella took out her unfinished homework, but stopped when her cell phone vibrated. She flipped it open and scrolled through the text she had gotten, then her face lit up.

"Sorry guys, but I gotta go. Lyra's lost, though I don't know how that's possible in this school," she laughed. Kissing Edward's cheek, she hurried out the cafeteria entrance and was gone.

He hadn't even met her and Edward was really starting to not like this girl.


Once again, Bella was with Lyra. Edward hadn't even met her yet, even though everybody else got a sighting but him. It was Friday; he had skipped the Biology lab on Wednesday and Thursday all together because it had been sunny. So today he would finally get a glance at this new wonder girl.

He was still annoyed though. Yes, he understood that Bella had friends, but he hadn't been allowed in her room at night because Lyra was there, he hadn't been allowed over because they were catching up, she had no time to go to his house, he had missed almost two days with her and now she was getting a ride from her friend. It was the first time in many months that he had felt thoroughly frustrated with Bella.

So he waited by Bella's locker for her arrival, the seconds ticking by painfully slow. He didn't flinch or even acknowledge Rosalie as she strutted past him, thinking daggers at his girlfriend, though she knew perfectly well he could hear her.

I thought she was a threat before, but now it turns out she's an idiot too! Doesn't she realize what this could do to us? If she cares about Edward so much…she's probably just into him to be into him, she doesn't give a rat's ass about the rest of his family! God, just wait 'til Jasper hears this! He frowned at that last part. He had been hoping to avoid telling Jasper, since he had planned on killing Bella when he found out she knew their secret. He most likely wouldn't show the same 'mercy' if something happened with this Lyra girl.

As he was musing, he picked up the shouting thoughts of Mike Newton down the hall.

Holy shit! Look at her! How could Bella be friends with her? She's totally hot! Look at those legs; damn girl!

Edward's head snapped up and immediately went to Bella, hardly acknowledging the dark haired girl beside her. Bella stopped in front of him and he kissed her softly but passionately, making up for the past few days they had been apart.

"Hi," she said breathlessly. Someone close giggled, probably her friend. "Edward, this is Lyra, the friend I was telling you about," she gestured to her right at the girl.

And in the second their eyes met, Edward knew there was something strange about her.

For one, her thoughts were muted, barely there. He could make out some words, but they were in some other language, what sounded like Russian, so he couldn't understand. Her thoughts were like Charlie's, quiet and muted, but not totally silent like Bella's.

Second, she smelled odd. Not in a bad way, but in a very good way. Her blood smelled sweet, like Bella's, but not nearly as potent. It was still a lot better than the other teenagers around them. He could tell she wasn't wearing perfume, but she had a natural scent, like the flowers that adorned her shirt. That was odd; usually humans didn't.

"Hello," she said with a semi-thick Slavic accent. "My name's Lyra Valarchev; you must be Edward. Bella has told me a lot about you, though you were right," her gaze shifted to Bella. "Your explanation doesn't do him justice," she turned her eyes back on him. She wasn't flirting, but he found something alluring about her deep black eyes and thick lashes. If could blush, he would have done so at her compliment.

"I'm glad you're finally here; Bella was very excited about you coming back."

"It's good to be back, thought I hardly remember any of the people, much less the people in this school." At least she was fluent in English, despite her accent.

"Well I'm sure it'll come back," Bella assured. Something ran through Lyra's dark eyes, but it was gone in a second. "Let's go to the cafeteria; I know Mike and Angela want to see you again." Bella wiggled her eyes at the mention of that vile Newton kid, and Lyra laughed, nearly concealing all of her uncomfortableness.

In the time that they were walking to the cafeteria, Edward had more time to study Lyra and how Bella acted around her. They were obviously comfortable around each other, and thrilled to be reunited. Lyra seemed to bring out another more social side in Bella, and he was starting to like it.

Lyra herself was an interesting character; how strange. Now that Bella was the center of his life, he actually found humans and their personalities slightly intriguing. He paid more attention to their expressions and their attitudes. Edward was also getting better at reading people, even though he could still hear their thoughts.

He was surprised to find out that Bella was the conversation instigator, and Lyra the responder. Lyra seemed like a livid person at first glance, but apparently she was shy, like Bella. Or like Bella had been, before her friend arrived. They fit together perfectly personality wise; they were both responsible, selfless, smart and they balanced each other out.

But physically, he couldn't imagine what had brought them together.

Bella was not plain, but nor was she beautiful in the 'hot' sense. She was uniquely beautiful, the best kind. Her features were almost as uncommon as her personality.

Lyra on the other hand was beautiful in the 'hot' sense, according to all the sheepish males around them. She had long legs, tan skin, long dark hair and matching deep, dark eyes. Her facial features were angular and pointy, but not so much so to make her odd looking. She wore fitting clothes and high heels that were girly, the kind of stuff human men liked.

Personally, Edward didn't care. Like he had said before, Esme would have been fine if Bella was some sort a mutant, and he would have been too.

Another feature that Edward noticed (thanks to the leering teenager boys around them) was that Lyra quite…well endowed. It might not have been so prominent if she wasn't so skinny and lean, but she was muscular yet feminine, fragile yet strong. It made her chest quite noticeable, perhaps not in a good way.

They made it to the table and he could hear the shock of his siblings at their table. Bella and his' companion wasn't exactly average.

"Lyra, hey," Mike said, trying to sound smooth. He sounded more like a creep, but that was just Edward's opinion. He guessed right when he said Lyra was selfless, because she replied back in kind and greeted everybody at the table before sitting down. Very European indeed.

"How you likin' school so far? It must be hard, switching from a Russian school to an American one," Mike drawled, ogling her from head to toe.

"It's not so bad. I lived here before so I'm a little accustomed to the system here. And I lived in Bulgaria, not Russia," she added. Ah, so she was Bulgarian. At least he was close when he said she was Slavic.

"What's the difference," Jessica asked stupidly. Moron.

"Bulgaria's Slavic, but its language and culture is a little more Mediterranean than other Slavic countries. It's like a semi-distant cousin to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus," she explained. So he was right again; she's fairly intelligent.

"Oh…" she finished lamely, put out that Lyra had answered her rhetorical question. Why Bella was friends with this idiotic girl, Edward did not know. Just then the warning bell rang and everybody was off to their classes, except him and his family. He prepared himself for the bombardment of questions.

Is that the chick Bella was excited over?

Do you think she's a threat?

Did Bella tell her about us?

Can she come over?

He ignored the last question, from Alice, and shook his head.

"I don't think she said anything. We can trust Bella. I guess we'll just have to be extra careful around this girl. She seems smart, and she's a lot like Bella."

"Meaning she'll most likely figure it out to!" Rose snarled. "She's from Europe Edward! Do you know how religious they are over there? If she notices the differences about us, then she'll be bound to figure it out! If Bella can, she can." Everyone scoffed at her theory.

"Don't worry Rose," Emmett slung his arm over her shoulder casually. "If she is some religious nut and she notices, she'll probably just stay away. If she is like Bella then she'll just pretend not to notice or something. Right Edward?"

Edward was thankful Emmett was usually on his side. Despite what he led people to believe, he actually isn't a dimwit. And he did have a point in this case. If Lyra was as selfless as Bella, she wouldn't ruin, or try to ruin, Bella and his' relationship by telling her theories.

"Guys we don't have anything to worry about. Relax! Me and her will be best friends!" Alice chirped and skipped away to class.

"Yeah," Jasper said blankly and followed his wife out the door. Rose gave him a dirty look and stormed out, followed by Emmett who gave him an apologetic look and shrugged his shoulders.

Sorry man. We're all with you, just ignore Rosalie.

"Always do," Edward joked. Emmett smirked and left, leaving thoughts of security with a hint of doubt.

There probably isn't anything to worry about, his brother thought to himself.

Edward just hoped for Lyra's sake that this was true.


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