Hey guys, I'm sorry this isn't another chapter update, but it is a update to announce an update! :D

Writing this story has been very hard lately; like I said last chapter, I'm just not feeling it right now. Maybe someday I will, when I reread it, but not right now. Once I get another idea for a story, I tend to lose focus on my current ones.

So the next chapter will be out around mid-October, since nobody really reviews during the summer (as I've learned). And also it will give me time to think and actually make the chapter decent. I've already started it, but it's not even close to being finished so please be patient with me; I really am trying! :D

Until then, check out my other stories, review all the ones you read and eat plenty of bacon my little bunnies. I WILL UPDATE!

-cally (^o^)

P.S- Look out for a new story I wrote that I'll be releasing in the fall. It's another Edward/OC story, that's only a few chapters long. Fluff, angst and spontaneous love galore! It's called And the Lion Fell Prey to the Lamb.