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It would be a lie to say that I was not intimidated at all by Michael Westen.

He wasn't very tall but, he was muscular, stone faced and powerful looking. The way he held himself; tall, proud, even a little cocky, screamed ex-Military. The only thing that I was not intimidated by were Michael's eyes. They were soft, caring. Those beautiful blue eyes of his made my knees buckle the first time I met him.

It was raining when I met Michael, pouring to be exact. I can't even begin to imagine how horrible I looked standing on Madeline's porch, dripping wet.

I knocked three quick knocks and waited for Madeline to answer but, as the front door swung open I came face to face with a strange man that I had never seen before. He was dressed in a fitted black t-shirt and a plain pair of jeans. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity until he spoke. "Can I help you?" He asked. His voice was deep, rumbly.

I contemplated running. I then heard the familiar voice of Madeline Westen call from somewhere in the house. "Who is it, Michael?" She called.

"You'd better come here, Ma." Michael called back. Madeline appeared at Michael's side, dressed in an outfit of whites, greens and yellows with matching hoop earrings. Madeline was clearly shocked to see me.

"Sarah!" She gasped stepping out onto the porch. "Oh, Sarah… again?" She whispered putting her arm around me. She led me passed a very confused Michael and into the house.

"I didn't know where else to go" I whispered as hot tears pooled in my eyes, threatening to fall. "I'm sorry."

Madeline rubbed my back. "There's nothing to be sorry about." She soothed. "Michael, get me a towel... she's soaked." Michael did as he was asked and returned seconds later with a large, fluffy, blue towel. Taking the towel from Michael Madeline gently handed it to me and led me the house. "Why don't you go to the bathroom and change out of those clothes, Sarah? Just throw them out into the hallway and I will put them in the dryer for you." I quietly nodded in response and made my way to the bathroom.

After I got out of my clothes and had rung them out as best as I could in the bathroom sink I wrapped the towel around myself and as gently and as quietly as I could I reopened the bathroom door and placed my clothes on the tiled hallway floor. I paused for a moment. I could hear Michael talking from the living room. He sounded angry.

"Who the hell is that, Ma?" He demanded.

"Her name is Sarah, and she's a friend, a friend in need!" Madeline curtly replied.

"A friend?" Michael retorted. "She's a teenager! And a pretty dinged up one at that."

I quietly shut the bathroom door once again and sat down on the lid of the toilet. I could still hear their conversation through the door...

"Well, that 'teenager' is going through a troubled marriage" Replied Madeline.

"How come you never mentioned your friend to me? And why is she coming to you? She looks like she needs to go to the police!" Michael retorted, clearly annoyed.

Madeline scoffed before replying. "You don't tell me everything about your life Michael and I don't tell you everything about mine."

There was a long heated pause. "Ma…" Michael started to say but abruptly stopped. Madeline must have shushed him because there as an exasperated sigh and the sound of the front door closing.

There was a knock on the bathroom door. "Sarah?" asked Madeline. I stood up and opened the door she gasped quietly when she saw me. "You should get some ice on those bruises…"

I had yet to look at myself in the mirror… I didn't want to see what he did to me again. "I'm sorry" I whispered. Madeline put her hand up, an indicator for me to stop talking.

"I have some old t-shirts and things in the garage from when Michael and Nate were teenagers. I'll get you something to change into while your clothes dry." I nodded and smiled faintly at Madeline.

Dressed in pair of way too baggy sweat pants that I had to roll up several times in order for me to walk properly and a baggy red t-shirt. I sat at Madeline's kitchen table running my fingers through my damp hair in frugal attempt to tame it.

"Would you like some tea or coffee, or how about something to eat?" Madeline asked me.

"Coffee, please." I replied with a smile, even though my face hurt at the small motion. "Maddie..." I said suddenly. "You said that your son helps people?" I asked going out on a limb.

"Yes, Michael does." She answered simply as she ran water through the coffee maker on the far end of the kitchen counter.

'Could he help me?' I asked myself.

The sudden opening and slamming of Madeline's front door made me jump. Michael walked into the kitchen. "Sorry…" he mumbled sitting down opposite me. I nervously avoided eye contact with him at all costs.

As the room went silent Michael awkwardly cleared his throat, the guttural sound made me flinch unintentionally. Quietly Madeline sat a cup of steaming coffee in front of me before lighting up a cigarette and sitting down next to me.

"I should have done this earlier but under the circumstances… Sarah, this is my oldest son, Michael." I gave Michael a weak smile "And, Michael this is Sarah." Madeline said introducing us. Michael gave me nod and a smile, a smile that melted my heart. "Sarah needs your help Michael." Madeline sad matter-of-factly.

Staring into my cup of coffee I took a deep breath, it was now or never. "My husband, Jacob, has gotten into some bad things…" I said, my voice trailing off.

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