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My Brother of Wind

Chapter 2: Heck, I'll make your dull things be exciting

(Told in Rex's P.O.V UNLESS I changed it)

I walked up the driveway with Leon. I opened the door to see Max and Maryann run straight right into me, knocking me over.

"Ow, really Max!" I yelled.

"Sorry, sorry Rex. But Mary here wants to get to the mall and is that Leon. Oh my god it is," Max said, looking up at Leon.

I looked at Max's expression. Hell-O he knew he would be coming. I just rolled my eyes at his stupidity. Who else would be tall, blonde and LOOK like me almost exactly.

I clearly stated that "Duh he's here; you knew he'll be coming."

Max and Maryann left and Zoe came with a "Welcome Back" cake.

"Welcome back Leon Ancient! How's the weather treating you?" Zoe asked, handing over the cake.

"Recently it's been good to me. How about you," Leon asked.

"I'm good, oh yeah Rex, I did your job at the Exact Pet so you don't have to go there and get yelled at from Mr. Gator." Zoe said.

"Oh, thanks Zoe. I meant to do that." I replied laughing.

If you guys are wondering, I work at the Exact Pet along with Zoe and Maryann. Both I and Zoe work at the beach on weekends. Our boss is Crock Gator. He's as angry as an alligator. Don't ask me how we compare him to gators, we just do.

"Well, seems like you guys had fun without me," Leon's voice came up, making me jump. It's not even rare, you know what, not even that, rarer then rare is when you can hear his voice. It's deep I'll let you know that!

"We did, but nothing that you can't be sure of. Since you're here we'll be having twice as fun now," Zoe reassured.

"Yeah," I added.

He laughed. "True, that might be true," he said getting up. "But heck, with me here, I'll make your boring things exciting, like I do every time," he added, looking at me.

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