Cappuccino was waiting patiently outside the girls' dorm early the next morning.

A few residents went past smiling and waving hello to the pink haired boy. He politely returned their waves and morning greetings, but remained where he was. He was very eager to see Tsuki again, not least because he was hoping she would let him have another taste of her oh so delicious blood.


Cappuccino turned around to see Mizo shuffling up to him. The other boy had a lollipop in his mouth and both hands behind his back. He was dressed in his school uniform, but was wearing a white T shirt with the words, 'Bat Exterminator' in blocky purple letters.

"Good morning," Cappuccino returned cautiously. "Listen, Mizo, I know we didn't get off on the right foot the other day, but I'd like us to be friends."

"Why wouldn't we be friends?" Mizo asked. "Just because you're trying to steal away the future mother of my children?"

"Uh, didn't Tsuki say she didn't want to marry you?"

"She said she didn't want to get married right now." Mizo clarified. "I'm sure I can win her heart before my seventeenth birthday. She's still at the beginning of her child bearing years, so I can wait."

"You're not real good at taking no for an answer are you?"

Mizo grinned at him. "There are three things you should know about my people. One, when we love we love with our whole hearts. Two, we don't really believe in sharing. And three…"

From behind his back Mizo produced a massive plastic water gun. It had 'Super Soaker 3,000' emblazoned on its side in neon green letters. He shoved the muzzle of his water gun about a half inch from Cappuccino's nose.

"We don't play fair."

From Cappuccino's point of view it was like staring into the mouth of a cannon. "Why… why did you bring a water gun with you to High School?"

"I didn't," Mizo replied laconically. "I found this in the school chem lab, there were four of them."

"Why would a high school chem lab have four super soakers in it?"

Mizo shrugged. "Not sure, but there was a sign beneath them that read, 'in case of zombie or alien attack.'" Mizo squeezed the trigger and sent a stream of water into the other boy's face.

"It buuuuurrrrnnnns!" Cappuccino howled and ran.

"Get back here!" Mizo shouted and gave chase as he furiously pumped his plastic weapon. "Say you'll leave Tsuki alone!"



Ten minutes later Tsuki came out of her dorm's entrance and looked about. Cappuccino and Mizo had both promised to walk her to class and keep her safe throughout the day. Yet neither boy was in sight.

"Unbelievable," she muttered. "And on the first day of class too!"

She waited about five minutes before deciding to give up and just set off for class.

As she walked along the path towards the main building, she was just one among a whole slowly moving crowd of students. Looking around just about all of them seemed completely normal. They were just average teenagers headed to class dressed in their school uniforms.

Tsuki noticed one girl with too white skin, she would 'fade' in and out and occasionally her feet did not quite reach the ground. She spotted a boy with a foot long neck and another whose skin was a pale of green. Except for those few no one else really stood out. Just from looking at them you would never guess they were anything but human.

Tsuki wished she could just pretend things were as normal as they seemed on the surface, but after yesterday that was impossible. She had really thought about her situation, and had come to the conclusion that there really was nothing for her to do, but to pretend to be one of them and try to avoid drawing attention to herself.

The idea of two powerful monsters looking out for her had made her feel a bit safer, but they had already let her down. It seemed she would have to rely on herself.

As Tsuki approached the main gate to the school she noticed that blonde Yankee girl who was in her homeroom. The girl appeared to notice her too and came up to her with a malevolent look in her eyes.

Uh oh, Tsuki thought.

"You," the blonde Yankee hissed. She came right up to Tsuki and towered over her.

"Uhm, hello." Tsuki replied nervously. She noticed all the other students just walking past, paying no mind at all to the confrontation.

"My name is Suzie, and I'm here to give you a warning." She shoved Tsuki in the chest hard enough to knock her to the ground. Some of the other students laughed, but otherwise paid no attention. "I'm making that cute little pink haired boy mine. If I catch you flirting with him again you're dead, got it?"

Tsuki rubbed the spot where she had been shoved. The other girl had used just one hand but it felt like being hit by a bat. Just how strong was she? "I think there's been a mistake. Cappuccino and I are just friends."

Suzie gave a snort. "Yeah, friends with benefits, I heard him bragging about what the two of you did on the road."

"It's not what you think."

That was apparently the wrong answer. Suzie reached down and grabbed her about the collar. She easily lifted and held Tsuki up off the ground with just one arm. Tsuki found herself with her heels kicking in the air and helpless.

"I guess you need a little lesson." The Yankee girl said menacingly.

Tsuki looked about desperately, now would be a great time for the boys to show up.

"You know I love a good cat fight, but this doesn't look very fair."

The two girls both turned their heads to see a good looking guy with aqua colored hair and violet eyes approach them. He was wearing a black leather jacket and confident smile. Four or five girls were trailing after him, all of them staring adoringly.

"Who are you?" Suzie demanded.

"I am Kurono Kumaru, Youkai Academy's number one heart throb and seducer of the innocent. I am also in your homeroom. I'm hurt you didn't already notice me." He added a playful wink at the end of that.

The girls trailing behind him all sighed and looked ready to swoon. Tsuki got the impression that he was a player and much too aware of his obvious good looks, but as no one else was helping her she was not going to be picky.

Suzie frowned at him, clearly not impressed. "Beat it; this has nothing to do with you. I'm just going to teach this slut a few manners."

"Well that would be a shame," he glanced at Tsuki and smiled warmly. "She's so tiny and cute, I'd hate to see something so fragile broken."

"Then look the other way."

Kumaru shifted his attention back to Suzie and looked into her eyes intently. "Think you could let this slide, for me?"

Tsuki expected the blonde Yankee to let him have it. Suzie opened her mouth as if to yell at him, and then let it hang open as she appeared momentarily dazed. Then Tsuki suddenly found herself on her ass again as she was abruptly released.

"Anything for you Kumaru-kun," Suzie sighed as she looked at the boy adoringly.

"I know," he sighed happily. He then stepped over to where Tsuki was still on the ground and held his hand out to her. "Are you all right?"

She gratefully accepted his hand and got back up to her feet. "I'm fine, thank you very much for helping me."

"My pleasure," he smoothly took her hand and brought it to his lips, where he placed a light kiss on it. "Well, I will see you in class, lovely Tsuki."

"Uh, sure." Tsuki answered a little awkwardly. She was grateful for his help, but his attention was making her self-conscious and nervous.

Kumaru headed on ahead of her with Suzie now attached to his following.


When Tsuki finally made it class she found Cappuccino and Mizo standing in separate corners.

"Your classmates broke school rules this morning by stealing school property and running across the grounds playing childish games and causing a disturbance." Mr. Nekonome told the class.

"I was going to return the super soaker," Mizo mumbled.

"Why am I in trouble?" Cappuccino asked. "I was just running for my life!"

"Running for your life?" Mr. Nekonome asked. "He was only squirting you with water. It would only be dangerous if you were a vampire."

Cappuccino opened, and quickly shut, his mouth without saying anything more.

"Their punishment will be to scrub the halls clean after class is over." Nekonome shook a finger at the both of them. "Hopefully this teaches you to act more responsibly from now on."

Tsuki sighed. She almost got beaten up because her two 'bodyguards' were playing games? Was she even going to survive the semester?


In the back Kumaru eyed Tsuki, and let his tongue run slowly over his lips.

She really was just his type.