chapter one

two blade ligers and a blade liger zero waited at one end of the battle field, the pilots were:

26 year old, morgan telado pilot of the blue blade liger.

21 year old, lori carmelo pilot of the red blade liger.

14 year old, shegra acosta pilot of the blade liger zero.

the blade ligers roared in excitment as they waited for their opponets to show up, the blitz team finally showed up with bit, brad, and leena.

in space...

"battle mode 0220 approved area 52a found." the judge capsule slid down a convater belt on its way to the launching bay. "judge capsule released!" the judge capsule was shot out and it crashed into the ground with a hard thud. "the area within a 9mi. radius has been deemed a designated zoid battle zone, only competers and their authorized personnal are allowed, warning all others are advised to leave the area at once! the blade team versus the blitz team battle mode 0220 approved, ready, FIGHT!" shouted the judge as the gonge sounded. lori lead the first attack against brad's command wolf, she extended the liger's blades and hit the wolf from the side. "good lori now cover morgan!" called shegra. blade 3.0 roared as shegra piloted it to strike bit from behind. "uh, bit you moron look out!" called leena before she was struck by morgan.

"hey lukura activate the blade liger zero whiplash please?" asked shegra as she headed back to the spartan...

to be continued...